Dec 2, 2006

today had mayday's concert on mtv! so nice <333333333
and when he sang zhi zu it wasn't as bad as i expected, much better than the time he sang it at GCMA. and it was so dark and all the millions and millions of fans were waving whatever they were waving and it was so touching, and they were all singing along.. and you can tell ashin was going to cry because after he finished singing one of the verses he looked upwards for a short while and his eyes became a little moist/wet then later the tears dried up then he smiled and went to the corner of the stage and took a little girl (supposedly his daughter) from backstage to the stage.. awwwww... and i cried while he was singing XD
i love mayday!!!
and JJ!!
and SHE!!!
and i've decided to put 3 blog songs form now on- one JJ song, one mayday song and 1 SHE song :D

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