Sep 28, 2007

walao, my dad officially should teach 2C1 physics.
i’ve attended every single one of ms azrina’s classes but until 7.00 on sep 27, i still didn’t even know what refraction was, or how to calculate power.
and when i asked my dad to teach me everything about electricity and light, suddenly i understand everything, i can even understand that “what is the furthest distance from AY that A can move so that B can still see A in the mirror” question. and i can do that floating fish question. and i know how to draw ray diagrams. and i know that voltage is the same throughout a parallel circuit but the current splits, whereas it’s the opposite for a series circuit. and i suddenly feel like a physics genius man.
(nadine, please dont spoil my mood now by saying “huh you mean you didn’t know all this already meh?!” XD)
my father should SOOO get out of bukit view sec and teach me. :(

eh why did i ask my father all this AFTER the science test? -.-
and now i’m wondering if i should take chem and PHYSICS or chem and BIO. my mum can tutor me for chem and bio because that’s what her job is about (biomedicine & biosafety, and it used to be some nanotechnology thing i think O.o), but my dad can teach me physics too, and what’s more he’s an UPPER SEC PHYSICS teacher, so he’ll know exactly the kind of questions that would come out and he can understand what i’m trying to ask him even if i anyhow explain (he knew i meant that furthest distance question even when i just said “walking away from a mirror” XD) so i’ll be totally totally prepared for o levels, and my mum didn’t even study secondary school in singapore so i can’t ask her about o level formats and all that.
the thing is, right now my bio is much stronger than my physics. but with my dad’s help, maybe i’d even score an A1 for physics! XDbut according to my parents, bio is usually “the easy way out” and chem and physics is a tougher combination. and apparently bio and physics would be the ideal combination, but there’s no such combination in crescent. -.-
sad laaaaa.
so what should i take??????? :S

Sep 27, 2007

hahahahaha, i TOLDDD youuuu!!!
whee! i must go perfect the kaleidoscope dance le, whenever i hear the beatbox i will so super hyper man! XD
jiayous for end-years and spop okay!
make jj proud! 
and continue dreaming about his dimples!!
haha eh, i think you should change your nickname from JJ Fanatic to Dimple Fanatic la. XD
jt went to show xiang jiao jie my version of ai ni! so terrible la! i anyhow sing de, somemore i told her to delete it right after she heard it, then she go and show jie.. then jie said that the 1st verse sounds a bit like some theme song of some old ch 8 drama serial i vaguely remember the title of but have never watched. O.o
why do all my compositions sound like the tune of some other song i've never heard before?!!?!?!
just goes to show that there's only so much people can do with 7 notes. lol.
(from C to B, the high C dosent count because it's the same C! XP)
reading jj's oldold ukyoboy blog posts! :)

"must support that song k ppl.. its called Scorpion Butterfly~ :))
got my voice one... wahahaha i did the backing vocals and the sound efx.. wahaahahaso funny..
going off v soon... havnt started packing at all...
jialat, no time to spend with friends... billy still tekanning me...
dunnohow, but nvm ill hang on and progress! :)) God is with me!!! HAHAHAHA "

"meeting up with eric and jinhang soon for dinner!!!! :)))) they are comin to my place to.. play!
WAHAHAHAzz crappy today... sleeepyy.....
byebye! "

one of the dance classes is called "G'Hiphop" i was wondering wats the diff btw that and the "hiphop" class that i was taking...
so i went for that class anyway...
(g'hiphop does sound cooler, doesnt it? somebody please say yes... :P)
well guess what?? i went for the class... and i ended up being the ONLY guy there.... :O even the instructor was female....
being the ever stubborn wayne, i decided to stay for the class!! :P
halfway through 5 more gals came in to join the class.... yes.. if u have not already guessed.
g'hiphop stands for GIRL hip hop...... DOH!!!!

so sorry jacey and jiaying but shermin accidentally deleted all the rewritten lyrics for ying xiong de yan lei and we've decided that we've already spent too much time on it because we have other songs to do/record as well, and i really cant think up a tune for ur version of ying xiong de yan lei.. :P sorrysorry!

Sep 26, 2007

421st post. :)
"eh!! mumbaii lah!! indiaaa!"
and the way he slams down the phone is TOO CUTE lah!
i can't believe that indian guy is actually a lecturer in a university O.o XD
aah, in love with XIA RI DE QING TIAN!! whooooo~~~
lyrics: shermin, tune: jt

我们的爱 就像




Sep 24, 2007
it's jj imitating an indian.
"eh, i think i look like him eh."

julian hee is coach haden's brother O.o
c.haden: "okay, today, coach justin will coach the guys, the girls will be coached by this coach, Coach Pang. she's an EX-NATIONAL PLAYER ah.."
sumay: "then coach justin leh?"
c. justin: "erm.. ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex..."
c.haden: "aiya, he's the best player in jjc lah!"
c.justin: *proud grin, starts wiggling eyebrows"
anyway, we had a FEMALE ex-national player as our coach. die liao man.
the training was super tough in the beginning, but later when she realised that we were super tired, she cut the training down a lot and it was much better so xiaoxi and nadia and i didn't complain, but sumay kept blackface-ing her the whole 2 hrs. and later she made her super super mad. lol. sumay ahhhh.
我不准你再slit your wrists le okay!
i dun care what crap reason you give!
you can drink coffee/sweet drinks to keep yourself awake lor!
and i dun care if it dosent hurt!
slitting 就是 slitting okay!
walao, 你们一个两个都是xiao zha bor lah!!! O.o
6 MORE DAYS to spop's deadline!
why why why must they put this kind of date larrrrrrrrr. :( such bad timing can.
CRY LA!! :( :( :(
only siao people announce when they're feeling constipated. O.o
oh yeah, i forgot. he's kor; he's always bo liao. XD

Sep 22, 2007

jt's version of "lei" is super super super super nice!!!!
it's super super super nice!
super touching also.. when i heard it i kena heart pain can!!
why does my composing style sound like fan wei qi's? :S
next time i ask her sing my songs ah! XD

Sep 21, 2007

it's sumay's (the ultimate jj fan) and my (the hyper jj fan) combined blog (thus the name ultimatehyperjjfans!). it's mainly about the days we spend together so it'll normally be updated on sundays, but sometimes we may talk about other random stuff. e.g. school, jj, etc. :)
and i'm thinking of making the blogskin but first i must learn how to use my mum's photoshop! i have ideas for it already :D but i'll only prob do it after exams. wahaha.
by jacey




super nice right! problem is, the lyrics dun rhyme O.o XD

i wanna be able to write lyrics!!! :(

chinese isn't a language; it's an art.

Sep 20, 2007

my tablet's fixed :D:D:D
i can't draw ray diagrams for nuts.
anyone knows what "error downloading codec" means? plspls damn important!
shermin's lyrics are so pro.
1) from "shi lian de zi wei":
from "lei":
2)from "shi lian de zi wei":
from "lei":
3)from "shi lian de zi wei":
from "lei":
4)from "shi lian de zi wei":
from "lei":
"我不会 不会体会"
hmmmm. howcome i sense a bit of deja vu here? XD
shermin: oh whatever karen. i didnt like experience all these myself lawl. i dont really understand what those people think. *unless you do*
karen: oh, so that explains why you keep repeating the lyrics?? :D:D:D

but you didn't even look in my direction, didn't smile at me like you used to. 我们变成了世上 最收悉的陌生人。is this really how you wanted it to turn out ?
but just to let you know, i'm still waiting. :)

Sep 19, 2007

four-hundredth-and-fifteenth post!
happy birthday rachel!!!! :D
aha, our friendship started 4 years ago, i'm glad it's still really strong ehh! :D
our friendship started out all because i wanted to be the group leader and you wanted to be asst. leader! i remember an entry in my diary that said "i've changed my seat, i'm sitting beside a very nice girl called rachel!" XD
thank you so much for the years we've spent together! you and teressa made me feel really really welcome compared to didi's gang, who made me feel left out a lot, even though i know it wasn't intentional. i've always been feeling quite guilty because i always feel i've .. "squeezed" into the friendship between rachel and teressa, but you guys have never made me felt that way! thank you for including me in the stuff that you guys do - sleepovers, going shopping etc.
you guys also introduced me to jj, and ZOMG you know how thankful i am la, if i were to type a thank-you post to you guys here about it, it'd take about 100000 words. XD and now you've joined jjfc! WELCOME TO THE BEST FAMILY EVER - THE JM FAMILY :D cannot be shy ah!
and i really hope that the three of us - K.P.O (remember? karen ho wen ee, peck ying pei rachel, ong liying teressa!! XD) will remain GREAT FRIENDS FOREVER YEAHHH!! :D
- nineteenthseptemberohseven:)

Sep 18, 2007

JJ party:




Xi Jie


Kiehl's Showcase:
BU LIU LEI DE JI CHANG - really touching!


ChiBang, DaNanRenXiaoNuHai, SarangHeyo - love the piano part in btwn da nan ren xiao nu hai & sarang heyo! listen until can cry XD


it’s amazing. how you can totally live a dream one day and sink back to reality immediately the next.

8 and 9 sep really seemed like one big fantasy. being with people who also loved jj, who had huge dreams, who didn’t just understand how i felt but were exactly like me. we all go screaming mad when we see him, look at his autographs on our cds, even when we think about him. it’s perfectly normal to go screaming mad here; in fact, if you don’t, people would say you had to be more hyper. when jj sings. everyone‘s paying full attention to him. taking in every detail: his dimples, his smile, his voice. i used to think i was the only one with this crazy obsession, now i know there are others around just like me. there’s a reason to live because he’s alive too, it’s a feeling no one but the JMs would understand.

and then when school starts, and i go screaming mad showing my friends the super close-up picture of JJ rachel took, gladys screams sarcastically “like ohmigosh, yah he’s so cuuuute!!” and walks away, followed by a hoard of laughter by other classmates. no one can understand my hyperness, they just think i’m abnormal, an endangered species. those that don’t know me that well just stare at me because they think i’m a freak who’s obsessed over some ugly guy who dosen’t even know me, and those that know me well just continue chatting about other things, ignoring my existence. they say they know how i feel, but i know there are some things they can never relate to.

and then i go online, and suddenly there are people who are gushing over the pictures of him i uploaded, envying me for getting so close to him, and saying they’d give anything to stand where i was standing during the jj party. and i’m back to the world i really belong to again.

these crazy JMs, they’re my family, my siblings. they’ve really made a difference in my life, and even for those i don’t know, they’re like a family to me, i can talk to them even though i’ve never seen them before and they won’t think i’m some psycho. i don’t have to describe my feelings to them; they know it all too well themselves. new JJFC members like rachel would ask “do you even know her?” when i talk to someone, and i would reply “of course not!” at first, rachel thought we were crazy, but now she does it too!
being shy does not exist when we’re with the JM family. we can chat, scream, squeal, go crazy, with people we don’t even know, all because we share a common idol. and nothing else matters.

in school, it’s more like we’re being forced together. i do appreciate the friendship my classmates give me, of course, because they’re really nice people i’d regret not meeting. but there are some things i really can’t stand, some things here i really find unfair, infuriating, things that make me emo every school day.

it’s okay, as long as i have my closest friends beside me, nothing else matters. :)
i didn't make it into o level music.
i thought i did okay for the selection test but i guess i was wrong.
ling and julienne got through the selection test. i haven't asked yingyan yet but i'm sure she did.
i thought i was prepared, i thought i could make it.
obviously i was wrong.
i guess it's okay, though.
i've been living a stupid lie of dreams for so long, i guess it's time to wake up from it anyway.
"I always tell myself not to regret what I do, mistakes included. In fact, mistakes are opportunities to learn so I could do better next time." -- JJ.
i hope so, anyway. :)

actually i'm not as sad as i thought i would be.
maybe it's because i don't even know how o level music is like.
maybe it won't be as great as i expected, maybe i won't miss it?

oh who am i kidding, i know i never had this talent anyway.
i’m suffering from blogging withdrawal symptoms!

(i’m using cuixiao’s com now :D)
on sunday we had combined practice with a boon lay class at boon lay sec school (c. justin’s sec school haha). those in the boon lay class looked around p4-p6 ba.
c. justin: good morning karen!
3 guys from the boon lay class: karen HAHAHA, carrot larh!
c. justin: the three of you! later do pushups. for laughing at her.
O.o XD
Interviewer: Stephanie Sun, who has won the award for five consecutive years, withdrew from this category this year. Would you ever do the same?
JJ: ...I haven’t won it five consecutive years, so I can’t answer that question. Hahaha.
XD smart jj!
some jacky wu show. jacky wu & jj went kuang jie together, and so did xiao zhong & alan KE YOU LUN!
was damn hilarious, esp. the one where jj got tricked in the foot massage place! this chio girl went to massage him and she went “i’m damn hot leh” and she took out her dress and revealed a bikini top and hot shorts. then a while later she said she was hot again and jj was like “huh you take off so much still hot arh!??!” and she took off her shorts to reveal a bikini lah. then later an ahma took over her, and the ahma asked jj to sing a song for her, and he was singing halfway and the ahma went “够了,不好听!” poor jj! but he laughed lah. then later this gangster guy came into the shop and the ahma wanted to help him massage and the guy went “你这种鬼脸的,谁要你服务?!”and ahma said “人家林先生喜欢我这种鬼脸的, 好吗?!” XDXDXD and both the ahma and chio girl kept massaging his inner thigh and jj looked SUPER STRESSED, his hand was like, ready to cover his crotch if he needed to XD
and later the ahma went “我一看你的眼神, 就知道你已经爱上了我” and jj didn’t know what to say so he just went “uh, 你误会了啦!” XD
and later this old man went to massage jj and when the gangster saw him he immediately kneeled down and went “老大! 你怎么会做这样的工作呀?” and so the gangster went to massage him instead XDXD
the show was super hilarious lah, if it’s on youtube i’ll post the link here!
(when my tablet’s repaired -.-)
oh and when jj is in shock (when this girl screamed and hugged him and scared him like siao), he does the same thing i do when i’m scared/in shock: shout/scream, hands up in the air but in the front instead of to the side, palms outstretched and turtleneck! i’ll post up a pic tomorrow or something la XD my description skills suck.

Sep 14, 2007

got my tablet back ;D
online photo album:
a few pics here :) click for larger version!
jj's arrival!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

shashou :D
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

KO- going to do handstand
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

him and Lan Bo lao shi!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

bu liu lei de ji chang!! coming nearer..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

shaking hands with me (this was taken by rachel)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

singing babybaby - throwing poster backwards
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sep 13, 2007
he looks so super cute! and although he looks real different you can see that some things, like the way he sings and his smile and the way he talks, is still really the same.
and his dance has really improved since 2003! XD just look at KO & Killa..
my tablet's being reformatted :((((((((
Random Questions:
What are your motivations? one and only JJ :D
Is there any particular thing you'd like to accomplish before you die? MARRY JJ.
Why are you taking this survey? why not?
How long have you been on the computer? DON’T REMIND ME, MY TABLET’S BEING REFORMATTED T.T
Do you swear? Quite a lot. :)
Ever gotten suspended? Off a bridge? :D
Expelled? I wish.
Have you gotten your heart broken? A lot.
If not once, how many times? Countless. All because of that one guy somemore la. JJ, I HATE YOU. :(
What's your favorite color(s)? black & white :D JJ’s colours!

What You Like Best In A Guy/Girl:
Hair color: Black/ super dark brown. Black with dark brown highlights are cool too :D
Eye color: brown! brown eyes are nice and friendly
Height: Around 10-15 cm taller than me? Not that much to ask for lor. XP If he’s too tall then I won’t be able to play with his hair! Or stare into his eyes (preferably single eyelid :D)
Do you like them with a decent education? It’s not that important lah.
Drug dealers? Obscene.
Jerks? Siao
Super sensitive? Not tooooo sensitive lah. Must know how to kai wan xiao :D
Style? (Like nerdy or goth or other) CUTE AND INNOCENT, LIKE JJ IN DOU JIANG YOU TIAO!!!!!!!
Like Them To Take Relationships Seriously? Duh. I don’t like short-term relationships.
Fuck With No Love? I'm not a whore.

Sep 12, 2007

pictures of kiehl's event :)
whole album:
a few pics here.. :)

He looks like he’s looking at me! O.o
Xi Jie

Emcee: “can you show ur right dimple?”


“I like Charlie chaplin! He looks like me! O.o”

Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou

Sep 11, 2007

Aggressive. Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Extremely outgoing. Loves to help people in times of need. Good kisser. Good personality. Stubborn. A caring person. One of a kind. Not one to mess with.
Are the most attractive people on earth!
Outgoing. Lovable. Spontaneous. Not one to mess with. Funny. Excellent kisser EXTREMELY adorable. Loves relationships, Addictive. Loud.

Sep 10, 2007

hey, i realised that when he was singing BuLiuLeiDeJiChang, when he was shaking hands with the fans, his voice was really strong but it softened a lot when he saw rachel trying to take pictures of him, and he looked like he was laughing and flashed the peace sign. it was like as if he felt like laughing and going "you ah!" really, i'm not joking, i'll upload the vid for you guys to see. hmm, rachel, you not bad seh! :D
“谢谢你们… 不管我开不开心, 你们都会在我身边.
不管你们开心不开心… 我都会在你身边.”

- jj while singing sarang heyo at world tour (SG). he was crying when he said this. :)
thank you jj; for cheering me up when i am sad, for giving me hope when there seems to be none, for staying beside me when the whole world comes crashing down on me. when noone is there when my heart aches, you’re there to dry my tears. when noone understands my happiness, you’re there to celebrate with me. i know i have said this about a thousand times before, but it really means much more to me. when everyone seems to have given up on me, you’re always the only one i can count on to pour out all my troubles to. you’re the one that made me realise that although 爱是三万里程的孤单, actually, 爱,在远都在我身旁. no matter how far away happiness seems, it isn’t really very far away, it just depends on whether i want to reach out to it or not. thank you for letting me see that hope is actually all around me.
and when i still couldn’t see that, thank you for consoling me, for being there not only just when i needed you, but all the time too. thank you for believing in me and giving me your support when noone else did, when i was too shy to tell anyone else about my hopes, you gave me confidence. you showed me how to dream, and not give up on them, unlike the many hopes i had thought impossible before. you showed me that it was possible for dreams to come true.
but now that i think about it, it was also because of you that i was happy, because of you that i was sad, because of you that i was hurt badly. you showed me how it was like to emote, feel hurt, touched. you taught me compassion, humility, and most importantly, perseverance.
you not only were there for me when i was emotional, you were also the one who taught me how to feel in the first place.
it was you, who made me who i am today.
and why is it that i start crying like hell everytime i write a thank-you post to jj?
其实我觉得这并不是很夸张嘛.. after all, this is the person who has means the most to me, who influenced and changed my whole life.. without him, there’s no way i can stay alive either..
JJ, 不管你开不开心,我也愿意牺牲我所有的一切, 无时无刻的陪着你.

thanks, ling and sher, for watching the jj vids with me and cheering me up, after !@#$%^ made me go into a bad mood. :)
luckily i remembered to bring my VIDEOCAM this time, so the sound quality of the 7 vids i took were of MUCH BETTER QUALITY compared to the kiehl’s event’s ones. :D YAY!
met rachel at the basketball below my block and arrived at 9.30 at vivo! alicia, celeste, shulin & the rest of their gang were so funny, playing with the water at the fountain and screaming their heads off. we were considered quiiite early la, we werent as near the front of the queue as i expected though. and at around 10.45, JJ CAME TO REHEARSE!!!
he sang sha shou, KO and bu liu lei de ji chang. we were screaming and wanted to rush in front but stupid security guards were too fast for us :( AND THEN HE LEFT-.-
and it was because he had an interview with 933 at 1pm! poor jj so busy! i didn’t catch the interview, though. i was eating lunch XD
jjfc were selling ties that looked similar to the one he wore during the kiehl’s event for $2! we all bought it and wore it with our fc shirts. XD THE TIE IS REALLY NICE! plan to sew “杀手” on it :D
we were writing messages on a card sophie bought for JJ, and as alicia signed off as ‘JJ Freak’..
celesteMEI: jj freak sounds weird!
me: i’m hyperjjfan!
celeste: i’m jj fanatic!
shulin: i’m shulin!-.-
and later they said that the first 40 to buy I Weekly would get to stand nearest to the stage! ran like mad, and rachel and i made it! along with jacey and a few others. (37 others, to be exact. XD)
jt and maddie came like super late, but they cut the queue and sat beside celeste & the rest so they were quite near the front la, though not in the top 40 ;D
and then they led us to the stage. ok la, wasn’t as bad as i expected. :D
we saw JJ arriving but he just went backstage. and then the OB dancers performed the same dance again. tried to record the whole thing this time but my videocam hung -.-
AND THEN YING XIONG JIA DAO ;D ~!! like the kiehl’s showcase, his first songs was a medley of Killa & KO. he did the dao li thing! and a one-hand handstand, but he went down really fast because his earpiece dropped. -.-
then he sang xi jie.. threw some posters..
then they did some lucky draw thing, where 2 ppl won this GIBSON GUITAR THAT JJ DESIGNED AND AUTOGRAPHED, zomg it’s super nice, red in colour, and it’s got the JFJ (jj’s recording company..?) logo! oh yah, before that some people played some games and won his Dan Qu CD, the you piao book etc.
then he played the same beatboxing game again.. out of the 4 who went up, one was jiaqi and another was that guy that looks like jj.. hahaha
then he sang BU LIU LEI DE JI CHANG.. threw more posters.. and he went down to shake everyone’s hand.. and because rachel and i got GREAT SUPER CLOSE UP PICS OF HIM! and he shook my left hand :D out of the 8 times he’s shaken my hand so far, only 1 is left hand leh! XD
then he sang a bit of the cantonese JiangNan also.. haha.. ok i’ve decided to learn a bit of canto now! i mean, i’m canto but i didn’t even understand what jj was saying.
and he sang BABYBABY last! :D and threw the last of the posters XD now jacey has 2 posters.. one from today and one from yesterday.. walao.. and i have none :(
during the autograph session, i gave jj the newspaper article i wrote in august! but he didn’t have a chance to look at it properly or anything, the gong zuo ren yuan immediately took it away and all jj did was tap it and smile. looking at his smile, i don’t think he remembers me anymore. i asked MEI#2 to go and beat him for me XD
oh and i noticed the security guards were much friendlier than usual :D! they didn’t shout or rush to keep us away or anything. :D
anyway, it was a GREAT event, although he didn’t sing as many songs as during the kiehl’s showcase. and the terrible SUNBURNS i got were worth it lah! :D
JJ 我永远爱你!!!!!! :D
jj.. you’re leaving singapore today… :( although it’s supposed to be a “bu liu lei de ji chang”, we can’t help but feel really sad cos you won’t be back till god knows when.. DO COME BACK SOON!! :D
i’m grinning like an idiot. i’m tripping over my steps. people are staring at me – they think i’m crazy. it dosen’t matter, because i’m in love, i’m crazily in love.

Sep 8, 2007


haha. met zhenxiu at harbourfront mrt at 4. maddie was late – she arrived at 4.30. and then we ran all around vivocity (literally – we even went to the 3rd floor O.o) trying to find st. james power station. we even asked one of the workers there and she laughed “you guys going clubbing ah!” XD
poor maddie was wearing stilettos (which is quite a smart thing to wear to a concert, actually) so her feet really hurt by the time we found the place. waited for (what seemed like) quite long before they let us in. :D
OB DANCERS ARE SO PRO!! XD they were really good but i only videoed the last part (which was also the worst part :P) where they danced to BOJIANDAI.
AND THEN JJ JIA DAO!!! he sang KILLA! and then he sang XI JIE!
it was super hilarious, he was like saying “如果我这边是西边, 那我的东边在哪儿?" and then later the emcee said “oh you know just now you were talking about your 西边 and 东边 right? ok now can you like, show your LEFT dimple?” and then later the emcee made him show his right one as well, and then later asked him to show his LEFT AND RIGHT MUSCLE XD XD and after that jj said “eh 怎么没有尖叫声呢? 他们在嫌着我肌肉不够大,是不是? :(” and we screamed “没有啦!” and the emcee said “no la, because they were all in shock, that’s why!” XD and then he did what he’s best at- ZI TAN ZI CHANG!!!!
first he sang Chi Bang, then he sang Da Nan Ren Xiao Nu Hai, then he sang SARANG HEYO… then we kept shouting for “BU LIU LEI DE JI CHANG!!” and he was like “when i was singing i kept hearing some irritating noises, sounded something like “buu luu lii e ii caaa” XDXDXD SO HE SANG IT! omg it was BEAUTIFUL. and im so thankful that the zi tan zi chang video de sounds turned out okay.. even though all the rest didn’t.. :/
and then the next song.. he went “most of you will know this song.. 你是豆浆, 我是油条;D” WAAAAH! I LOVE DOU JIANG YOU TIAO!! :D so sad this video was ruined too though. :(
then he sang a little of JiangNan in CANTONESE!! and after that he was like “妈妈,不要笑啦!” haha! his mum’s canto too ;D
oh, and they talked about the recording company (?) jj's opening called J For J, and when he was asked why he called it that he said "uh.. because my name is JJ and i didn't really have any more ideas for it...??"
then his last song was YI QIAN NIAN YI HOU!!! <3>
but all my videos are ruinedddddd :(
p.s. i’ll post up the pictures another time la XD
p.p.s. and i bought the gaiban liao! WAHAHA :D but damn cheapskate leh, only comes with a free file, no poster/dao li necklace unlike the china/taiwan gaiban :( I REGRET SELLING MY CHINA GAIBAN LARH!!
ohya, one thing i forgot to post about yesterday..
jt's house phone rang and she said "hello?" before asking us NOT TO SAY ANYTHING!! and jacey was like "zomg sekali is __ ahh!" and we started making a lot of noise and jumping and trying to eavesdrop on their conversation and jt kept brushing us away, looking really irritated.. and then later i said "aiya dun le la, sekali is her MOTHER HAHAHA" so we started laughing and laughing.. and later when jt put down the phone she shouted "IT' S MY MOTHER LAHH!" XD whoopsie! and she couldn't hear a word her mum said because we were making so much noise. :P
= !!!
actually there are some 0ther things i forgot to post but er, i forgot. :P
Vivocity- Dragonfly, St. James Power Station!
now, why did they choose a pub to hold a jj event? O.o
aiya nvm, as long as i get to see my jj can le!
3pm, JJFC members must reach by 10am!
Vivocity- Level 3 Amphitheatre!
Autograph session: Westside CD (both versions), Gaiban :D
walao im like damn irritated with the venue, i mean it's OPEN AIR. it's abit like the mini forum in sch/ jurong bird park bird show stage, which TOTALLY SUCKS. if it rains, the umbrellas in front will block our view. and we'll only be able to see the top of jj's head.
karen cool down cool down. as long as i can see my jj can le. :)

Sep 7, 2007

today was also the first time i took a NORTH-SOUTH line from JURONG EAST! i've always only taken it from the marina bay side. XD i mean it may not seem weird to jiayi or nade, since they're FERRIED around wherever they go but i mean my main mode of transport is by mrt leh..
and there's so much to see, really! like, forested areas, colourful community centres, reserviors (or lakes? O.o) etc.
arrived at bishan mrt at 9.45 :D and i was like, so awed by the fact that the mrt station i was in is like, THE ONLY MRT STATION IN SINGAPORE THAT'S ON THE GROUND! and not like, underground or above ground. so cool leh! :D
and jacey overslept so jt and i walked around junction 8 while waiting for her. unfortunately, nearly all the shops were closed, including MINITOONS, ACTIONCITY, COMICSCONN. AND SEMBAWANG. :( and the stupid arcade thingy cheat our money. bleh.
jacey arrived at 10+. we took a super long bus ride to jt's house. i think jt's house is damn cool - it's like, when you walk up the stairs, it immediately leads to 3 doors, there's not even like, a small walkway or whatever. super cool XD then if all 3 doors open at the same time, you'll fall down the stairs!!
jt's room is damn nice - there's an electric piano, a keyboard for composing, a computer, posters.. AND A DAMN LOAD OF JJ STUFF, GRR. the sprite can, all the world tour merchandise.. you name it she's got it T.T
and kat kor kor also gave her a lot of really nice stuff!!

grr. never give me! i seriously love the necklace. according to kor, jj wore a similar one during jjfc gathering?!?! oh and btw, the 2nd pic is a violin. and the 1st guitar looks similar to the one jacey and i gave jt!
- the guitar i gave jt. they look very different coloured cos one use flash and the other nv use flash but anw they look the same la. same size same material!
anw. watched a few jj vids, watched some hilarious youtube videos, taught jacey how to play Xi Jie & Killa, met JT'S TWO DOGS SAN SHUN & ROXY..
- sanshun
san shun only understands chinese, roxy only understands eng O.o and both are super adorable! and they didn't bark or anything AT ALL. and they were so shy and timid.. whee love them!

and i arrived home 1 hour late. my mum's furious. :P
jt was admitted to hospital yesterday and NEVER TELL ME >.<.. and apparently while kat kor kor was there, he was like trying to beatbox hahaha.. and he went to the toilet and started making funny faces.. BO LIAO KING LAH.. XD

Sep 6, 2007

I HATE YOU; for hurting him over and over again.
toying with his feelings like as if he's a doll.
i mean, even a fool could see he still missed you.
so why did you make use of those feelings and make him feel the pain all over again?
he put it all behind him - the hurt, the lies.
oh, you just had to come and make him fall for your stupid trick all over again.
what's wrong with you? are you even human?
you may be a super chiobu, but beauty is only skin deep.
beneath that thin layer lies a dark beast, witch, bitch.
i used to have a great impression of you. after all, it was you who gave him the motivation to do so many things.
but now, i just feel like soaking you in hot water so your skin will melt and everyone can see that ugly freak lying beneath that pretty face.
get out, sucker, and go back to where you belong, with the rest of the whores.

Sep 5, 2007

FINALLY, after so many days of looking. i was like pulling out any ziploc bags i found (i put my kiehl’s tix in a ziploc cos i didn’t want anything to happen to the signature before i laminated it) and i was about to give up and go to bed, and on my way to my bedroom i pulled out a ziploc folded in between the pages of my OLD piano notebook AND IT WAS THERE! ZOMG WHAT ON EARTH WAS IT DOING THERE. woot~~
i clung on to my bolster as if my life depended on it, and as i rocked myself in my bed, my tears flowed furiously, just like the fast, angry rain in a storm. i turned my drenched pillow over and prepared for a fresh round of tears, but all that came out was a small continuous whimper. it only starts to really hurt when you’re heart’s still bleeding, but you have no more tears to cry the pain away.
well, actually those tags on yimei’s tagboard were meant to settle misunderstandings, but everyone took it the wrong way and since everyone’s going to hate me again and i’ve totally lost my reputation, i guess totally losing my pride and self-worth means nothing anymore, so here goes.
to yimei.
i know you’re a good person, you’re kind helpful caring etc. otherwise why would you have so many friends and only one enemy? and i know i hurt you a lot but.. ok nevermind, i don’t wish to pick another fight through my rebuts. anyway, you may not treasure our friendship, but i know i do treasure the times we had together, although it’s ruined now. and i guess all those tags were typed in a rage of anger so don’t take them too personally. you’re still a nice person, and i’m sorry you just had to meet a bitch like karen ho. because karen ho had a mental disorder, and made you feel so terrible, something a nice person shouldn’t deserve. i’m really sorry i had to do this, and if i could control myself and if i had the choice, i definitely wouldn’t let this happen.
i used to be popular, etc. but my friends were won over by the pitiful you when me, the big bad wolf, tore you apart, and now when i talk to them, i know that although they’re friendly to me, they’re thinking about that wolf hiding behind the innocent sheep’s clothing i’m wearing, and how that wolf hurt her close friend.
“Go ahead and get lost of my life. I can survive without people like you. I don’t give a damn about you.”
well, if that’s the thanks i get for trying to express my opinions and explain my point of view, then thank you and i will get lost.
but before i do, i just want to say that i hope you’re satisfied with the way the tears are rushing down my face and making a puddle on the sofa, and the way my heart’s wrenching with the knowing that i’ve totally lost my reputation and self-worth to you.

Sep 4, 2007

SUMAY AND I WENT TO THE MOVIES TODAY!!! met her at tiong mrt after lit mass lecture. lunch at KFC ;D sumay told me that the new town guys sitting near us kept looking our way, and even commented on our conversation. O.o.. AND ZOMG ICE LEMON TEE WAS PLAYING JJ’S XI JIE ALBUM!!! it was at WU LIAO when we arrived in the shop. i was SCREAMING LIKE MAD. after wu liao is dan tiao (Let’s Battle), and i was reciting the whole dialogue between JJ and Mike and the shopkeeper was grinning, and sumay, embarrased, asked me to shut up. i didn’t. XD and we started singing KO after that, and after deciding that we had embarrassed ourselves enough, went to take neoprints. :D

after the neoprints, we realised we were TEN MINUTES LATE for the movie Hairspray <3, , so we chiong-ed like crazy, and when we arrived, THE MOVIE HADN’T EVEN STARTED YET -.- and i happened to be sitting beside NICOLE from dance! XD HAIRSPRAY ROCKED.. the songs were nice! and the dancing was really nice too. at some parts of the movie, i totally forgot i was sitting in a cinema, and it was like i was actually in the movie watching it all happen. i was never this “absorbed” into a movie before XD
after that we met sumay’s mum and chuenwee and went to watch Ratatouille! it was a last minute decision we made at KFC. haha. ratatouille was surprisingly entertaining. i mean, i thought it’d just be some lame cartoon show, but it was much better than i expected. it was funny, and the animation was so good!
and i realised that both Hairspray and Ratatouille, even though they may seem very different, both have the same moral. no matter how ‘different’ you are and how impossible your dreams may seem, hang on to them and believe in them, because they just might come true if you believe hard enough! the guys playing basketball below my block everyday from after school till 10pm when the lights go out, my bro who brings his skateboard even to the market, those are people who really dare to dream. :)
ohya, and on my way home, i stopped to observe the fishes in the canal. three of them were nipping at a big slice of bread, and then they disappeared, and then a whole group of fish came to the bread. and they each took a nibble then moved away and let the next fish have a bite. i mean how cool is that? teamwork, sharing, caring for one another. i mean, if i were that fish, i would feel like a saint for sharing my food with others man. XD
my mum’s stories about her intolerable colleagues are so hilarious. ”i can’t stand it already lah you know?! it’s like, you tell me something and i don’t believe you. then your friend comes and tells me the exact same thing, and i say ‘thankyouverymuch, i totally believe you’?! like good grief!! michael can you cancel your new car order (he just ordered a Honda Stream :D) so that i can retire and we’ll have enough money to support the family?” XD

Sep 3, 2007

had damn lot of fun, laughing and screaming like crazy.. haha
met them at j.east mrt station at 10.00 after maths remedial, came to my house and played like siao! watched happy tree friends.. played the piano a lot :D.. played with the IKEA snake..
played CARROM - with our own rules ;D! was super hilarious, we were using my pens as that snooker shooting thingy and trying to shoot the pieces here and there… flew all over the place..
and jacey was in love with my Kiehl’s soft toy bear.. came up with some story about my ikea snake eating the poor bear :(
and jacey and i took her phone and went through her contacts… GUESS WHOSE NUMBERS WE FOUND!! XD we were trying to find out which nickname represented who.. haha
and jacey used & borrowed my hair straightener, the main reason they came today. when she straightened my hair i realised i’ve been using it the wrong way all along. -.- quite effective when jacey helped me straighten XD
talked a lot about jj and laughed and laughed and laughed.. jj’s so cute la.. “musical note= sperm?!”- jt.
anw! had a super fun time today! you guys must come more often lah, 5 hours ain’t enough! XD
jt playing with draco XD

Sep 2, 2007

“why are the indians always the last ones to get out of a train in an emergency?
answer: because when they make those announcements in the 4 languages tamil is always last” ...-coach justin
i saw someone coming and hastily wiped my tears with the back of my hand, and laughed as if to say “i know! it’s weird right?” but amelia simply hugged me and said “don’t force yourself, karen.” and tears begin to fall again, more ferociously this time, but i didn’t bother to hide it with a laugh because i knew she understood.
(and no, nadine, my mysterious breakdown had nothing to do with what happened that day.)
although the fall was quite humiliating, lah.

reminder to self: when you stand on slippery floor and want to kick someone in the shins, make sure you’re holding on to something stable first XP
the dream i had today was the strangest ever.
i was doing the cd sales thing, when i _________, and we chatted and he _____. we became good friends, and one day _______. and then later at night, the both of us were at this beach, sitting beside each other on a huge high rock looking into the sea, and he was talking and talking and i ______ and ____him this ______.
(haha, the above para is such a waste of space because noone will be able to fill up the blanks correctly XD)
i mean, it’s so unlike me to dream about this kind of thing. what’s more, i haven’t talked to him in years. plus it’s not like i’m guy-crazy or whatever, more like the opposite. ok, if the guy in the dream was jj then it’s normal i guess, but the thing is that it wasn’t. i thought i was way past this, but i guess my subconsious doesn’t think so huh. i guess maybe it’s because i’ve been wanting to become friends with him for so long, restore that friendship that crumbled miserably years ago.
ohwell. it's life :)
another weird thing is that unlike normal dreams, this one was filled with emotions. i could feel in my dream, longing and heartache.. was it really a dream, or was it just half a dream? was i half-consious, communicating with my subconsious mind?
weird :P
liike 0hhmiieg00shh, iie hAbbernN t00uchedd DerR c00mpuuterrsShh iin lyiike, f00urR daiiexX~~+]]
hahaha, yah, i bet my mind was suffering from withdrawal symptoms too. hAhAxX—
WOOHOO, TEACHERS DAY! saw 11 other 6b-ians – wanying sueng marilyn rach tere joelchin derrick darren raymeo malcolm weinian! haha.. 6 girls 6 guys, 我们是Campus Superstar 的12 强!! XD O.o”
poor teressa is allergic to all milk products including milo and cake, apparently because of some school kayaking trip..?!?!
joel chin was in crutches, thanks to rugby.
SELLING THE MINDS CD FOR CHARITY WAS FUN! though tiring of course. the dou and i walked at SIXTH AVENUE, and the houses are like mega huge, the size of the whole G BLOCK in crescent... they got swimming pools, huge cars, back garden, mini waterfall, SPIRAL STAIRCASES.. see until cry man XD we went to all these super huge mansions.. and MICHELLE CHYE lived in one of them!!! O.O the both of us were so shocked. haha. dance junior selling cds to dance chairperson?!
but it was still fun! get to see all these huge houses and the way the people there lived… a life i will never live, haha.. dosent matter anyway, so big house the poor maid (or poor me) will have to clean like siao.. wahaha.. HDB ROCKS!