Aug 31, 2006

i realise that i havent eaten anything since 5.15 am (breakfast). woohoo! cos we didnt have recess and after sch i didn't eat lunch cos i was rushing to get back to jwps. but in jwps i drank 2 packets of milo lah. (but im talking about eating not drinking) and i wont be eating anything until dinner!!! 14 hours without any food at all including sweets, and i'm actually not hungry! and like HELLO, I SUFFER FROM GASTRITIS! ITS LIKE A NEW RECORD MANN! haha i rmb mrs foo asked me if i had eaten and i sed no i didn't feel hungry then she went "why losing weight a? new trend hor now?" hahahhaaha!
IM REALLY SORRY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nadine and jiayi told me that there are some people like amelia who said they didn't like my dont-care attitude and my go-and-die attitude.. look im really really sorry people... really sorry!!! i had no idea i was that bad.. and they say this has been going on since around july.. you pple should have really told me earlier!!! i won't cry or anything but i will change! and i mean it! i will try my best to change my attitude pple.. it won't be easy but i'll try... i really feel very guilty guys! you guys should have really told me earlier!! and amelia rest assured i won't get mad at you! thank you nade and jiayi for telling me this.. if not i'd be kept in the dark all the time.. once again I'LL REALLY TRY MY BEST TO CHANGE... look out for me after sep hols! :D
why do nadine and jiayi hate me so much?!?!??!?!?!??!?!! always keep insulting me. is not like i never praise them or anything okay. i keep saying nadine is chio and jiayi is hardworking right?! they keep saying bad things about me i feel very loser-ish okay. like what kind of friends lah. and nadine still keeps telling me to SMILE in this state. im not totally insensitive one okay. i can get hurt sometimes okay. and u find im not so "mean" to people anymore right? now im trying to control what i say more so that i don't hurt people too much lah. so can nadine and jiayi stop it?! wah lau! today i was chatting with nade and jiayi then halfway while they were saying i was xiao nadine was like "hey jiayi i open another window with you can" then i got reeeally pissed off and said "okay i know i'm not welcome here okay" then i closed the window. pissed mann.
U NOE WHAT!!??!!?!
there were actually a number of choices of who to sing the ndp 06 song.. kaira and JJ and others... and jj couldnt do it because of his busy schedule! BUSY SCHEDULE AGAIN! and that movie that he was supposed to do the main role of oso cannot because of his schedule!! he must regret it so much mann! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
jj will be a concert guest for cyndi's concert! yeah!!!
jj cut his hair!!
oh oh and jj, when he was schooling, his teacher always told him to "open your eyes and don't sleep durung lessons!" but actually he was paying attention, tcher told him that cos jj's eyes are very small so she taught he was going to sleep.. HAHAHAH go take!

hahaha! went back to jwps! see alot of pple! and sueng took quite a no of pics of zhiye hahas..
saw derrick and malcolm and weinian and raymeo.. changed so much become sooo funny looking man.. couldnt resist laughing..
SAW MRS FOO!!! WAHAHHAHA! and mdm beena and pan lao shi and mdm long and mdm poh!
and saw adrian and james and bryson and wei xuan and andrea and barredy and samuel and so many other people man.
unforgettable moment!!

Aug 29, 2006

TABLET PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
muahahahhahahah! so nice!!!!! love it!!!
yeah its name is Junjie (refer to prev. post)
but nickname is Honey so i can tell pple i got a Honey then i make "him" seem so nice and stuff then i show them a pic of "him" and they'll get a shock :D wahhahahaha
i confirm make it hang by the end of this year :P

Aug 27, 2006

"smiling and laughing builds your immune system, defends against illness and disease, medicates the body, sells ideas, attacts more friends and extends life" -- taken from sarah's book. see? laughing is good for you!
and I CAN HOLD CHOPSTICKS, NADINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 20, 2006

omg lah.
today at badminton sumay accidentally hit me HARD with her badminton racket while she was SERVING. like OUCH mann.
hahahahaha. quite some time ago qiqi said she knew the answer to do a maths qn then mr lee #1 asked her how then she said "tian ji bu ke xie lou" which means "heaven's secrets cannot be revealed". then mr lee #1 said "heaven chicken cannot shit". hahahahahaha! so cute! but not as cute as mr lee #2. omg lah they're both SO TALL. 183 and 184. stare at them until neck pain.
yay caught jj on repeat of singapore idol! his accent ok what. i mean yeah it was abit trying to "zhuang" but it wasn't as bad as what amelia described what. but the shirt is abit erms la.
less than 2 weeks to end of month!! end of month = tablet pc!!! i've decided to name it junjie after *guess who*. but not going to call it lin junjie cos it will never replace him :D

Aug 10, 2006

JJ CONCERT DVD IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy national day. hahahahaha. woot saw my article on sraits times! and they edited it sooo much that it sounds cool now, compared to the original entry. XD which is a gd thing ok. and the best part is THEY DIDNT PUT MY PICTURE!!!! HAWHAWHAW! woke up today with nadine screaming to me "karen! you're on the straits times talking about jj!!!" and i went "huh?" and she said "you mean you dont even know?!?!?!!" hahahaha. blur lah she.

Aug 8, 2006

happy early national day peeps.. i dont have any read shirts apart from mi hse tshirt XDD
i think the dance was okok lah.. but during the pipe dance the sec 3 amelia fell :O.. the 7 ppl dance was NICE! the horse one was 60% disaster.. sher said she heard the sec 4s booing and laughing.. sho mean.. and then after that we went to the quadrangle to take dance pics! yay!!!wah lau.... i was gonna take the 132 bus with shermin.. then the bus came then sher n i chased it like mad.. then just as i was gonna overtake these 3 crescentians i fell down right in front of them and now ive got this huge wound on my knee.. i put a pic of it under "pics" section (below mi tagboard).. i showed the pic to jacey and she went "eek! dun use this kind of thing to scare me can" hahaha!!!