Aug 20, 2006

omg lah.
today at badminton sumay accidentally hit me HARD with her badminton racket while she was SERVING. like OUCH mann.
hahahahaha. quite some time ago qiqi said she knew the answer to do a maths qn then mr lee #1 asked her how then she said "tian ji bu ke xie lou" which means "heaven's secrets cannot be revealed". then mr lee #1 said "heaven chicken cannot shit". hahahahahaha! so cute! but not as cute as mr lee #2. omg lah they're both SO TALL. 183 and 184. stare at them until neck pain.
yay caught jj on repeat of singapore idol! his accent ok what. i mean yeah it was abit trying to "zhuang" but it wasn't as bad as what amelia described what. but the shirt is abit erms la.
less than 2 weeks to end of month!! end of month = tablet pc!!! i've decided to name it junjie after *guess who*. but not going to call it lin junjie cos it will never replace him :D

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