Dec 8, 2006

im in msia!
n i reached at about 4 so i didnt manage to catch jj on yu le bai fen bai today T_T
now is 11.35 hahaha and im gonna sleep together with inez mark ian ivan isaac n peter on the ground floor (i duno what rm this is lols, there's nothing here but a few sofas n a table) of ian ivan n isaacs' parents' super huge house (it was actually a terrace house and they merged it together with the neighbouring terrace house which was on sale ?!?!?!) hahahahaha
and tomorrow yvonne (who went back to ipoh just now to get something) and inez and i are gonna take NEOPRINTS!!! wooooots
and i keep thinking of jj singing wang ji.. love that song ahahaahahahahaha

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