May 31, 2007

went jurong point to look for lynn’s present. TOO CUTE!!!
plus it expands by 30% when you wash it!! AAAH i need one of my own larhhhhhh
quite ex though (cos it’s handmade) so i’m sharing with shermin. anyone else who wants to chip in are more than welcome :D
and the name of the shop is MOMO!! haha jj’s dog de name..
got contacts today!!
the lady helped me put on the contacts and take it off, then taught me how to do it. and i took like an hour to put them on and i think she probably felt like strangling me hahaha. she’s so patient man. hahaha
look im sorry yimei, but anyway, now it's the june holidays and you don't have to see my face right? so just forget about me lah. i mean, what have i done in these 2 years that made you like me? all i did was make people sad. just forget that you had me as a friend. sorry, it's totally my fault. i know it's all my fault. but i mean, i'm not special or anything. i'm just a freak, ok? so forget about me. forget all the good times. just pretend this one bitch never existed. because i've changed, and you know that too. i know you're sad and everything that i keep daoing you, but i'm daoing you because i don't want to hurt you even more. so forget all the good times we had. forget everything. because at that time, i was living a lie. and i just came out of it.
i'm not who you think i am, yimei. deep down, i'm a real bitch. it's a side of me you've never seen before. so don't think i was a good friend. i wasn't. and we just can't be together again. don't ask why, you'll never understand. noone will, except for that one person.
i didn't want to put it this way, because i knew it would hurt you. but things have gotten too far and i guess it'd be better for you to just take one big blow once and for all than to suffer again and again for a very long time. it's like piercing your ears both at once, or one at a time. you know you know?
anyway i hope you wont be sad. because you never knew the bitch side of me, and you didn't know i could be like this. so it's a good thing. ok?

May 30, 2007

sorry i couldnt go to the bonding thing, dancers.. lemme explain why first
cos my mum's very angry cos 1) it's so last minute and 2) i havent done any holiday homework yet
and when my mum's angry she can do a lot of things.
she's already n0t too happy that i'm going to lynn's house, and now that this has cropped up, i dont even think she'll let me go for that anymore..
but i do expect that you guys know that if you guys are gonna do nothing but choreo a dance at melia's place, i probably won't dance anyway right?
because i know that i can't dance and my dancing is like shit.
and if they're crescent dances also not so bad cos they've been diao-ed by seniors so at least i have an idea of what the moves are supposed to be like so i don't dance like 100% shit, maybe only 90%..
but with new dances and esp those with *thatkind* of moves (which you guys are definitely gonna add in since you guys have shermin and shuzhen and all that) i definitely cannot do..
and i'm not that keen on going to a house full of dancers and embarassing myself with my crappy dancing you know.
and anyway my mum's really angry with me for wanting to go to amelia's house, and my mum can do a lot when she's angry, so i might as well save myself and complete a bit of my homework first, right?
hope you guys will understand la. anyway when it comes to dance, it dosen't make a diff if i'm there or not :) dont try to assure me or anything, cos i know the truth.

May 29, 2007

those who havent read my prev. 5 posts, read those cos they're nicer to read. :D
this post is dedicated to someone, and that someone only. i shall put a smaller font size to make it seem like it isn't as long as it really is. XD
thank you.
thank you for dedicating that post to me, making me feel loved and a true friend for the first time in a really really long while. i really needed it. i was just beginning to give up on everything and just become a loner. i was beginning to doubt the meaning of friendship; thinking that friendship was just one big lie, a "facade of deceit". both you and that post changed it all. thank you for mending my heart when it broke; for making me forget all the problems i had when i was with you; for allowing me to be my true self and not put on a show and act like someone i wasn't; for making me believe in friendship again. thank you, for everything.
an incident at sarawak, while you were talking to mingen, made me wonder if you were really true about our friendship, or just trying to break up my clique or something. i obviously can't read minds so i still don't know, but i trust that you really cherish our friendship. well, if there's a motive behind this, i will so kill you. because i can't live without you. :) you'd better not let me down. because i need you too much.
you were never a disappointment, neither were you a trouble. you're my friend, your problems are my responsibilities. being there for you when you needed it wasn't a problem; it was a relief to concentrate on someone else's problems once in a while. i'm really sorry i can't tell you about my problem, although you might have guessed already.
you don't have to express your gratitude for me; in fact, i should be the one doing so. i was the broke one you kept having to treat (:P), the lazy one who kept copying your answers, the stubborn one you had to keep giving in to, the noisy one who kept rambling on about stuff i had already told you about many times before (hahaha). i don't know how to repay you for your kindness, but i know i owe you too much.
your strength to overcome all your problems really touched me, your desperate attempts to patch up friendships. you must have rubbed off some of your strength on me; i feel more motivated now.
thank you, shermin. for everything.
if you guys havent read my previous 4 posts, i'm posting all the blog entries from the prev 4 days of my stay in sarawak together with 2c1 n 2g1 :D cos there was no internet conection. =.= i know it's a hell lot to read it, but it's interesting okayyy :D
28th may- BACK IN SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the sarawak cultural village wasn’t very interesting, but the performance was. :D really entertaining and cool. esp that guy who kept doing solos in a lot of dances. he’s so hilarious. and SICK! when he tried to look up that woman’s skirt. but then again, it’s obviously part of the show.
i bet they’re damn tired of dancing the same things over and over again for 6 years and twice a day. lol
the salvation army thing was crap lah. damn boring. and ARIEL AND MINGXUAN REALLY SHOULD HAVE DONE THE KARAOKE THING LAH :(
voice so nice still so selfish dowan to share with the rest of the world!! >.<
poor meixuan lost her luggage! when we were getting ready for departure at the kuching airport she realised that her luggage wasn’t there. counted, there was one missing. really hope they find it really soon! poor meixuan :(
so sad it was a starless night, if not we would be able to see a whole lot of stars in the plane.
and i shall wake up at 11 tomorrow!
OHWAIT. there’s maths remedial tomorrow. argh
oh, and i'm going to post all 100+++ pictures on a website so everyone can see everything! :D but not now lah. still gotta take time to upload XD
finallyfinallyFINALLY checked out of hilton. MERDAKA I LOVE YOU! omg i miss my tablet! it’s not working. i need the recovery dvd thingy to bring it back to life but i left it at home so gotta wait till after sarawak trip. (i didn’t type this entry on the com lah, i wrote it down during the stay. as i’m typing this out from the paper, i’m already in sg. XD hello me 2 days ago! OMG IM SO LAME) RM100 missing from my wallet T.T diedie!!
spent RM 9 on a pair of earrings i thought was RM5.80. argh.
and there was this ridiculous guy in a fat yellow costume singing jj’s BU DONG!! and he forgot the lyrics! HOW COULD HE LAH!
bought some cool pottery thingy from the pottery factory thing. 1 for doudou, 1 for my MUMMYYYYYY!! :D
dinner was STEAMBOAT, and nadine and cuixiao attempted to fry ice-cream. HAHAHA.
oh, and at 12am most of the 2C1-ers went to vana’s hotel room to wish her happy birthday (on 28 may. as i’m writing this it’s 12.45am :D) we waited for DAMN long. and later nadine told us when she opened the door that she was SLEEPING. =.= the shocked look on vana’s face when all of us piled into her room was priceless. XD
she hangs her bras in the kitchen in the suite. LOL. took a pic. XD
LEAVING TOMORROW!! (or today. whatever XD)
longhouse was SUPER COOL!
boat ride on the longboat was so thrilling and damn fun! although my butt ached like siao the entire time =.= the people living there were cool, hahaa, rice wine tastes damn sucky. oh and the performers were going around to shake everyone’s hand, then silvana didn’t know what they were doing, and then she handed the performer the bamboo rice wine cup! HAHA she thought they were going to clean the stuff up LOL
lunch was disgusting but tasted quite nice :D ate a damn lot of sand cos they washed the leaves (used them as plates) in muddy-ish water.
there were these 2 damn cute small boys living there, and they were damn pro at throwing rocks.. they threw higher and further than all of us lol. later we were supposed to do a canopy walk, but they very thoughtfully cancelled it cos we were all too tired. :D
kept getting indigestion and gastric, and got diarrohea once. aiya, i’ve just been getting a whole lot of stomachaches lah.
the dancing after dinner was super fun, but would have been more enjoyable if i didn’t have that stupid stomachache. danced dance dances. :D
OH, AND CUIXIAO GOES REALLY DRUNK-ISH WHEN SHE’S COLD AT NIGHT. she starts laughing her head off like a crazy freak and screaming and hugging me =.= TOTALLY unlike the dao-ish emo bookworm at school. and she’s crazier than me when i’m hyper LOL
now it’s past midnight- in a few hours’ time we’ll be leaving hilton resort and going to MERDAKA PALACE again!! :D
the long bus ride rocked. the hydro dam was super big and cool. bot i don’t really care anymore.
there’s no phone reception. room service dosen’t answer when we need 2 more towels (only one in our room =.=).
and this is the first time in 14 years i’m feeling homesick.
hilton sucks. it’s so creepy. service like shit. crap.
i want to go back to merdaka palace!
i want to go home.
my dad remindd me 4 times to call home everyday, and i still haven’t called even once.
this hotel is so ulu you need to take a 30 min boat ride to get there.
and we’re going to stay for another night.
i need phone reception. i need to call home.
i need to hear my mother’s reassuring voice again.
wasn’t as bad as i expected :D
aeroplane ride was cool! there was actually a BUS leading to the aeroplane lol
the library was the COOLEST THING ON EARTH
the whole place looked like as if it was out of an MV!! i wouldn’t be surprised if some singer filmed an mv there. in fact i would be shocked if there wasn’t any XD
so we took a lot of pics there! SUPER NICE LA!! and cuixiao was quite emo hahaha
fairy caves were TOO COOL LAH. although shermin’s problem ahem ahem. shermin, i really pei fu ni, you’re so… courageous XD
the caves looked like they were out of a picture lah
and i took like 90 pictures hahaha so i had to delete quite a lot
and the hotel suite is DAMN NICE omgomgomg hahaha
sleeping with shermin and cuixiao!
and there are 3 rooms for the 7 of us (hannah moved in with us) but later cuixiao told a super scary story about this red-eyed ghost hotel thing (shudder at the thought of the story man) and it was so scary 6 of us slept in our room. =.= hannah was sleeping outside because she wanted to sleep. and because she was talking to her boyfriend the whole time. =.=
and i dunno how im going to stuff 3 days’ worth of stuff into my schoolbag :P

May 23, 2007

one more day to sarawak trip.
i was never looking forward to it in the first place, but now that THE DOU isn’t going, i really really don’t want to go anymore.
i got noone to be crazy with anymore!! then i’ll be so emo without you, jiayi!!
i remember that time last year i was feeling super depressed, then i chatted with you on msn (remember the africa chat?) then i cheered up in a matter of seconds..
and i’m really not hyper or anything without you.. :(
-flashback to p2.
ms ang was doing something super boring with her OHP. __ and i were getting super bored and decided to play some game. he took out his eraser which was long and shaped like a pencil, and drew this picture of an old man on it. we started playing some fun stupid imaginative game, when ms ang confiscated it and made the both of us stay back. she scolded __ after school, “i hope you weren’t drawing me” and i started laughing like shit. in the middle of a scolding. that was one of the best memories ever. :)
-flashback to p3-p4.
“wahh why you and ___ always together one ah? boyfriend right? HAHAH!! __ and karen sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!”
the start of the torrment. torturous, painful memories. what’s wrong with being good friends with someone of the opposite gender? apparently, everything was wrong with it. we started avoiding each other to prevent giving others the wrong impression, and never said anything to each other. naturally feelings would develop; we used to be the best of friends. that triggered even more rumors, and i felt we should just confess and those idiots would find us boring to tease on, so that’s what i did. unfortunately, __ was too shy. shy. i hate guys that are too shy.
-flashback to p4.
mdm ue was looking for people to audition for some cinderella thing. she made every guy pair up with a girl. as soon as i turned back, __ was there, and he said “i partner you?” i was so elated. this had to be the most courageous thing he had ever done. and then i heard stupid boonchong say “omg, it’s really the two of them leh!” box his face lah.
aruna’s pizza party. that memory hurts a lot.
we were playing ghostghost. __ put ___ on ____. i screamed “__! do you know what the hell you’re doing!! you’re _______________!!” he looked a bit shocked, and stopped. i regretted immediately after. all along he was too shy to admit that he liked me (although everyone already knew), and he wanted to tell me he liked me. i blew the chance; humiliated him like shit. i wanted to apologise to him later, but he carefully avoided me.
-flashback to p5, when i opted into em1 but he didn’t and went to em2.
the worst memory ever. I wanted to write __ a letter, but was too shy to give it to him (teasing: “wahh love letter sehhh!” so i asked marilyn to throw him the letter during assembly. she threw it, but he didn’t catch it. zhiye did. (zhiye go and die) and he read the whole thing and passed it to the rest of his gang of friends but didn’t let ____ get it. i was so furious at him. so in the end ____ didn’t get the letter and i rewrote it for him. i was so furious at zhiye. this letter was meant to be totally private, but in the end everyone but him knew the contents of the letter.
that is a summary of my story. :) hope noone bothered to read this.
still remember the times he purposely put his bag behind mine during exams, how he blushed and grinned when he saw me, how someone else liked him and the whole class hated her as a result.
oh don’t think about it anymore, karen, or you’ll start crying or something.

May 21, 2007

new jacket :D
haha for once i feel so so so much smarter compared to nadine :D
this is the girl who won a memory competition, is applying for NJC IP, prefers reading the dictionary to watching american idol (i think the show sucks lah but ANYTHING is better than dictionaries right), got 100% for all the components in that english blog test, and er a lot of other things. haha.
IM SMARTER THAN HER LEH!! when it comes to certain things anyway. :)
IN LOVE WITH SHE'S NEW &10TH ALBUM "PLAY"!! (which my dad bought for me)
IN LOVE WITH WU YUE TIAN AND SHUO NI AI WO (which hebe wrote the lyrics for btw :D)
im considering putting shuo ni ai wo on my blog :D

May 20, 2007

JJ WAS ON YU LE BAI FEN BAI 1 DAY BEFORE MY BDAY! WAAAH!! yuzhong had to sing while this angmoh girl was poledancing on him (using him as a pole) and he was so embarrased, then later he & jj were talking (& junyang was there too! sitting beside yuzhong, jj was sitting at the other side of yuzhong), then jj said WHEN HE RELEASE HIS ALBUM HE ALSO HOPE TO HAVE THIS KIND OF “FU LI”!! LIKE OMG WTH! HAHAHA then the 3 of them were laughing like siao.. but that angmoh girl is damn fat lah. jj’s poledancer will be skinnier one. haha! OMG WHAT DID I JUST SAY!?!?
haha so qiao sumay and i both wore black shirt & skirt today!! we’re like telepathic man!! hahaha
and when we were doing driving shots (the shots to receive smashes, i think) and because the shots are supposed to be very fast and fly just over the net, we always kept nearly hitting his head so he had to bend down everytime we hit the shuttlecock. and it was so hilarious cos he was scolding us and bending down in fright at the same time hahaha!
and coach hayden was sick today so there was another coach called WANG SHI DI. and i seriously think coach shidi and coach justin are brothers lah. i mean, coach justin’s old email was “shiti”, which is prob his chinese name, and his surname is ong, which is the english version of wang. WANG SHI DI and WANG SHI TI. LOL. they’re so obviously brothers lah. coach shidi is damn funny la haha. when he made yuting stay in the crunches position for 1 minute, he was counting down the seconds and he was like “9, 8, 7.5, 7.4, 7.3…” lol
to JOY :)
don’t go..
you were the last to join the 4 of us.. haha so funny.. the coaches used to call sumay & i “the two girls” then when xiaoxi joined it became “the three girls”, and then when you came in it became “the four girls” lol.. and you were super quiet when you first joined so sumay tried to get you to open up a little more.. and now you’re like, the personality of the group “the four girls”.. the most talkative, the liveliest, craziest, friendliest girl here.. also i think coach justin likes you the best. i quoted a lot of conversations between u & him in my blog before.. heh..
rohan & nadia also like you the best. they never complain when they’re in your group, and you’re the nicest to them too.. & without you, xiaoxi won’t have a partner to form the invincible badminton duo anymore.. remember how u guys beat the mayflower freaks in like 5 or 6 games, and sumay & i only won ONE game? lol..
and although xiaoxi, sumay & i used to be together for quite some time before you came in, when you’re not around anymore, it just won’t be the same again.. your sajiao-ing, your crazy laughter, your sulking at coach justin, will be missed by everyone!
it’s really a pity i will be in sarawak next sunday so i wont be able to see you at your last practice with everyone, so i’ll say goodbye here..
you will be missed by coach justin & hayden, karen, sumay, xiaoxi, rohan, nadia, *zhengyu haha*, mark, chuenwee, haris, swetha & yuting!!!
JOY DON’T GO!!! i miss you too much lahhhh T.T T.T
must promise to come back ok!! :D

May 19, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JT!!! <333333333333333333
this msg is specially to JT:
i cant give you a birthday present or anything, but i can give you a birthday THOUGHT!
think of jj ruffling your hair and saying "happy birthday lin mei mei!!" HAHAHAHA
i mean i know he dosent call you that but just imagine lah. XD
or u can imagine him calling you ella or xiao mei or something.
AAH forget it. just imagine him calling you jt lah. that's the most probable one lah XD
GOOD LUCK in your career at -- *hinthint HAHA IM BEING SO LAME* and MUST SEE JJ MORE OFTEN AH!! :D and must tell me when u see him and everything kk!
oh and BTW JT, PPL WITH TAURUS HOROSCOPE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE REALLY GOOD SINGERS (according to 8 days. hmm. dosent apply to me though, just to you and leehom and claratan from css (both born on 17 may xD) so you dont have to worry about your singing or anything kk? :D
i still really love the picture of ashin wishing me happy bday XD

May 18, 2007


im really sorry i’ve become so guai lately and i’ve decided to listen to my parents and not go out with you guys on my birthday. i know it’s all for me, to celebrate my birthday and everything, but i already told my parents that i’d only go to shermin’s house and not go anywhere else, and i’m going to keep my promise.
i guess all of you are wondering “why dosent she just be a little more paikia? i mean, her parents would never know.” but it’s not because i’ve made a resolution to be guai or anything.. it’s because my parents have been really really nice to me lately and i feel so guilty for not being as nice to them as they were to me.
when they realised that i was having severe mood swings and kept crying and getting into a bad mood at the slightest thing, they started being much nicer to me, they didn’t tell me off for doing things i shouldn’t anymore, they always maintained that smile on their face when they talked to me, and they didn’t scold me even when i was in the wrong. when my brother and i fought, they scolded my brother but only told me off. my parents knew that there was something wrong with me, and instead of punishing me for my tantrums and foul moods, they tried to make me feel better instead. when i told my dad i got 44 for history, he didn’t even scold me like what he would normally do, but just said that he really didn’t expect this to happen again. that’s something i definitely never expected my parents to do.
they’ve also been giving me a lot of trust lately. a LOT, compared to before. they even let me go to orchard, and when i told them i’d be somewhere, they didn’t say their usual speech of “you’d better be doing this at this place and you’d better not come back after 5.” they trusted me to be mature enough to be able to control myself, and my mum didn’t start calling me every 2 seconds to find out where i was and what i was doing, but instead just sent me an sms to say “you should be starting to head home now”. i’m really grateful to the trust they’ve given me, and i really don’t want to betray that trust, like what i’ve done so many times before.
well anyway, what i wanted to say was, my parents have been really really nice to me lately and i feel very bad because i’m not repaying them for their kindness, but instead just adding on to their problems. i already got bad grades for my exams, and spent my mum’s $150. i don’t want to trouble or upset them even more. that’s why i’ve decided to be much more obedient to my parents and not let them down. :) really sorry that i decided not to go with you guys today. hope you guys will understand :) anyway we’ll have a lot of chances to meet up during june holidays!! :D

May 16, 2007

-btw, jessie, read the post below this one. :)-
regarding the amelia thing. i realised that a lot of ppl are like angry at her and scolding her on my tagboard.
well ok, she liked jj until i came into her life and started bugging her about jj everyday.
but she still has heard all the jj songs and knows the titles!! :D
but she's very irritated at me for talking abt jj all the time la.
well everyone is :D
and there are no crazy jj fans like me in my sch to go jj-crazy over anw :D fellow JMs, now u guys know why i keep saying i need jj fans in my sch right? XD
and anw, EVERYONE IN CRESCENT IS LIKE THAT, i mean they're not really sensitive to ppl's feelings and stuff, and they always say stuff that they don't really mean, and they're just playing around, don't really expect to hurt your feelings or whatever.
so i really hope you guys wont be very angry at her or anything! :)
i used to be VERY VERY pissed at stuff like this, but now i try not to be as sensitive or anything :) unless it gets really out of hand, which hasnt really happened this year :D
ok lah. if i'm ever very very hurt and angry by comments about jj, i'll call the whole JMs team to slam whoever is insulting jj, ok? :D
and amelia, if you're wondering if im angry or not, of course im not :D
POKKAIHEAD. YOU OWE ME ONE AH! for clearing your name!! XD
what my stupid bro’s classmate said:
friend: “JJ? oh! i know him! he’s a singaporean singer, right?”
bro: “yeah..”
my poor bro says in hpps noone knows JJ. except the bus aunty. :(
to jessie suah.
jessie, on behalf of the whole of 2C1 im really really sorry that we’ve made you feel so unloved. just to let you know, i really treat you like a very nice friend, and i think most of my friends treat you that way too. i mean, we don’t act like we like you cos you’re really nice. ok, i admit that when you started slitting your wrists and talking about your how-many-boyfriends thing i couldn’t really stand it because i felt it was a bit craving for attention. but as i got to talk to you a little more, i began to realise that you’re a really nice person and not like what i expected you to be. i’m sorry that we’ve been giving you the impression that we don’t care about you, because we really do!! just that maybe, like what amelia said, we felt that you were giving us the impression that we were just nobodies and extras in your life. but hearing your side of the story now, i totally understand. i guess it’s a bit of what i’m doing now..
and thank you so much for comforting me when i cried and cheering me up when i was feeling emo! it really helped!! :D and i know i’m not exactly close to you or anything, but i really hope that us 2c1-ers can be there for you if you need help. :) don’t be sad!!
plus you’re a really really REALLY devoted Christian, very unlike me, so i sincerely believe that God will help you all He can! continue believing and spreading the word of God to others and helping others like me (:P) in becoming stronger Christians! :)
don’t be sad le, ok? see lah, you cry then chiobu not chio already orh!! :)

May 15, 2007

(those blurpoks that don’t know, yuzhong is the damn cute guy Tie Tou in Yuan Dian :D. also jj’s SHI DI and SHARES AN APARTMENT with JJ and ado in taiwan!!)
and my dad’s asking him to bring the yearbook where he wrote about how he never studied and everything! yayyyy!!!!!
ohoh and this damn funny thing
cos they were in JC, then when it was raining yuzhong will always come late because he rides motorbike to school, and he always waits for the rain to go away before riding to school!!! LIKE HAHAHA DIIIIIIIAOOOOOOOOOOOOZZZZ
which is weird cos lin yuzhong’s name 林宇中 is pronounced the same as 淋雨中 which means “IN THE RAIN” hahahahha
OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then i’m like his 3rd degree friend leh! wahaha AAAHHHH
lim yee chung. lin yu zhong. haha. dialect names sound weird. it’s like
“ho wen ee” & “he yunyi” and “choonkiat” & “junjie”
woke up at nine and realised that there was dance starting at nine?!?! LOLS
so i got there about 1/2 an hour late. =.=
and then i WENT ORCHARD SHOPPING WITH RACHEL!! woohoooo!ate at FISH & CO! so filling gosh
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
bought 1 really really nice shirt from busstop. and this really really super nice pair of jeans from Samuel & Kevin. and this other really nice skirt from some shop.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
and the shopkeeper said “你的脚很细,应该多穿这种裙子” and i told her i didn’t have any other skirts. XD and i obviously knew she was just trying to sweetalk me into buying it, but i still just felt like kissing her lah.
and i saw JOYCETAN with this quite cute guy sia!! :D and i saw cynthia and i mistook her for wendy XD
we took NEOPRINTS at heeren!! :D and i changed into my skirt and shirt haha.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
oh and i’m probably bringing the shirt and jeans to sarawak. we’re not supposed to bring skirts right? haha omg then what am i going to wear for bottoms? jeans for all 4 days? hmm
oh and VANA LOOKS SUPER CHIO IN THE NEW HAIRSTYLE!!! :D really! not joking

May 13, 2007

sumay and i at jack’s place!! :D
we used the self-timer function. damn funny!!! XDXDXD
oh and coach justin was especially nice to us today :D probably cos he realised that we were such nice quiet caring guai students compared to zheng yu. XD

May 10, 2007

was talking to yongzheng just now, and then he said that he and adlar saw me the other day!
NO WONDER! i thought i saw someone that looked like adlar but didn't want to call out to him in case he wasnt adlar, and i didnt think he remembered me.
then later i heard someone call me but i didn't see who cos too far away.
then yongzheng told me that it's actually him (adlar) who called out to me haha!
honoured! i didn't think he would remember me cos we never even talked to each other. he probably saw me around wanying and rachel and marilyn and all of them a lot hehes. i mean, we weren't even from the same class. lols
"Did you know that those who appear to be very strong in heart, are real weak and most susceptible?
Did you know that those who spend their time protecting others are the ones that really need someone to protect them?
Did you know that the three most difficult things to say are:I love you, Sorry and help me"
- some email cuixiao set me.
this seems like war.
after that,
"NADINE! WE <3>Only people who deserve your friendship and want your true friendship are real. cheer up cheemo chiobu! We'll always be there,no be BESIDE you!!!just so you know I really want your friendship cause you're all worth it!xD" - ling to shermin
"Bitch, you're overdoing it. Congrats, bitch. :D" - vana to shermin
"you knew it will hurt real knew i will break knew it means losing everyone including knew it will hurt real knew i will break down." - shermin to nadine
______ i really cant believe what you did. you purposey hurt somone so that ____ would forgive you.
if that's the kind of friendship you're offering, i don't think i'm going to want it.
it's like a guy running off with another woman just for money. betraying a relationship for something else. it's the worst thing you could do, it's also the kind of people i can't stand the most.
hold on, i forgot, this is war.
if this are what crescentians are like, then i was really wrong in my impressesion of crescent.
escaping the clutches of the nightmare of a reality, seeking refuge in the comfort of a dreamworld

YAYYYYYY!! lets hope it dosent take too long to release! sekali it releases when im in sarawak/kl in june hols.. i MUST get it on the 1st day.. it’s the least a fan can do! and even if i preorder it (which im definitely gonna do) if it releases when im overseas i still cant go and collect it =.=
was at shermin’s house playing audi with shermin and jasmine (stress ah.. they lvl 14 & 15 i only 10 =.=) and there was this girl playing in our room as well for quite a long time liao, then i suddenly realised that her nick was –LEMONN and i remembered janice telling me sth abt her nickname having to do with lemons, and she REALLY WAS JANICE!!! WOAHHHHHHH. she level 21 leh!! then later vana joined us, so 4 out of the 6 audi-ers in the room were crescent ceeoners! XD
and now my braces hurt like siao!! it’s the POWER CHAINS. the rubber one. aaahhhhh..
EVERYONE WATCH YUAN DIAN OK!!! ch8, 7pm, weeknights! got linyuzhong! walao his acting super pro la!! along with his composing skills. (nth to do with this but still.)
and SPONGEBOB too! weekevenings, 6-6.30, kids central!! XD i took pics of spongebob. post them up another time! :D

(that was yesterday. :D)

May 7, 2007

was listening to bei feng chui guo de xia tian on the mrt, and i nearly started crying lol
i mean it’s definitely not a sad song or anything, but jj’s voice was so.. reassuring.
i mean i think our clique is having a whole lot of problems now, and so am i, obviously, cos im in the clique right?
and i think i’ve said this before a lot of times, but jj’s voice in the song is so. strong, and sweet at the same time.
it’s like someone telling you “don’t worry about anything, i’ll be right beside you and protect you from it all. i’ll take good care of everything, all you have to do is count on me.”
“世界是很复杂的,要靠我近一点” – liang zhi lian ren
well that’s my opinion anyway
and when i heard his voice in the song, i just wanted to hug him and cry my heart out and pour out all my troubles..
(well i’d love to do that anytime haha but anw)
if i have a boyfriend in the future, he will know how to have fun, but will be very very caring at the same time, and will be willing to hear me tell him all the troubles im facing. he will be patient and sincere, and willing to go through everything with me till the end. :)
omg. reminds me of.. sarun. XDXD

May 6, 2007

out of everyone (12 ppl) in my tuition class,
only 4 do graphs and
only TWO do curved ones. (inc. me lah)
SO UNFAIRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh and my piano teacher asked me to find a pop song to play,
so i found CHI BANG <333333333>
Your English Skills:
Grammar: 100%Punctuation: 80%Spelling: 60%Vocabulary: 20%

ahem. and crazy nade got 100% for everything

May 5, 2007

okay i put the white laces back again. =.=
but the shoes are seriously damn YUCKS LAHH!!
the cut and colour is soooo much nicer lor
thinking of getting a cursor for this blog! :D

May 4, 2007

so those who said my shoes looked funny, LOOK AT IT AGAIN!! :D
before school:
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after school (image abit dark. sry!!):
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
closer look at the laces:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
wahaha! bought it at pasar malam! $1.50 only! actually wanted to go jurong point but i onliy had $1.80 with me and i prob wouln't be able to get a pair of laces at $1.80 at jp, they'll prob sell it at $.50 (althogugh they have better quality ones la) so i went pasar malam XD
that's the second thing i bought there! despite spending HOURS there for the past few days looking at the clothes and bags and wondering if there was something wrong with me cos i couldn't find anything that interesting to buy XD (the first thing i bought there was CANDY FLOSS when the pasar malam first opened!! :D)
anyway. im so proud of myself for buying the laces! my shoes look so much NICER :D
and the laces actually would look nicer on black shoes (since the laces are black and silver) so if i see that lovely black shoes again and my mum gets them for me, i'll use the laces for that one!

May 2, 2007

haha it was such a weird feeling.
i was doing my maths revision ws qn 1, and all of a sudden my mind went blank.
and my head started to hurt, and i couldn’t think at all.
then a thought came into my mind: music.
then i tried to shake the thought off but it was still there.
my mind was totally blank except for that one word
and i couldn’t concentrate on my maths. i was reading “Find the equation of the straight line” but i was just staring at the paper, i couldn’t even understand the words.
then i decided to just plug my mp3 in.
and then it started playing, and then i suddenly could do everything!
and jiayi says im really much more hardworking when i listen to music.
then like that i cannot concentrate during exams liao!
i feel like that guy in the SONY advert.
“i’m a soundaholic. all i need is my SONY mp3 earphones in my ears.” haha!
that feeling was really cool, but would be really scary if it happened during the exam..
crescent’s workload is STUPID!
nadine says she asked 3 of her friends when they learnt graphs, and they all said SEC THREE!
i actually RETYPED all of the chapter 4 powerpoint slides notes!
because the notes had a lot of unimportant info that made it very hard to study the notes (there was one whole slide about a poem on digestion, and they didn’t even have any impt info, just “chomp chomp chew chew” and all that like WTHHH), and the font was CRAP. i mean, they were shadowed. and they put all the pictures and weird shapes and i cant really concentrate.
and my version is SO MUCH BETTER. it cuts out all the unimportant parts, and the font is so much better. :) im such a genius mannn *ahemahem*
are my legs so super FAT?!?!?!
FAT! FAT! FAT! FAT! FAT! FAT! FAT! (and no btw im not copying-and-pasting this)
argh! and then i look so not proportionate cos my arms are skinny but my legs are so FAT!
someone save me! i NEED that bloddy cellulite burner!
i should try yoga or something!
I HATE FAT LEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--
haha i told my mum about silvana’s mum once
and how she said she wanted to smuggle vana into ministry of sound
and my mum said
“…. is she educated?”
and i told her vana’s mum’s job and everything and my mum was like “oh” and didn’t talk for the rest of the day XDXDXD
maybe she thought i was hinting to her that i wanted her to smuggle me into a pub as well?
but vana’s mum is still damn cool la :D
mayday was GREAT.
i didn’t go anywhere, but i could wake up whenever i wanted, i could spend the wholeeeeee 24 hours lazing around at home, i didn’t have to rush to do anything, i didn’t have to attend piano/badminton/tuition lessons, aiya anyway what im trying to say is that i had the whole day to myself. which rocks :D and because of this im thinking about quitting either badminton or tuition or piano so i’d have a lot more time to myself. but i don’t think i will be quitting anything soon though :( so i guess i’ll just have to look forward to holidays to really have a full 24hrs rest lor..