Aug 8, 2006

happy early national day peeps.. i dont have any read shirts apart from mi hse tshirt XDD
i think the dance was okok lah.. but during the pipe dance the sec 3 amelia fell :O.. the 7 ppl dance was NICE! the horse one was 60% disaster.. sher said she heard the sec 4s booing and laughing.. sho mean.. and then after that we went to the quadrangle to take dance pics! yay!!!wah lau.... i was gonna take the 132 bus with shermin.. then the bus came then sher n i chased it like mad.. then just as i was gonna overtake these 3 crescentians i fell down right in front of them and now ive got this huge wound on my knee.. i put a pic of it under "pics" section (below mi tagboard).. i showed the pic to jacey and she went "eek! dun use this kind of thing to scare me can" hahaha!!!

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