Dec 31, 2008



On an okay-hair day (they don't come often btw):
Side fringe


On a bad hair day (nearly everyday):
Side fringe


If I get a side fringe:
1) I get weird centre-partings easily
2) I don't have that long hair at the side anymore cos it's been cut into bangs already

If I get bangs:
1) It'll make my droopy eyelids more obvious
2) I hate droopy eyelids


Janice - bangs
Sumay - bangs
Maddie - side
Jt - side

Jessie: "Haha slope it la. You look better lian than cheena. Makes sense?"

Why do I have so many pictures of Willie?!?!

Combined pract at Nan Hua was funnnn (:

After that I went to Clementi Sports Hall to bathe, then went to The Cathay to meet the CG!
Jan just came from school too, she had Band. Mad was late plus she didn't know how to go there so Willie went to Plaza Sing just to fetch her!

I had to bring my bamboo poles there cos of dance >.<
OH AND YAY JT GAVE ME THE XMAS PRESENT! It's a laminated photocopy of the poster JJ autographed to us :D
We ate dinner first, Julia said my fried rice looked dry. It was. $6.20 somemore! D:

THE PLACE LOOKS DAMN COOL! (Yah lah I haven't been to Cathay before)
(Mad's sexy hand) LOL
We were 4 mins late, when we went in (all 16 of us. We had trouble squeezing into the lift) the show had already started >.<

YES MAN WAS FUNNY HAHAHAHA. The part where Carl tries to get the guy not to jump v cute! "I GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS!" "*o_o*"

Willie hid behind the wall and scared random friends after the movie, including Jt (and me, I was behind Jt. I think I got a bigger shock than her though)

I didn't plan on taking a picture of him but then he said "Eh! Stop taking photos of me leh" so I did HEH :P

After the movie they were all making fun of it lah. "Go into the male toilet!" "Yeah mann!" Then the guys were laughing so loudly in the toilet that we all could hear them from the outside HAHA.

Then Willie took my bamboo pole and started playing around with it. It matched his red shirt -.-

Thennn I had to leave right after the movie, the rest went to the circular place with cool cute lights to bo liao (and disturb the poor couples there. Yeahhh I bet you guys did)

Oh yeah, and last Sunday:
Jt and I went to Jan's house to *BEEP* (Will only announce when I can)
Just so happened that the CG was there too! So we let them hear the tunes lor, since they wrote the lyrics for the songs too.
And the guys were playing with Jan's tortoises, then later Saunders was throwing his phone into his bag then Jan was like O.O then he went "What! Just now I threw your tortoise like that also what" HAHAHA

Then everyone kept pillow-fighting until the cushions came out of their covers.

<- O.O
(Look at Jan's wth face hahaha)


Dec 28, 2008

Annie Lim (OB) has changed her name to Lin Hsin Lei Angel.

J4M take note hahaha.
I feel weird calling you Angel/Hsin Lei! Ok lah Angel suits you.
Your Chinese posts freak me out. HAHA. And somemore they're in fan ti zi!

Karen feels blessed

Baby just played Bella's Lullaby to me on the piano over the phone. He found the song yesterday.

Baby's present to me. It's an ORIGINAL bearbrick k! (Not like the fake ones I got J4M :P)
Anddddd it's a COUPLE bearbrick! Mine was all red and his was all blue, but we exchanged torsos. XD Yeah. Even the head is detachable!

Baby, this is going to be such a spoiler (but it doesn't matter cos I know what you're gonna be doing for Vday too :D) but I want to get you this when I have the money (i.e. when I get m miserably tiny allowance of $6 per school day again, and when I return my dad $100, and Jt $67, do I owe anyone else money? OH NO JT DO I STILL OWE YOU FOR JESSIE'S TOPSHOP UNDIES?):
I know you'll say it's gay. BUT IT'S CUTE OK! :D

Just realise how much I've abandoned my Lj. Updated with a crappy post (:  

Yingyan is hilarious.

Dec 27, 2008

Today's addiction: Facebook

Something Nicholas said on my Wall. Well Peter said talked about it too, once, and it did make me think too, but I forgot to post about it.

Why does love have to be so restricted?
I'm not just talking about "He can't be my boyfriend, he's younger/shorter than me". Well those count too, but it isn't really shunned by most people or something, although most people would still make fun of you. But I'm talking about stuff like.. between cousins, or people of the same gender. I mean, it turns people off and everything. So I guess not many people would really fully understand what I'm trying to say.
But isn't love all the same?     
To those who are in a strong, "normal" relationship now, imagine: if that person happened to be of the same gender as you, or blood-related to you in some way? And you happened to like that person, just like how you like him/her in real life now? Would you get together with him/her? And if you wouldn't, imagine, you wouldn't be experiencing this bliss, the magic of this love you're experiencing now. Love's all the same!

Okay, the people who are going to argue back will be Christians and I know it's biblically wrong, so people who want to argue back, your arguments'd better not be religiously based in any way. Oh and I don't want to see any "it's plain weird!" arguments because that's precisely what I'm arguing against. Something is "weird" when it's not something you would usually see, like a man with six fingers on a hand, or cannibals. 
But why should any type of love be discriminated? It's love! Is love a bad thing? Love is all the same, the feeling of love's all the same, no matter who you're loving. 




Dec 26, 2008

Happy 2008th birthday Lord!

Erm this may seem like a stupid question but I don't know why so I shall ask this:
Erm, how do we know for sure that 25th Dec is the day Jesus was born?
I mean there's no specific date stated on the Bible right. PLUS even if there was, it wouldn't be according to the modern Western calender? :/

Anw, in KL now!

Yesterday 24/12: Christmas celebration at City Harvest: OPERATION SAVE THE WORLD!

Jt treated j4m to JOLLY JJ :D Jt and I went to Janice's house (Mad was too late so she just went straight to City Harvest) to eat it. THE CAKE DAMN NICE! But we all got pretty sick of it after a while because the cake was really big for 4 people x.x
Jolly JJ
Jt's and my present to Jan! NICE RIGHT THE TEE

So then we went to City harvest (at Expo). WAH DAMN A LOT OF PEOPLE! Apparently there were about 10 000? LAST TIME during Asia Conference there were apparently 24,000?!? And the capacity of City harvest at Expo is only aroud 8,000 -.-
Damn crowded

Met Xiao Xuan, Jamie, Jason, made new acquaintences: Julia, who dresses a lot like how Annie (OB) would haha, LOVE her cap and "belt", she's 17 and apparently her math is just about as bad as mine XD, and Willie, who BOO!ed me twice and tried to beatbox to Jt and Janice hahaha.

Service was quite fun! Although I sort of prefer Emerge and stuff? The drama was funny. XD Xueling laoshi was acting as some princess hahaha. Her figure 36-24-36 leh! HAHA >.<>

Then there was Candlelight Service!
My candle kept blowing out so I had to keep relighting mine, then I prayed that the candle wouldn't go out again, and it didn't! :D It kept flickering, and at times it looked like it was nearly going to go out, but it never did, amazingly. And there were also times where the flame was very strong.

And I realise it sort of reflects my faith in Christ. It was pretty dead before, I kept trying to "ignite the flame" but it just kept going out. And now, slowly, the flame is getting stronger; there are times when my faith is so weak it seems like it's hardly there, and there are times (mostly in church) where my faith is stronger and I want to praise and thank Him loudly, but one thing's for sure; my flame of love for God is always there, whether it's weak or strong, it isn't dying out like it used to anymore.

My dad made me leave after that :( Hugged Mad and Jan and Jt, then walked with Jason out to meet my dad. Lalala.

So now I'm in KL.


Jan Jt and I walked around confusedly for a very long time before we came to 8A Ann Siang Road. It's near Maxwell Food Centre, which is near OB, so next time we can go there after OB to hang out HAHAHA! WHOO!
Then Maddie couldn't find her way so Jt and I went to fetch her from Maxwell -.-

First 50 to reach would get a free poster! Jan, Jt, Mad and I were 7-10. WHOOOO!
Sang Christian songs haha, and tried to learn the one Jt composed (that some other guy in the cell group wrote the lyrics for. VERY NICE K!) Got quite bored waiting. THE ALLEYS LOOK DAMN COOL!!!! The walls are all very plain and some of the walls have cute colours like peach, light green etc. Must go there to camwhore sometime!

THEN WE BOUGHT THE TEES OH YAY! We all got the ones with the ring outside. (Will take pics another time!) Jan and Jt got men's cut, Mad and I got female. Mad and Jan and I bought white, Jt bought black. I wish I could keep the VERY NICE coupon but if I kept it I'd have to pay $70 instead of $50 -.- EH! AHH I DIDN'T TAKE A PIC OF THE COUPON!!! *wails*

Then we wrote messages on this board. We wrote our messages together and put a crazy border aroud it and wrote J4M all over the place in hope that he'd still remember us HAHA. Then we sat down for the VIDEO CONFERENCE!!

JJ was SUPPOSED to be overseas, and he said that if we came for the conference he'd give us a great surprise we wouldn't want to miss. When he came on we all screamed hahaha. HE DAMN CUTE K! He sang Jingle Bells softly for us. And he kept chuckling to himself in this DAMN CUTE WAY I've never heard him laugh before. And his laughter was damn funny (I wish I'd recorded it), so everytime he laughed we'd laugh after that, and then he'd laugh again, then we'd laugh again. XD And he kept having difficulty hearing us. Someone asked JJ if the inspiration for the very weird Smudge logo was from the shape of his nose, then he kept asking "What? Huh? ...*cups hand over ear and leans towards screen* HUH?" And then he finally heard it and pointed at his nose and gave this amused expression and went "My NOSE?!" And then he kept pointing at and squeezing his nose. HAHAHA HE'S THE CUTEST LAH

So after a while he said "So, are you ready for the surprise?" Then he held the webcam and started walking and walking and walking and at first I thought he was at his house and he was taking us to his bedroom or something, but then HE APPEARED AT THE DOOR!!!

Wah lao he always like that surprise us one lor. During the 2-1-07 JJFC gathering he used Joanne's phone and called Carol's (right?) phone and she put it on loudspeaker and he was like, "I'm cominggggg" then he appeared. XD

Anw, HE DAMN SWEET K! He was supposed to be in Malaysia, and he was flying off to U.S. tomorrow, so he decided to fly down to visit us first, AWWWWW!
So we were all screaming mad. AND Jt Jan Mad and I were at the first row NGYAHAHA! So he talked a bit. He made us sing You Ni Xuan Ze for him. XD

And then someone passed him this bun thing then he bit into it then he was like "Eh?" HAHA it was the Action City kind of toy bun. HE AH!!! XD So he said he'd throw it and he'd autograph a poster and give it to whoever caught it. Threw a number of times.
He was trying to be funny and he faced the wall and while facing the wall, he threw the bun from under his legs HAHAHA he looked like a dog trying to pee HAHAHA managed to catch a blur picture of it XD

So as she stood up she said "Jt" then JJ said "Jt" then someone asked JJ if he knew her, then he said (in Chinese),
"Yeah I know her, she can sing well, she's got a lot of talent!"

So Jt made him write "To: J4m" haha, he made her bend over a little, then he lay the poster on her back so that he could autograph the poster. HAHA!

Went totally high. He had to leave too soon ):

Then some cameraman guy was recording videos of people saying stuff to JJ, so J4M recorded one :D We sang Sarang Heyo in our J4M way haha. After we finished singing that JJFC Radio guy was staring at us in that O.O expression HAHA! Hope JJ sees the vid (: (And I hope I didn't go off-key as the harmony. AGAIN)

Then that JJFC Radio guy wanted to record us singing so we sang Qi Dai Ai, IT WAS SO MEGA SCREWED OMG! Saddddded, I hope he suddenly loses the recording or something then we record again HAHA.
(If he posts it up, JJFC, please DON'T listen to us singing on the radio HAHA)

Then we went to URA Building to camwhore, then went to OB to kachiau Wewe. (: