Jul 31, 2007

"but you know ah, the longer you make the socks, the more we have to fold leh"
- ong jieying talking to YingMin the head councillor during student forum. she was talking about how the songs were so long and thick and uncomfortable.
feeling: happy!
song: baby baby / jj lin
just listened to a radio recording of jj zi-tan-zi-chang -ing Bu Liu Lei De Ji Chang (my 2nd blog song on this blog). it was.. amazingly beautiful. he put in so much feeling into it, the feeling was really coming from deep inside him. he sang the first sentence, and i already felt like crying.
jj's the best! :)
wahaha, made a new friend today! she’s the girl i see often in the mornings cos our dads park their cars in the same carpark, but we never spoke to each other, and today we were waiting for the same bus (193) and she asked me if i was from JWPS O_o!!! she’s my JWPS and CGS senior! (yingyan take note!) She’s from 4c1 but i duno her name. next time i see her i must ask which class she was form in p6! (prob 6a lah) and if she was taught by mrs foo/ mdm beena. hehe.
our dance juniors sold food in the canteen today! i bought $2.40 worth of stuff, the 40cts cookies ROCKED.

Jul 30, 2007

Feeling: deep in thought :D
Song: Si Kao/ Stella Huang
some 8 days articles really get me thinking a lot sometimes.
the latest 8 days issue, the one with jessica liu and the logo tattoos as the cover, has something about celebs going crazy, smashing reporters and all that. yeah, including britney. duh. haha.
actually, i really pity her. it’s quite obvious that the reason she’s “mentally unsound” now is because of reporters “invading” her life. every celeb goes through that. jj once said in army they bathed together, but he didn’t mind since everyone had to go through it too, and reporters said “he once bathed with others, and what’s more the people he bathed with were not female.” so like implying he’s gay lah.
and i guess britney couldn’t cope with all that, so she went to the “extreme” lor. actually i’d have done the same if i were her. i hate paparazzi. they anyhow make up stories that people are so stupid to believe, all for money.

another article, “faked in china” (pg 26). The article was about the people in china putting stuff into their food to make it sell better, causing illnesses and blah. it said that “No one complained about the $25 ‘Prada bags’, the $40 ‘iPods’, or the $1 copies of The Departed on sale in push-carts.. People only protest when babies start turning blue.”
people only care about whether the stuff you eat is fake or not. how about stuff like music? i know a lot of people who buy pirated CDs to save money. when you do these, you’re not giving the artiste recognition for all the hard work he put into making just one good song (let alone an album), you’re not respecting the singer. ok, i know i occasionally ask my friends to send me songs like Wang Zi and Re Dai Yu Lin as well, so i’m at fault too, but at least i try not to burn whole CDs lah. and i NEVER ever will buy a pirated CD.
it’s like, what if you stayed up till 3am to finish a maths problem, and the next day at school you see your answers photocopied and distributed to the whole class? how would you feel? or if you just composed damn nice lyrics to a song and feel so proud of it, and someone steals it and takes it as her own? it’s copyrighted, you’re not giving the person the respect he/she deserves.
some ppl will say i’m this stuff i think about so deeply is useless and i should apply these skills to science homework, but really, this is terrible stuff that happens everyday but noone takes notice of.
this lyrics really describe how i feel about jj..
我的呼吸 我的叹息
我的话 都为你说
我的努力 我的放弃
我每步 都为你走
一直 为你 为你 守候着它

我所有的 我没有的
我一切都 是你的
我得到的 我失去的
我拥有 都是你的
我给的爱 已超乎
- "星球" - jj.

Jul 29, 2007

i took a picture with jj at Kiehl’s!

ok it would’ve looked more realistic if the picture was slightly smaller and if he wasn’t so pale (the lighting of the picture lah). but still! notice that my hand is around him. haha.
and yes, there were people staring at me. but WHO CARES!? i still got to take a picture with “jj”! haha.
i went there (heeren) to change my mum’s particulars on the form to mine. and there was this skeleton there, and jj’s signature was on it!!!!!
it said “live e love, love e life!” hahaha. i really wanted to kiss the signature but uh, my parents and aunt and uncle were there.
speechday was fun! and the cheers were loud. yay!

and to ceeone dancers: since you guys have talked about it so much on my blog, there’s no way i can pon dance anymore right? and amelia will OBVIOUSLYYY tell the seniors that i ponn-ed it. anyway ppl, i’ve already told shiqi about it and she told me she’ll see about that first. OK? and if you guys haven’t noticed i’m willing to do anything to see jj, including get suspended from school or whatever. and what’s more this time i’m one of 30 people who will get his autographed ticket personally. so yes, i’m definitely going. no matter what.

Jul 27, 2007

you know how jj collaborated with kiehl's (this face product shop thing) for charity?
i really really really hope there's no dance.
i guess this will make up for the fact that i'm not attending the WCG on 5 aug ehh!
(jj's the guest star lah, u think i wanna go and see ppl play online games ah XD)

Jul 26, 2007

To whoever threw the pink "friendship" fish in the bin.
Hell, you're stupid. It's gonna take a lot more than that to ruin our friendship.

Jul 25, 2007

JJ BROKE THE GUINESS RECORDS for signing 3027 albums in 1.5 hours!! the prev record was 2800++ in 8 hours. LMAO.

AND HIS ALBUM SOLD 1.6 MILLION COPIES!!!!!!!!! walao, jt’s damn rich! 1/100 X 1 600 000 = SIXTEEN THOUSAND!!! must treatme to a drink ok! HAHAHA

and yesterday jj was on YU LE BAI FEN BAI!! beatboxing damn damn damn gd!!! his beatboxing improves everytime he shows it off. fast learner man!!

AND HE WAS ON CHANNEL 49! some horoscope thingy. he and ke you lun. HILARIOUS MAN!! and in one part, they were supposed to choose 1 out of 7 words, and i happened to choose the same word as him (秋)!!! and they also said his horoscope (aries) de guys are best at comforting girls. and jj showed an example by singing da nan ren xiao nu hai, and i realised that the lyrics really are perfect for comforting girls when they’re upset with their boyfriends! XD jj pro at writing lyrics la!!
and during the show, he laughed a lot and WAS SMILING THE WHOLE TIME... WHOOOOPEEEEE! and he looked DAMN DAMN CUTE!
my jj’s the best! YEAHHH
look shermin, to be critisized by your friens about your idols is part of fanactism. remember you and amelia and nadine screaming that jj was gay/ couldn't dance/ couldn't sing/ looked like shit/ couldn't act/ couldn't write songs/ sucked in general, and i was stupid to like someone like him? i put up with it although i wasn't happy. and now, just because we're saying that fahrenheit looks better than they can sing (we said fahrenheit not jiro), you become so pissed. hey, we're still complimenting that jiro looks shuai ok. who in crescent has ever said that jj was shuai? i mean looks don't matter to me but i know they matter to you. and you also know that jiro looks better than he can sing. he can sing, but there's a difference between pitching and singing well.
anyway, who said being a fan was all good? we've all been through this critisism. it's part of becoming a fan. and btw, who says we all hate them? remember those who crowded around you and gazed at your posters while you rattled on about how much each cost. imagine me trying to do that with jj posters. hah. that'd be the day

Jul 23, 2007

i thought this friendship would work our, i really did.
i guess i was wrong.
somehow you always manage to hurt me in the most painful way possible, with just a word or a sentence. i thought you’d understand, but i guess not. with everyday i spend with you, our friendship grows, yet i feel more and more hurt. a strong force is making me stick to you like glue, yet another is pulling me apart from you. it’s fun to be with you, but it hurts more like anything too.
i need the perfect friend.
it’s not like i’ve never met her before. i know who the perfect friends are, thus making this even more tortourous. grr. i need another life.
see? even uni grads can't get a job. what's the point anyway? i should __________ lor, since i probably won't even make it to uni. if you can't rely on your brain, you have to rely on ability/talent.
i wish i had either.

Jul 22, 2007

i think yiying must have been super bored on saturday morning, when i spent 4 hours on the com out of boredom, and she spent 4 hours reading my chinese mags and 发呆-ing.
went to jurong entertainment centre’s kopitiam for lunch. and yiying asked me if my mp3 only contained JJ’s songs! haha. AND APPARENTLY, SHE AND HER OTHER EXCHANGE PROGS WENT FOR THE DANCE FANTASIA PREVIEW ON THURS. :X
then we went to bugis! yiying saw 3 of her other china exchange prog. friends! one of them was super cute (her personality). she looks like jt!
then yiying and her friends made name keychains at gift-a-name. and later when yiying showed hers to me, it said “Kay”, and i was like, did she make it for me? howcome she knows my nickname?!?!? and she probably thought i was wondering why she made a keychain with the name Kay, so she said “Kay 是我的英文名” O_O!! HER ENG NICKNAME IS THE SAME AS MY NICKNAME LOL! it's fate! XD
later, yiying, the jt-lookalike and i went to take neoprints! :) screamed a LOT :)

then went to PLAZA SING to watch harry potter (2nd time for me). i’m not sure if yiying understood it because she didn’t watch the 3rd movie. she ate A LOT of popcorn man. XD
THEN WE WENT TO MUEE, THE MOST MEMORABLE EVENT THAT DAY. we saw all these damn cute charms and decided to make similar charm bracelets :) then i heard the cashier say “十四块半” and i thought, ok, $7 for a charm bracelet is quite cheap, and when i handed her $20 she said “uh, 是六十四块半” and i was like O________O and just stared at her in shock. my dad, quite calmly, handed over his NETS card. SIXTY-FOUR BUCKS! WOMG. THIS IS THE FIRST AND LAST TIME I’M BUYING SOMETHING FROM MUEE, despite the countless number of times i pass by the shop. ok! my ambition is no longer to be those people that lure rich guys into casinos. MY NEW AMBITION IS TO WORK AT MUEE SO I’LL GET DISCOUNTS!! :)
- the bracelets. click it for larger vers :)
we sent her back to the hostel in the morning before badminton. :)
易盈, 我们会想念你的! 希望我们会继续联络哦!

Jul 21, 2007

when the music started playing, i was shivering. unlike the actual SYF on 24/4, this wasn’t in fear – it was in excitement. :)
and it went well! YEAHHHHHH
and i saw jj! and xiuxian saw her super junior! haha, and they were right in the front row and staring at us! oh ya and they were talking to each other as well.. didnt you guys hear 2 guys shouting for us after we finished performing?
yiying says she and her whole china group went to watch the preview on THURSDAY!! thursday’s performance had so many mistakes leh walao
hahaha. yiying’s damn cute!!! and she’s like very slightly taller than me. and one year younger! =.= her name v cute. 易盈 :)
POOR JT.. really hope with medical technology, we will find a way to cure it before you __.. in the meanwhile jacey and i and all your other friends will make sure you make the best use of your life now!! :)

Jul 20, 2007

syf fantasia preview was quite fun :) but i look damn damn stupid in the hairyle and makeup. grr. shuzhen did some pornstar poses in the locker. she looked like a very chio future KTV hostess in weird makeup. =.= aiya, at least she didn’t look like me (a weird freak in equally weird makeup).
the actual thing’s gonna be today. and today yiying is coming! my dad’s school has some exchange program thing with china. haha. she’s only gonna be here from tonight to sunday early morning. haha. yiying and yunyi!
jiu shi wo, hui du shu, chi bang, xing qiu, dong jie, ya li, xing kong xia de wen, nu er jia, rang wo xin dong de ren, hui you na me yi tian, bu dong. di er tian tang, jiang nan, zi dan lie che, dou jiang you tiao, hai pa, tian shi xin, jing ling, xiang xin wu xian, mei ren yu, ju li, endless road. mu nai yi, bian hao 89757, sha shi bi ya de tian fen, tu ran lei le, ming tian, jian jian dan dan, wu jin de si nian, dao, ting bu dong mei guan xi, yi qian nian yi hou. sarang heyo zhi dui ni shuo, cao cao, shu neng sheng qiao, bo jian dai, yuan lai, bu si zhi sheng, ai qing yoghurt, jin hua lun, now that she’s gone, ni yao de bu shi wo, down. sha shou, xi jie, wu liao, ko, da nan ren xiao nu hai, love, fa xian ai, bu liu lei de ji chang, baby baby, zi you bu bian.
就是我,会读书,翅膀, 星球,冻结,压力,星空下的吻,女儿家,让我心动的人, 会有那么一天,不懂。 第二天趟,江南,子弹列车,豆浆油条,害怕,天使心,精灵, 相信无限,美人鱼, 距离,endless road。 木乃伊,编号89757, 莎士比亚的天分, 突然累了, 明天,简简单单,无尽的思念,盗, 听不懂没关系, 一千年以后。 sarang heyo 只对你说, 曹操,熟能生巧,波间带, 原来,不死之身, 爱情yoghurt, 进化论,now that she’s gone, 你要的不是我, down。杀手, 西界,无聊, KO, 大男人小女孩,LOVE, 发现爱, 不流泪的机场, baby baby, 自由不变。
yes, i did this during science. i was that bored。

Don't ask me why I'm putting the date of this post to '07

(Actual date: 20/7/10. It's because I'm bounded by some regulations for some online thing I'm sort of working for. I'll change it back to the actual date once the work period's over)

Okay hey hey 35ths who just got invested.

I was on Facebook and my friend's status "Invest your time in what's eternal and not what's temporary" had quite a deep impact on me. I thought, how true. How true. Dearest fellow Councillors, what are you doing this for? If it's for the glory or the prestige of being in the Students' Council or even wanting to be the best Council ever so that we'll be remembered for our great contributions, I'm pretty sure we'll all burn out really soon. Because that's not what Council's about.

Council isn't about competition or what we gain out of it personally. To me, it isn't even about leaving a legacy as the 35ths so that we'll be remembered. We want each batch of Councillors to outdo the previous batch because we want the best for the school. I genuinely want to do as much as I can to help make the ACJC experience a fantastic one. I want ACJC to change people's lives. That is eternal. And, of course, I ultimately want to give everything back to the God who gave so much to me. I want to spread the joy of serving, loving and having Him - that's life-transforming - eternal. I want to change lives, whether people find Him, love or true friendship and school spirit here.

If we keep working for ourselves - to build up our portfolio or personal experiences - things start to seem really pointless eventually. I've thought about it. I've got a hectic schedule, being in Dance, Editorial and Council (and the Exco); I worked hard in Crescent Dance and performed in some cool events; I did considerably well for the O's; I've got an ELES Scholarship (It's a tiny deal, but it might help me somewhere sometime), and all this, what for? For a CV? To heighten my chances of getting a scholarship for a university overseas, maybe, but what for? To work in print journalism and slog my guts out for an unsatisfactory pay? Or to become an English teacher and deal with uncooperative students and authorities' rigidness? If everything I've been doing so far had been for the wrong reasons - for personal gain - I'd have lost meaning in everything long ago. After all, as Hamlet says, "what is this quintessence of dust?" Our lives may seem big to us, but we are one in 6.7 billion. How big are we? Our lives are temporary. What we leave behind in others' lives, and the lives we bring to God, and God himself, though, are eternal.

Council's going to be a tough journey. There'll be times we feel unwilling to do what we can (or go beyond ourselves to help) because we're too busy with school already; times when everything we've done seems to have gone entirely to waste; times we feel like we need a break; times we're certain we aren't able to take the pressure anymore. At times like these, maybe we could look back at... June camp.

As we hung in there, tears mixing with sweat, we knew everyone else was suffering just as much. Some of us went the extra mile to support someone else physically. During your Council journey, let's each pull our own weight - and more. We aspire to be a body of servant leaders - it's never about ourselves. Council isn't about gaining personal experience as much as it's about serving the school and others, for the love for College and Christ.

I want to give back as much as I've been blessed with. Each skill I've learnt, or experience I've gained, has a greater purpose. It's not about myself or leaving a personal legacy. I want lives to have been changed for the better, to be able to heal and spread love - and spread the word of the greatest Love of all, that which comes from the perfect One, who was none other than the epitome of servant leadership.

That's eternal.

Jul 18, 2007

"hihi.. jt will be back in 20 mins, i am her frn.."
i know it cant compare to jacey’s convo but it’s still 12 WORDS! HAHAHAHA
i'm glad she's found a new world, the world of fandom. before, i was always alone, full of emotions i couldn't handle. i'm now like a "mentor" to shermin the new fan, guiding her. :) shermin, feel lucky you've got me ok! :D
yesterday ling and i went to jurong entertainment ctr to watch HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHEONIX! it’s damn nice! who says it’s not nice!! very creepy at the dark parts also, cos there was nobody sitting in front of us. oh and umbridge sucks. i bet she poses for photos like XIAO Q. haha. a 9000 year old version of xiao q! lunch and stupid shermin told us that we’re not allowed to wear uniforms so we changed into our own clothes, and we looked so freaking retarded. and later when we went into the cinema, HALF THE PEOPLE THERE WERE IN UNIFORM! GAAAH. later after the movie i changed back into my uniform cos i looked so stupid. but ling didn't change :) hehe and later we went to NTUC and i bought 旺仔's 小馒头 for like 60 cents! hehe
width="165" border="0" />
ling, send me the other pictures kk! :D

Jul 17, 2007

“Seriously, get a life.”
- jasmine to shermin.
although it was just a passing remark, i realise that i used to think the exact same thought when i looked at screamy fans worshipping 5566 or Energy.
before i became one of those fans myself.
when i was around 10-12, i listened more to english music like avril/ simple plan/ BEP, but i was never crazy over them or anything. and when i watched chinese singers (whom i detested at that time) on tv, and those thousands of loyal followers screaming and shouting and crying, i’d be like, “get a life, why do you have to get so freaking crazy over guys who don’t even look or sing that good? and you may love them but you know they don’t know you anyway. why get yourself so siao over someone who dosen’t even know you?”
i never thought i’d turn into one of them.. and crazier even!
now i feel so bad for thinking about them that way. and i know that a lot of people are probably thinking the same thing about me right now, why am i devoting my whole life over this guy that isn’t that good-looking or anything?
well, i don’t care about people’s opinion about me becoming a fan because it’s my own business. i know there will be people that are disgusted with the way i behave, i’ve been through that feeling before. i don’t blame anyone of course.
because you’ll never know the feeling till you become a loyal hyper fan yourself.

Jul 15, 2007

there was a new coach today cos coach haden went for NS re-service for 2 weeks. he kept telling me to straighten my arm when i was lobbing and 轻一点 for netting and my backhand lifting strokes were apparently wrong. i think he has a damn bad impression of us hahaha.
coach justin: eh actually my height already not bad ok, i’m local product one you know, average height for local products is about 180.
coach justin: but i’m still growing mah!! *grin* next time you talk to me ah, must talk like this!! *cranes neck and tiptoes*
haha. coach justin growing up to 180, that’ll be the day man.
JJ WAS ON 95.4 MY FM!! he was already on when i turned on the radio. just happened to switch it on and he was on! wahaha.
he said that by changing so drastically, he would have probably lost a lot of fans, and he thanks those that continue to believe in his music. i’d agree that he probably lost fans because if i weren’t so crazy over him i wouldn’t like him anymore either, but a true fan would stay beside him no matter what, because we know that deep down, he’s still the same JJ. :)
and jj was on bai fen bai on friday, DAMN DAMN FUNNY! you know how in the starting of sarang heyo he says “我心里有一句话像对你说。。。。sarang heyo”? he said “我心里有一句话像对你说,罗志祥。。” and when he was supposed to say “sarang heyo” he paused for a very long time before saying “。。没有” HAHAHA SO MEAN!!! damn funny lah he!!
you know how i suggested once for our PBL that we could invent a bra with a hook in front instead of at the back because it’s so hard to reach at the back all the time? well i just realised today that i had a bra like that! except that it’s a small clasp, not a hook. i never knew it was a hook until today! i always thought it was a small plastic extra thing. well, someone thought of the same smart idea as me! GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE :D

Jul 14, 2007

jj was on straits times yesterday, about his sha shou mv..
“.. he wants to shed his boy-next-door image and continue to re-invent himself” – daphne ng (JMs would know her – the asst. manager)
i hope what she said wasn’t entirely true..
i mean, we all know very well that jj wants to re-invent himself (he said “没有成长,就会退步” once), and that he is going towards this “more mature” image, and he’s hardly the “boy-next-door’ anymore, but i seriously seriously REALLY hope he dosent totally get rid of the image. no matter how act cool he wants to become, i really hope he’ll still stay cute. because that boy-next-door image was the thing that attracted me to him. it wasn’t even the tune of dou jiang you tiao that got me addicted; it was the cute voice and his cute cute shy smile. if i had heard sha shou before dou jiang you tiao, i don’t think i would have fallen in love with him, actually.
i dowan. i really hope he still stays that cute bashful playful guy i knew.

also from the newspaper, regarding the mv, this stupid idot said that “JJ is not being true to who he really is. He is just using the video to get more attention for his new album.”
i mean, i’m talking from an unbiased point of view now. of course it’s not the true him! HE ISN’T A PSYCHO KILLER, HELLO?!?! THIS IS A MOVIE! HAVE YOU HEARD OF ACTING?!?!? like, rainie yang acted as a webcam-stripping lesbian, but that dosent mean she is one, right?!! i think everyone reading this would agree. you're acting!! acting means fake lah!! LOL.
this other person said “Whatever he does, as long as he enjoys it and is sincere about giving his fans the best in music, then i think it’s enough for the rest of us.” i agree. :) it’s not much about what he does, but more of his sincerity. :) and yes, if i were him, i’d DEFINITELY LOVE ACTING AS A KILLER!! so cool can! :D :D
dad: eh next time you go to Giant, must hear the girl making the announcements, her english is SO BAD. she’s like..uhh..um..
mum: you’re always like this one you know! wait so long until you fall asleep!!
dad: =.= nevermind.
ok, nah-dee-nee, im beginning to feel a little mean about putting ZH down all the time. i mean, at the end of the day, he’s still just an active music lover. i think he wants to be a singer because he really loves music, and he wants to share his passion with the rest of the world. he has that true passion for music. he wants to tell the world of this amazing love. you know you know? he’s just a guy with big dreams lah, and the meanest thing one can do is to put someone’s dreams down, even if it’s behind his back. and i remember how jj said he used to be damn crap last time, and a lot of his friends said he confirm cant make it one lah, but he improved and now he's so good.. anything can happen.. as long as one continues believing and persevering, he/she can make it one..
ok, i resolve to not make fun of him so badly again!
or try, anyway. O_o" :P

ohya, and recently i saw some vids of the Beatles when they first started out, and OMG THEY LOOK DAMN TOOT but their songs are really nice! especially "twist and shout", “she loves you” and “this boy”, very nice! XD and their faces are damn funny. and looking at paul mccartney when he first started out and comparing his face to his present look, i cant help laughing.. haha..
and ringo star (the drummer) is damn funny! his expression. damn blur and dreamy one, haha.. maybe next time if i’m really free i’ll post up a picture lah! :D
ok la, ppl will be wondering what's wrong with my taste.. i guess i just appreciate all kinds of music ba.. :)
OH, AND EVERYONE MUST MUST REGISTER AT www.sbstransit.com.sg!!!
it's really worth it i tell u. you start out with 15 Transit dollars, everytime you ride it adds to more Transit dollars, and they can be used to redeem things like manicures.. and cereals and stuff. i mean it's free lah. and there's this Bonus Dollars as well, which you also get by riding with your EZ-link card, and just 1 bonus dollar can get you a MR BEAN SOYA ICE-CREAM!! haha! and you can also get stuff like manicures and pedicures. i mean it's quite worth it lah. plus you can win stuff like this sony erricson headset, and can redeem free unlimited mobile games also.. wahahaha..

Jul 13, 2007

sorry i couldnt post the picture yesterday!! nvm i post today!!!
*drum roll*

today's friday the 13th! haha. suay, cos today got jj' ting zhen hui on yu le bai fen bai and i cant watch cos got dance!!! T^T.. nvm.. record..
acted as jantu during clay marble trailer.. i didnt die the way i wanted to (i wanted a tragic death but in the end i just dropped to the floor) but nvm, still had fun! hope the audience did too! :D
"i'm a man of few words"

Jul 11, 2007

if sum1 is emo-ing, obviously i tell her to cheer up right? i'd do the same if you wer emo-ing ok. when did i go for recess with her and not you? and pls la, i dont tell you abt what ling says and does a lot what (or i cant rmb anyway, i cant seem to rmb all the impt stuff! =.="), i think i tell you more about my JM friends.. i wudnt be surprised if you were tired of me talking abt my JM friends,but ling? i got talk abt her a lot meh!! the first thing i did when i came into class was BECAUSE she told me yesterday that she listened to bu liu lei de ji chang for the 1st time and nearly cried, i wanted to tell her that i was listening to that song at that time (you know how i always listen to my mp3 on the way to sch? yah) and then when i was gonna tell her i realised that she was emo-ing. :) (i almost added DUHHH but didnt, be grateful :D)
she finds out about stuff before you do because she's normally online when i am (at night) and we start msn chatting and normally i find most stuff out at night so i'll start msning the whole world what.
and she really cheers me up sometimes. i mean she's been through some of what i'm going through so yah. but rmb, you're my mistress ok!! XD
this is my 350th post and i'm wasting it on this clearing up of a misunderstanding. shermin, BE HONOURED MAN! lol. now i gotta look forward to my 500TH! wont be long!! heehee
i was going to post up a very funny picture for my 350th post but seeing how fed-up shermin is already, i've decided not to anger her further today. PPL, LOOK OUT FOR THE PIC TMR!!! :D

Jul 10, 2007

she composed this song and billy koh heard it and HE'S CONSIDERING SELLING THE PIECE OUT WITH HER NAME!
dun forget to treat me to a drink if jin sha buys it ok! XDXD
jj got fever.. 42.6 degrees.. JMS, PRAY FOR HIM! HE MUST GET BETTER SOON!!
“do pray for ukyoboy friends! he will get well soooooon!” – from jj’s old blog :)
"JJ Lin zips around in a flashy Audi TT while I obediently take the train to work. He flies Business class in and out of Singapore as often as I tap my EZ-link card. He owns a million-dollar condo in a posh part of town while, well, I don’t. This isn’t jealousy but you see, JJ (or Wayne, as he was called in school) and I were -secondary schoolmates and I’ve witnessed his evolution (through magazines and newspapers, that is) from a gangly 16-year-old singing on stage during Teacher’s Day to a still gangly 26-year-old performing in stadiums for thousands. But let’s face it, JJ can sing, dance and compose while I can’t and I guess that makes a whole lot of difference. Now, the singer-songwriter is prining himself for a new assault on the Mandopop scene with his latest album, Westside, and a new endorsement with Kiehl’s. No wonder he can’t seem to recognise me.”
And jj uses singlish! In “I won’t tell you where it is LAH” (abt him buying a house) and “My record was an hour and this was during lesson time, OKAY.” (abt him going to the toilet to do his hair in sec school =.=)
MY JJJJJJJJJJJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok, im very honoured that you see me as such a close friend. i dunno, i'm sorta like a mirror, i treat people the way they treat me. okay, i cant seem to be hyper in crescent cos i always feel emo in crescent. it's quite obvious why. if you were me, that is. and don’t try to guess my feelings. you may think i feel this way but you’re very wrong. i don’t think i reveal my true feelings to a lot of people. although i reveal a lot in my blog, there are a lot of things i prefer to keep to myself. anw i dun wanna talk abt this anymore cos my blog post will seem to LONG then noone will read! XD

a reply to shermin's post.
i also know i need time to figure out who i am and who i want to be with.
well, i know who i am and i know who i want to be with, but the person i want to "be with" is already "with" someone else. i guess it's like a love triangle.
the perfect crescentian friend? no such thing. i need someone who's a crazy JM, who shares that burning passion for music, who considers my feelings, who can cheer me up just by being by my side, who i can talk to for hours on end, who understands, supports and shares my dreams and ambitions. sorta like celeste, jiayi, jacey, JT, sumay and rachel rolled into one. i guess i need another me.
you don't have to wait for me. nobody has to wait for me. i've learnt to rely on my own and be more individualistic. i don't need anyone, noone needs me. and loneliness isn't a bad thing either. it can be quite a good feeling acually, it leaves one to their own thoughts without being interrupted.

and no, im not the hyper girl you once knew. i've changed. im hyper only in front of the people that deserve my hypeness.
i'm hurting those that hurt me before, i wnt them to get a taste of their own medicine. a lot of people have caused me to have sleepness nights; to worry constantly; to feel supe emo and depressed.. i want others to know how i feel, i want my cries for help to be heard. i want people to know how painful it feels. when people put you down, insult those you love deeply, crash all your fragile dreams, make you have an extremely low self esteem ..
i'm not as strong as you think. i'm fragile, sensitive.
you don't hav to wait for me. i can survive.
i will survive.

Jul 9, 2007

i pity sam cos she's gonna sit beside me, she's gonna be bored to death! XD
and ling, i dunno if you come to my blog or not, but i’d still like to say here that although i’ve never told you this before (cos i’m scared it’ll scare you off :/) but i really enjoy being with you, cos somehow i always feel better after talking to you, even if it’s bitching! i told myself i need to learn to be more individualistic and keep to myself from now on, but it’s hard to do that when you’re around.. i don’t know why but i feel like i can tell you everything.. stuff i never dared to tell anyone before..
i really enjoy being around with you ling.. even though you may not see me as good a friend as i see you, im glad i got to know you! :)
i'm thinking of you again.

JJ, 你现在在哪儿?
因为有了你,JJ, 我的世界才是完美的
omg my chinese is improving :D

Jul 8, 2007

this poor china JM, luoluo, her ears started bleeding and her doctor told her that she cant listen to anything.. and that was ONE DAY BEFORE JJ'S ALBUM RELEASE.. so now she cant even listen to the new songs.. really so poor thing, wish i could do something..
i've always thought the worst thing that could happen to me would to be either blind or deaf - because i wouldn't be able to see or hear JJ. before i got to know JJ, it didn't matter to me if i was both blind and deaf.. but now, even when my vision is blurry and i can't see a JJ video, i start screaming in frustration.. i can imagie how she feels..
jt says she saw zhihao at chinatown, then he was with his friend.. then she smiled at him cos she recognised him, and he smiled back.. then his friend asked him who jt was, and he said (this is a classic, i've got to bold it)
"oh, she's probably one of my fans."
*wipes tears from eyes* this is hilarious man!
havent watched yet.. prob will watch tmr.. those crescentians that wanna watch, go look for me during lunchtime!
and im gonna make AMELIA and DOU watch :)
yesterday JJ was on wan quan yu le!
JR went to look for him, and JJ was taking some pics for his album i think.. it was in the hot sun.. then later halfway JR disappeared and JJ asked where he was, one gong zuo ren yuan said “他跑去车子吹冷气” and JJ was talking about how he so poor thing must sit in the sun so long, and JR’s probably sleeping.. and JJ went “好不敬业哦!太旧没发片了是不是” LOL SO MEAN!!!
then the both of them “battled’ to see who could make better food.. JJ was doing some bread thing, JR was struggling over his bubble tea.. haha.. JJ kept saying JR was confirm going to lose, but this episode was only part 1, there’s supposed to be a part 2.. but today don’t have the part 2 leh!! so i still dunno the result la!! T.T
sending in an entry about JJ’s Xi Jie to straits times’ Playbox.. just like what chelsea did.. doubt mine will get published though.. maximum 200 words, i wrote 272, HOW TO SHORTEN 72 WORDS ABT JJ?!?!?! it’s jj leh! aiya.. he too pro le la.. XD
oh and jt, XIA RI DE QING TIAN ROCKS!!! even if it’s just the chorus.. the song is really nice, obviously a slow but peaceful, happy song.. just like sarang heyo.. and dun worry, he wun avoid u without a gd reason!! ^-^
oh and yesterday this 40-something woman asked me how old i was, and i said "sec 2" and she said "你穿这样很美" and i was like UHH ok.. i was wearing a green BodyGlove tee and jeans.. so i decided to look at myself in the mirror, and i realised that MY JEANS WERE MAKING MY LEGS LOOK SHORTER AND FATTER THAN THEY ALREADY ARE!! AHHHHHH T.T

Jul 6, 2007

from jacey’s blog:
"dun be sad!!!dun go care those fucking assholistic ppl la,they're juz being lame ==i noe u guys cudnt avoid being angry wif them,but juz pretend tt u nv hear them lor,if nt,last resort is to bash them up,LOL,but i suggest u dun do tt,later teacher had a bad record in ur report card jiu cham liao.....juz tell urself this,JJ ROX FOREVER!!!!!"
from celeste’s blog:
"u noe that JJ is now part of us JMs le mahh?? JMs share and feels how JJ feels.. he is already stress le.. and we dun wan him to be depressed.. it will hurt us more.. insulting JJ..”“cant u just imagine how stressful it is.. when u are trying your best to show others that u are great.. and people are insulting u all the way?? come on.. just stop it.. JJ has feelings too.. he is not like he is really 89757.."
woah omg i just realised that the initials of Jie Meis = JM (杰迷) OMG SO COOL HAHA
and shermin, good luck with your poor ankle!!!
yesterday ling and i were walking towards the classroom and marilyn and 3 other sec1 juniors were at the playground thingy, and marilyn flung her arms in the air and shouted “HIIII!!!!!!” and ling and i just stared at her, tyring to make out who she was, and she thought we didn’t recognise her so she covered her mouth and bent down in embarrassment, then when ling and i realised they were from dance we waved back, and then all 4 of them waved like mad!! so cute haha
and i just realised this morning that i may be able to take O LEVEL MUSIC even though i don’t have the grade 4 qualifications!!! AND THE FORM MUST BE HANDED IN BY THIS AFTERNOON WTH!!! wrote a note to mdm chua asking her to let me hand in by monday.. hope she allows :P I SO WANNA TAKE O LEVEL MUSIC!!! the theory at least. don’t think i can manage the practical =.=

Jul 5, 2007

it's not fair.
i was a fan first.
i was, like, the pioneer. endured all the insults from my friends when they still didn't understand what it was like to be a fan, and how hurtful it felt.
and the moment she becomes a fan she gets it all.
everything. everything i wanted.
are looks that important? a singer sings; he isnt a model.
it's just, not fair.
well, nothing was ever fair anyway.
and amelia, thank you so much for praising jj and listening to his songs. if you're just doing this so i would feel better, thank you anyway because it really helped. :)
(attention all JMs, while reading the post below, DO NOT listen to bu liu lei de ji chang cos you guys will start crying like crazy!)
to be insulted, mocked, teased. i mean, they're not insulting you but when someone insults the person you’d sacrifice everything for, it's as bad as insulting yourself. and insults don’t necessarily mean verbally either.
jj isn't just a singer to us JMs; he's an inspiration, a part of us, a godsent to brighten up our lives. we cry when he cries, we laugh when he laughs, we worry for him when he's distressed; if he dies, there wouldn’t be any reason for us to carry on living either. before we do anything, we think, would jj like this? we carry on with life, no matter how hard it is, simply for him.
many JMs have to endure fcuking comments from classmates, friends, even teachers. we tell ourselves they don’t understand and it dosent matter. if jj could laugh about someone throwing a lightstick at him, why should we feel so sad? we tell ourselves to ignore the comments – but we know we can’t.
oh for goodness sakes HE’S A SINGER NOT A MODEL! he may look ugly/gay to some, but his voice is beautiful, incomparable to others’. people can be so shallow. 真爱是伤害, i never understood what it meant till now.
"爱 三万里程的孤单" - bu liu lei de ji chang..
anyway, no matter what, we JMS will stand by his side forever, supporting and loving him and never let him down. we'll love you, and you only.
"JJFC, 你们最棒,我爱你们"-jj. that's enough to warm my heart forever.

- Karen 杰迷

Jul 2, 2007

I'VE HIT 5000 HITS!!!!
5000 hits in like ermmm, 5 months!! i think. or 4! HAHA WHATEVER
and jt did a "live performance" or uhh "concert" (haha), played her "new composition" for me.. abit of Killa de style.. not bad ahh jt!! ^ ^ haha just now when she was moaning to me about how he beloved 4-year-old com was gonna die, my blog suddenly started playing "bu liu lei de ji chang".. LOL..it's like the saddest song in the universe.. and it's so weird cos when i opened my blog it didn't play wu liao, which is like the 1st blog song, but it played the 2nd blog song instead..
haha.. IT'S FATE!! XD
HE'S ONLINE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

Jul 1, 2007

those sick of hearing bei feng chui guo de xi tian everytime they come to my blog (i duno how one can get sick of it but anw XD), I'VE CHANGED MY BLOG SONG TO WU LIAO!
i must thank jt like hell cos this song really rocks..
“也许是我不够吊 呆在家里没有人找" XDXD
oh and my 2nd blog song is Bu Liu Lei De Ji Chang, haha jacey and jt and i were making fun of that title, it's like "the airport that dosent cry", then we ere saying "hole in the roof! leaking aircon!!" XDXDXD so funny.. but the song is really touching.. he really puts a lot of emotion into it.. even jiayi (the JM, not the DOU) cried listening to it leh.. heh..
oh yea and yesterday during our 3-way convo (jt jacey and me) jt did a "live performance" for us.. zi you bu bian haha.. and jt and i started playing the piano and jacey was so irritated.. :P