Dec 19, 2006

RAINNNNN (weather not crappy korean guy)
teressa's house was funn :D and her drawings are sooo nice..
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- tere's drawing of the three of us (from left to right: teressa, rachel, and me)
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- tere's drawing for christmas..
you get the idea lah.. teressa's super pro at drawing (dun deny it tere)
and teressa got me this cat mousepad thingy that's super cute with this arm thingy also aiyah dunno how to say haha
and melissa (teressa's younger sis, also hangs out with us when we're at tere's house cos she got nothing else to do haha) got me this forever friends handphone holder thing.. so sweet :D
thanks a bunch teressa n melissa!
and we sorta had to play that freeze n melt game in the middle of the night hahahaha but somewhere arnd 5.00 we had to "freeze" alot hahaha.. we "melted" the most at about 2-4 XD
and teressa slept the most among the 3 of us (tere rachel and i, excluding melissa) but she woke up the latest haha.. melissa slept the most haha..
my family is going to malaysia again.. from this friday to this monday morning.. and im not going because:
1) jj's on wish upon a star on sunday night and i want to watch and jjfc is on,
2) i want to be there on badminton class on sunday to give the christmas presents to the badminton people- joy xiaoxi nadia and COACH JUSTIN.. i wanna see the expression on his face when sumay and i give him the pencil case and the card hahahahahha
3) if my parents suddenly got problem then cannot come home on monday i'll cry like siao.. cos monday afternoon is the christmas party with my childhood friends (or more like my parents' NUS choir friends and their children).. and the two most memorable events i attend every year woul be the chinese new year party and christmas party with them.. cos i attend it every year.. so if i dun go at least if worst comes to worst, my parents can't make it back in time at least can get, like, sumay's or sarah's parents to come and get me.. :)
ok the last reason was quite stupid lah. haha. but anywayyy.
4) HOMEWORK still left literature, 2 book reviews, science, 2 jian bao, qing nian wen zhang, eng summary..

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