Aug 31, 2006

why do nadine and jiayi hate me so much?!?!??!?!?!??!?!! always keep insulting me. is not like i never praise them or anything okay. i keep saying nadine is chio and jiayi is hardworking right?! they keep saying bad things about me i feel very loser-ish okay. like what kind of friends lah. and nadine still keeps telling me to SMILE in this state. im not totally insensitive one okay. i can get hurt sometimes okay. and u find im not so "mean" to people anymore right? now im trying to control what i say more so that i don't hurt people too much lah. so can nadine and jiayi stop it?! wah lau! today i was chatting with nade and jiayi then halfway while they were saying i was xiao nadine was like "hey jiayi i open another window with you can" then i got reeeally pissed off and said "okay i know i'm not welcome here okay" then i closed the window. pissed mann.

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