Feb 27, 2007

haha found something damn funny abt my dad and bro.
when they sense that im angry/pissed, my dad will stop talking to anger me any further (HAHA) and wait for me to cool down abit before trying to cheer me up abit, by talking in a more cheerful tone and not asking about school or exams or work. XP
and my bro will stop irritating me and 让给我-ing a little more, eg. "ok lah let you watch your MTV", "you want to sit in front?" (front seat of the car, we always fight for the seat cos the one who sits in front gets to control the music XD), "you want the fan on?" (to 'cool me down' maybe? HAHA) and stuff like that la. a cute characteristic (do you call it that? whatever la) i discovered. haha. so thoughtful.. so now i shall get angry more often la XDXD
IN LOVE WITH BEI FENG CHUI GUO DE XIA TIAN!! thanks jessie (ang)!! nadine ah, better faster get well and come to sch and help me do the photobucket thing! I WANT TO SET IT AS MY BLOG SONG!!! :DDDDDDD
oh. and im SO SORRY JESSIE (ang).. i troubled u so much to send me the song cos i thought i didnt have it, then i just realised that i have it cos it was in the cd LING TING SHI JIE...really sry :P
oh, and THANK YOU YEESHAN AND JOVINA and everyone else who hugged on my hugboard!!!!! I FEEL LOVED :D:D:D
ohya. right now im also in love with LING TING SHI JIE and FA XIAN AI :D haha! but i still want bei feng chui guo de xia tian as my blog song. must listen to jj.. (haha only a few ppl will understand wat i mean by that)

Feb 25, 2007

now i know why orchard road is the longest road in sg. XD
CHINGAY 2007 wasnt as bad as i expected :D
although shermin's choker dropped (oops.. i helped her tie it XD) and amelia's skirt nearly dropped and the camera was filming SOMEONE who was looking super blur cos she totally forot her moves and the camera didn't film shermin at the last part. aiyah wasted!
they v terrible leh, cut off our dance halfway for stupid ADVERTS which noone watches anwyay.
our dance so much more worth wathcing!
and u noe wat's so terrible?! the dance is called GOD OF WEALTH AND THE 8 IMMORTALS (cai shen ba xian). and the god of wealths from china and all they did was to stand on the float and wave at ppl, and all the 8 immortals from china did were to sit on seats (and make it look like they were carrying each other. tsktsk! they really noe how to trick ppl ah) and wave at ppl. and there were cool gao qiao (stilts) walkers too, and they had to carry very heavy stuff so i pei fu them. and we also had to dance until so xing ku, not like the cai shens and ba xians, and what do we poor ppl get in return?! our name isnt even included in the title lor! wah lau. but at least they got announce our sch name lah. wait. is that a gd thing!? XD
and my poor toes are practically DROPPING OFF. like, the shoes were so tight they totally cut off blood circulation to them lor. XD
and we had to dance and parade in the small shoes 4 TIMES continuously leh!! ouch!! :(
oh, OUR PIC IS ON THE CHINGAY WEBSITE!! only have 2 pics for our item. and one of them GOT ME!!! haha
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
see? that's shermin nade joan amelia (with the balloons) and I in the first pic!! ;D
oh and is that amelia in the 2nd pic? the gal in the middle. blue fan. hmm

Feb 23, 2007

12 OVER 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND I FAILED!!!!!!!!
she says i wrote "out of point". whoops.
BUT I FAILED MY BEST SUBJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chingay preview TONIGHT!
and my chingay costume top is apparently either in cca room 6 or mpr.
HOW TO FIND!?!?!?!?!?!?!
wish crescent dance good luck everyone!!!!! :D

Feb 21, 2007

I couldn’t be bothered with my schoolwork. And jiayi said “next time you go sell postcards on the streets then you know ah!!”
What is the most important thing in life?
Jiayi and Nadine: SUCCESS. *erm*
Yimei: OXYGEN. *hahahaha*
umm.. for me, the most important thing in life is happiness. :)
why are we studying so hard?
so that we’ll have a good life in the future.
what if your life ends before you get to enjoy life? Life is fragile – you never know what can happen..
that Malaysian girl who died when the o level results were released, that guy who died on his birthday… who knows what could happen? Lols..
And you won’t necessarily live a sad life selling postcards on the streets right?
What is success?
Being a lawyer but didn’t enjoy your job, a hawker but loving it – which is more successful to you?
Is money/ material wants that important to be happy?
For me, I don’t mind being poor as long as I have enough money to buy my jj stuff. HAHA. Anyway im already poor lor. Had to quit ballet classes a year after starting cos no money. LOL.
Well anyway. I think we should study hard for exams (BOO) and stuff so that we will be able to get a good future (yes jiayi, I really said that), but a the same time we should have fun and not like get too stressed up all the time, treasure every day, make the best out of every moment, cos you’ll never know what will happen to you… not necessarily die lah, I mean… getting paralysed? Heart attack or cancer (when we’re older lah)?
Oh yah. And also must treasure every moment you have with your friends and family..
Quote from jj’s old blog: “after all, life is a gift from God… you better treasure it”
Ohman. Why am I being so super CHEEM?! This is so unlike me! The only cheem thing I talk about is GLOBAL WARMING. (what? It’s really getting serious ok! Nadine ah! Leave on the com 24/7 cos it’s troublesome to start up. No wonder got global warming ah!) oh. Next time I will write a post abt global warming (AGAIN) :D
Ohgosh. 2 long long posts in 1 day. Is that a good thing? LOL.
I have no future.
My memory is getting worse and worse.
I have lost all motivation to study.
At least when people like Nadine/jiayi can say “oh shit why I get so low I must study harder”
But I dunno why I just couldn’t care less.
Maybe cos I heard the word “tests” so many times le until I couldn’t bother about them
Which isn’t a good thing you know. haha.
Im not even trying to improve.
Im worrying so much but im still not doing anything about it. Lol.
What if I don’t get to do the subject combinations I want in sec 3?
What if I don’t get to take LIT?! *gasp* no lah they prob wont be so mean lah.
What if the subject combination affects what I do in the future?
What if the job I do in the future isn’t what I wanted?
Hmm. What do I want to do in the furure?
What do I like to do? …. i like writing, dancing, singing???
Writing… can be journalist? But my standard of english is dropping a lot. I used to be very gd in pri sch.. but that was only cos everyone there spoke more Chinese than english. So it’s unfair to compare with them lah. But now in crescent.. compare my english with nade/jiayi/a lot of other people’s… my standard of english is really dropping lah. I have to work harder on my english now lor. But how? I cant seem to remember all the nice phrases. All I can rmb are those “chestnut brown hair caressed her shoulders” and “the morning rays of the something sun spilled/ filtered in through the curtains/ windows??!?!?!?!” rubbish that everyone uses. Stupid jiayi once came up with a phrase she used as her msn nick: “looking at me through accusing eyes, trying to judge my words”. Lol. People like her are aking me feel even stupider man.
Dancing.. can be a background dancer?! But my dancing isn’t background dancer standard. And it will never be lor. Look at Nadine/ Amelia. Wah lau. And my dance moves normally look very weird and I dance it properly only after it’s been corrected again and again by seniors. Sigh. I guess gotta cross that out lor…
Singing.. backup singer?!??! Nah my singing is definitely not backup singer standard. Haha. My 2nd choir teacher bloddy ms loh hated my cos my singing was so terrible. Lol. And mr liew prob kept me in only cos he knows my mum and me form long time ago lah. Sigh. If only I could sing as well as jt.. THEN WE COULD FORM A GROUP! Haha. Ohwell.
So what should I do??!
Or at least co-worker lah.
But what does a co-worker actually do?! LOL.

Feb 19, 2007

AND IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i shall go and make my blog song bei feng chui guo de xia tian now
hope radioblog has it man

Feb 17, 2007

I saw a $100 note today!!
It looks so cool
And I actually got to TOUCH it!!!!!!

wah so many pple tagged at my blog!
nadine janeen daoxin janice sumay and someone called buan
she thought i was her classmate when she came across my blog hahaha
does your fren like jj too? hehee! add me on msn k! yunyi_karen@hotmail.com :)
it's 10.32. happy early chinese new year everyone!! :D
and i will treat everyone to drinks if i get over $300
haha i can safely say that cos i noe i wont get over $250 de. sighhh. hahaha
omg tomorrow will have to go grandmother's place... snore.. i confirm bored to death de.. maybe will start sms chatting.. omg MY PHONE BILLS AHHH sigh
just now on channel u there was the cny thing, yi neng jing was singing YI QIAN BIAN WO AI NI! super super super super nice. jj wrote that song! and it's one of the best man. super duper nice, esp together with yi neng jing's sweet voice. :D in love with the song!

Feb 16, 2007

Half day! And cny celebration!! :D:D:D
Actually wanted to take neos with nade and vana but nade suddenly didn’t wanna go so didn’t go in the end lol ohwell
Reached jurong west so early but waited for teressa so was quite late in the end compared to others hahaha
And I MISS RACHEL AND TERESSA SO SO SO MUCH! :D so happy got to see them today :D
And later Rachel and I went to take neos at jurong east and we just happened to see MARILYN AND WANYING AND JOEY AND JOEL AND SUENG AND MANDY! So we took neos with them. And I took with Rachel another time also ahaha.
So happy!
But my mum is prob super mad at me for coming home so late. Im prob grounded till june hols or something.
Ohwell it was worth it :D
I’ll scan the neoprints another time!
Oh and the dance performance was GREAT!!!!!!!!!! :D

Feb 15, 2007

This post is for lim shermin aka LS (lao sai) (I DIDN’T MAKE THAT UP! SHE DID!!!)
Dear Lao Sai XD,
It’s not that we hate you ok.they
We all still love you – Nadine and I are your mistresses ok. XD
We all don’t hate you.
It’s just that a clique, is a close group that dosent really welcome anyone else in.
I know it’s very hard to fit into another “clique” once you fall out of one, because all the other cliques will be already very close and might not welcome you very much.. but that dosent mean they don’t like you lah.
Ok I’ll be frank with you – we all don’t mind you as a friend, but we don’t really want you in our clique.
Like last time when Amelia came into our clique, there were so many problems and the whole clique became super not close, and it was super depressing.

But it’s not that we don’t like Amelia… it’s just… aiyah dunno how to say lah.
Just that if you are in our clique… well… yah.
But we really hope this wont affect our friendship ok? :)
It’s really not that we like you. If anyone else tried to come into our clique this would be the same reaction they will get, ok? :)
And well, if you somehow find that you always keep falling out of friendship, then.. there must be something wrong right? I mean, there might be something in your behaviour or character that others might not like… just try to reflect on how you behave in front of other pple and try to find points that are not very likeable… :)

Feb 14, 2007

Cross country SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ohman. I wasn’t even in the top 50! Out of 100! Aaah.
And I dunno why but sometimes when I do some small exercise that isn’t supposed to be tiring, I suddenly feel like fainting and I will turn very pale.. it’s happened before twice, during badminton heh… and I dunno why but it happened to me on that day also, I was running the first 100m then I started feeling dizzy and Hannah went “eh Karen you look veh pale lehhh” and ran off =.= ohwell of all days it had to happen DURING CROSS COUNTRY DAY lol
And near the last part I was wheezing and I think Mr M thought I was crying?! Lol
And I drank 4 cups of milo! <3333333333333333 milo
Thank you vana yimei yen ler lynn for the v day presents!
How do i make her understand that she just dosent belong?

Feb 11, 2007

Chingay rehearsal was SUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Totally screwed it man.
So many ppl dropped their fans. and when everyone was in the circle, the ppl in the inner circle were running THE WRONG WAY lol. so they all couldn’t get to their places. diaoz.
And I got slight dirrohea today.. prob cos of the bloddy apple lor. Someone said it smelled of vomit. oops.
And yesterday all the lights suddenly went out in the studio. hahaha.
And when we arrived back in school all the lights were off and it was so creepy and I took someone else’s shoes by mistake. And I tripped over a lot of stuff hehe. And we all started screaming for no apparent reason. hahaha.
and I CANT BELIEVE HOW BADLY WE DID FOR THE DANCE!! Someone even said she heard someone say “what are you guys doing?!” omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was just so messy. Prob cos everyone was nervous. Hope this wont happen on the actual day, if not our reputation will come crashing down man.

Oh, and the stupid hosts (quan yifeng, gurmit, bryan wong and someone else) said we were KIDS AGED 3 TO 5. LOL. It’s 14 to 16 lor. Well at least if ppl actually believed it then they wouldn’t blame us for doing the dance so terribly lol XD

Feb 7, 2007

I love my clique/group of friends (whichever phrase/word you prefer to call it)!!!!! The best friends ever. Yimei dou Nadine vana ling me! :D happy clique!
Still remember when times were not as “happy” as they are now… sometime last year.. if I look back at my previous blog posts I’ll be able to tell which month it is but heck, im too lazy. XD
When someone else was in the clique.. (to that person, you prob know who u are: im not blaming you for anything, we all still love you like mad k? :D) and groups of friends do not turn out well when they’re in odd numbers (except maybe if it’s in threes). And our clique started to crumble, vana and nade were feeling left out and ling couldn’t stand sitting near us when she was there cos that time they had sort of an argument, and I really didn’t noe what to do to make everything better. I cant stand friendship probs. They’re a waste of time, effort and emotions (as I said a long time ago) and like, you’re wasting so much time and effort over something that isn’t even related to schoolwork. Like, what’s the point? You wont get marks or money for solving a friendship problem right? Haha. And I also cant stand seeing my closest friends getting upset and everything because of me/one person. And I also cant stand losing precious friends. I remember I was so scared that I would lose nade when she told me she was feeling damn left out and was considering leaving our clique.. I was so super scared lol.. I remember during that period of time I cried like shit all the time cos I didn’t noe what to do. I cant imagine pple having these kind of friendship probs all the time. Friends are people you should be happy with, not fight with all the time. Lol.
So happy that our clique is super bonded! :D
Gosh, super long post, I actually wanted to post this up together with the one below (the one abt weiqiang and Wilson and truth or dare) but I decided to shorten the post a little by putting it separately so that it wont look so boring to read. XD
Saw wei qiang and Wilson on the way home today! Haha. And I was standing behind them at the traffic light junction thingy at boon lay mrt then I saw Wilson look back at me, then he said something to wei qiang then wei qiang looked back and went “是 meh?!” and Wilson went “是 lahh!!!” hahaha.
And Wilson seriously looks the teeeeeeeeniest bit like xiao liyuan. Hair also nearly the same, same bo liao look, smile also quite cute like him, eyes also very small. :P but liyuan is like infinity times cuter than stupid Wilson lah. Haha. Oh and Im almost 100% certain that I saw wei qiang at one of the blocks very near my house lol means he prob live quite close to me… which is also quite probable anyway lah.
Suddenly feel like playing Truth or Dare. Lol. I’ve thought of quite a number of very very terrible dares le wahahaha. Actually the truths aren’t fun- it’s only fun when people do the dares. That is, unless you’re that person lah. Hahaha. I once dared sarah (or sumay? Cant remember.) during the annual NUS choir pple’s christmas party gathering to tie her hair into two plaits like a Nan Hua girl and walk around the whole place, and it was super malu-ing cos there were A LOT of adults there. I don’t think sarah (or sumay) took up the dare in the end hahaha.
I'VE HIT 500 HUGS!!!!!!

Feb 6, 2007

BOUGHT TANK’S CD on saturday!!!!!!!!!!
FIGHTING!!!!! (his first album)
DU CHANG QING GE (feat Selina)

Feb 2, 2007

Hahaha yesterday we were going to tanglin mall for lunch before dance, then _______ stopped us and asked us where we were going and everything, and in the end he didn’t let us go (obviously lah), and the whole time we were super quiet and just staring at him like as if he owed us money hahaha, and I think he felt a little awkward cos he expected us to be like “aiyah come on lahh we hungry already lah” like what most crescentians would do hahah
And we started coming up with things we could do to make him feel awkward/allow us to go:
1. the 6 of us stand in a circle around him and start dancing ketchup dance.
2. just stand there and continue to stare at him, and when he asks us to go back to our class, just continue standing there
3. just stand there and continue to stare at him, and when he asks us to go back to our class, say “huh? But we just came from there…”
4. start crying
5. ask joan to go “huh?” at the end of every sentence
6. ask someone to whisper to someone else, “eh? I thought I saw someone that looked like him at the pub at geylang leh… with some gal that looked about 17.. is he the same guy?” – also the fastest way to get a demerit. XD
7. ask for his autograph!