Jan 6, 2014

2012 & 2013: A Review (Part 2 - first half of 2013)

(Part 1: 2012)

OKAY 2013!!!!

Jan: Experience Yale-NUS Weekend, this time as a facilitator thingy, since I was interning at the Admissions office. (blog post) I think Dec and Jan were my two months of six meet-new-people events, and I was really jaded. But EYW was fantastic, meeting all those amazing people! And Julia and Tutku!

I also started giving weekly 'O' Level English supplementary lessons at my church's private school, City College, under the tuition ministry. (For no pay, of course.) I loved the experience and meeting all the people that I did. They're all lovely people and unfortunately I can't teach for the first half of 2014 but I hope I'll be there for the second half!

Feb: Crashed ACJC Orientation with Sumay! (blog post) Was fun, but one of the girls said "You don't look 16...you look 20" and I was like AH DAMMIT. Watching Ruo Wei go from being a clueless OG kid to an OGL himself was just really nice :3 About the picture below: I was Jess Chen's OGL, and then when she was Ruo Wei's OGL I crashed her OG, and then when Ruo Wei became an OGL we both crashed his OG. Three generations of leader-crashers!
OMG RUOWEI IS GETTING HIS A LEVEL RESULTS SOON THIS IS GETTING SERIOUS GUYS HE'S GROWING UP i mean i still remember so clearly the time i was pretending to be a DSA kid and he was taking in all my crappy lies and he was like "Maybe we'll be classmates!!!"

Mmm, Chinese New Year was also fun. I remember my poor brother trying really hard to help Sumay and I take pictures and we were so demanding and my brother was like "aiyah no one even looks at you anyway!"

Also stopped interning at the Admissions office to give myself a short break before SOT. 
Valentine's Day was fun - I tried baking orange chocolate cookies on sticks and bought flowers for the interns at the office and made cards yay! And then we went to Ikea with Aly. (blog post)

March - July: School of Theology!!! It was supposed to be till September but I had to stop for Yale-NUS. But I'll probably be resuming the course this year. Definitely an amazing experience, from praise and worship every morning to trying out various ministries (e.g. Children's Church) to learning so much more about the Word and just, just being in that atmosphere of love. I wasn't very close to my SOT team, but there's such a pure easy atmosphere of acceptance and love, of no judgement, of embraces and just love. LOVE! Mock Cell Group and Preaching Test sessions were also really fun, listening to everyone's own personal revelations. 
I'm really glad Andrew was my batchmate, too; someone to chill out with during breaks and talk to and everything. I like to think I was sort of his backstage girl, too, like I am with Kevin now (link). 
Each smiling face has so much within - it was amazing hearing all the stories each individual had to offer. Everyone's own personal struggle, gangs and drugs and griefs and family situations; how they came to God, how God turns things beautifully around; parents still against their kids being a Christian (very few of us are from Christian families); hard times with God and hard times without.

June: an insane month with camps / overseas trips every single weekend!
1) Went to KL with Sam and Andrew!!! We went church-hopping and it was simply wonderful. 
2) Pre-camp for game masters and team leaders in preparation for our church zone camp, which didn't happen that month because of the haze.
3) Also went on my first mission trip to Jakarta for SOT, where we preached for cell group / leaders' meetings and stuff, and did door-to-door prayer visitations (this was INSANE, and draining, but a fantastic experience).



...i think the awesomeness of yale-nus demands a separate post so i shall end here

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