Oct 27, 2013

behind the scenes


I am more than content being behind the scenes while you run your show with your co-host. I tweak the controls, make sure things run smoothly, do cool things with the lights. I make sure your earpiece is working right. I like to give you little directions occasionally, but mostly I just like seeing you do your thing and being proud of you either way. You and your co-host have some really good stage chemistry going on and I like watching it. Everything's on-the-spot improvisation and how well it works out really depends on the chemistry, and you think you might have found the one. Every show could swing either way, though; you can never tell. When you're nervous I calm you down backstage, tell you you're fantastic, give you a hug and make you believe. When it doesn't go as well as you'd hoped and you're feeling down, I'm there. I want to be the one to do your hair and go through the plan with you and smile when you crack a really good pun because I know you've been waiting to use that one.

Why wouldn't you want to be the co-host? On stage with him? 


I'm not good for that role. I'm not funny and charming and I don't have smiley eyes and a captivating smile. I would freak out on stage and be a terrible co-host. The glamour is enticing, but I know I don't want the role. My job isn't as exciting and when all you're focused on is your show with your co-host sometimes my job feels a little unappreciated, but I know I'm important too. I'm comfortable here. It's safer. It's okay. I'm not the star of your show but I am still with you all the way. I love your co-host, and she's fantastic at what she's doing, and she's learning the other skills too so that she can help out more and more with the backstage works, but no one will replace my role as personal-assistant-cum-crew.

When you tell me how great the show was and how amazing your co-host was, I am happy. Someday I will find my own amazing partner and perform my own art; maybe I will write a book, and he will illustrate. But while there are only two in the foreground, the background workers are important too; you will be my PA, just like I am yours.

I am more than content.

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