Aug 31, 2006

IM REALLY SORRY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nadine and jiayi told me that there are some people like amelia who said they didn't like my dont-care attitude and my go-and-die attitude.. look im really really sorry people... really sorry!!! i had no idea i was that bad.. and they say this has been going on since around july.. you pple should have really told me earlier!!! i won't cry or anything but i will change! and i mean it! i will try my best to change my attitude pple.. it won't be easy but i'll try... i really feel very guilty guys! you guys should have really told me earlier!! and amelia rest assured i won't get mad at you! thank you nade and jiayi for telling me this.. if not i'd be kept in the dark all the time.. once again I'LL REALLY TRY MY BEST TO CHANGE... look out for me after sep hols! :D

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