May 26, 2006

On the day of the last SA1 paper (art exam, what rubbish lah, but its the only paper i got an A for! -.-) shermin nadine and i went to tiong bahru plaza to take neoprints. My mum said she expected me to be back at home by 2pm (which meant i'd have to leave at about 1.15). We left at 1. Then we decided to go to shermin's house. I was going to leave at 1.15 but shermin begged me to stay longer, so I finally gave in and said i'd leave at 1.45. I called my mum and told her i'd take a while longer. She said fine, be back by 2.30. So when it was 1.45, I said i had to go and shermin was like "no, stay longer! ey u want to go pizza hut? Very cheap blah.." So i spent about 1 hr trying to shake her off and get her to open the door for me. So i reached home 1 hr later. My mum was furious and grounded me till the june hols. And then now she tells me, she actually wanted to get me 2 of the $128 jj concert tickets, but because of that incident she decided not to!!! wah lau! and what's more, now i'm a jjfc member, I could actually help in organising something but because i'm not going to the concert i can't!!! ok lah shermin if you're reading this pls don't wu hui, i'm not hating you or anything, but i really need to LET OFF SOME STEAM.
OH MI GOD the jj cao cao mv cd is OUT! so damn nice! woot! and they've got so many binus stuff. Really worth it. I really recommend everyone ot buy it.

May 25, 2006

once in JC jj was playing his guitar. Then his G-note de string broke. So he wanted to ask his friend to buy it for him. The two of them were quite far apart, so he shouted to his friend in the canteen "Ey help me buy a G-string!" and then everyone there laugheed at him.

May 20, 2006

jj was from Garden City kindergarten. Anyone knows where that is? If it's near jurong or something then it's very very probable that he used to live near jurong, cos his pri sch(jing shan pri) and jc(st andrews) is here. woot.
happy belated birthday to me.
hey people go see this:
jj's sprite ad. hilarious. really. And you know how much he got paid to do this ad? $500 000!!!! wooohooo.
I SAW ASHLEY LEONG (the pne playing jerry in I Not Stupid 2) AT IMM DE SUPERMARKET YESTERDAY!!!! He looks much older. And it just happens they were playing the show in the supermarket at the cd section, and ashley saw i and was like trying not to smile and shen he couldnt help it anymore he tugged at his mum's shirt. haha. No i didnt say anything to him. So far mark lee has brushed against me before (like 2 years ago?), i have sat beside selina tan (is that her name?) (when i was like 6-7) and have seen ashley. woot.
bought rainie's Yu Shang Ai and shi kangjun's Firelight. and got mayday's Shen De Hai Zi dou Zai Tiao Wu (their 5th album, before Zhi Zu). omigosh the mayday album came with this 1-hr video of them recording the album and thier life and everything, so funny! altogether they told the camera man off 18 times ("see what see?" "you very irritating leh" "you very wu liao leh" and all that. hahas) and i found out the drummer, Ye Ming (now his nicky is Guan You) is very stupid and careless and stuff. Hilarious video. Anyone who wants the video go ask from me. :D I love the song yu shang ai!!!! it's just SO nice. in fact i bought the whole album mainly for that song and another 2 songs, Ke Ai and Qing Zhu, both also very nice, but i LOVE yu shang ai the most bah. And my stupid com cant read shi kangjun's album. -.-

May 16, 2006

rachel is in hospital?!?! and it's the 9th day she's in hospital already ok!!!!!!!
aiyoh! one of my 3 best friends in the whole world is in hospital! u noe what happen to her? she got lung infection, then she got high fever (about 41degrees), then her liver swollen, then her ankle swollen, then she couldn't walk and then now can lah. so teressa found out only yesterday when she called her house to ask for rachel and her younger bro was like "rachel ah? she in hospital leh intestine swollen." got teressa frantic and called me. her bro actually gave wrong information. rachel's intestine was never swollen XD!so today teressa, marilyn, joey & i met each other at about 11.30, then went jurong point bought some stuff for her then reached nuh at about 1. she was much more cheerful than i expected. and then after that i went to dentist. yucks. boo. rachel says if everything is ok then she'll probably be out tomorrow. :) hope for the best bah.

May 14, 2006

JEANETTE AW AND STELLA HUANG XIANG YI ARE FROM CRESCENT! AND THE PRIME MINISTER'S WIFE ALSO BUT heck care her lah. hey i shake hands with her b4 u noe? cos in p5 i took part in this nationwide competition thingy (writing competitioncalled Budding Writers), and i got top 20 in sg what (TOP 20 OK!! YEAH MANN!!) so i got to shake hands with her. :)
zhiyang says one of his fave singers is JJ LIN JUNJIE!!! yayyayyay! go zhiyang! khim also. yayyyayay!! go khim!!

wah. was just reading zhiyang's blog. he wants to 1) leave his hair longer, 2) be able to use hairspray, 3) highlight his hair, and 4) use temporary white haircolour spray. He really is in love with his hair or something lah ok. I linked his blog to mine, for those who want to view his blog to see if i'm lying or he really is that obsessed (no offence, puh-LEASE.).
THANK YOU SUMAY!!! She gave me K-Ge Chang Bu Wan for my birthday. yimei, no need to lend me anymore! XD aiyoh i LOVE hen hen ai by vivian hsu (xu ruo xuan)!!! I've been waiting to get this cd for THIS SONG. and it's so damn worth it lah ok.
just now after badminton and lunch and stuff i passed by this pasar malam (wonder what the heck it was doing open at 2pm?!) and i bought these calendar-cards thingies at 8 FOR ONE DOLLAR!!! So i bought 3 jj ones, 1 wilber pan one, 1 jay chou one for my bro, and 2 more for hannah and amelia. See? i'm so nice right? Better thank me ok! there were actually many many more jj ones but i only bought 3 cos i didnt know what i was going to do with so many of them anyway. and they were selling those stickers that normally cost $2.50, they were selling them at 3 for $2!!! I bought 2 jj ones and 1 wilber pan one cos i couldnt find another jj one. i am so going to go pasar-malam hunting in the june hols!!!

May 12, 2006

Was just chatting with this guy who's 17 from china. he added me from the jjfc forum. Seems quite a nice guy. He types in chinese, i type in english. Sometimes i will type to him in chinese as well, but not a lot in case i make a fool of myself. And i have no idea how to say "blog" in chinese. XD. He just went off because he says he needs to go to school. He says it opens at 2.30. So good lah. Wheras i have to wake up at 5 in the morning. -_- He says he gets a lot of homework. It was quite nice, talking to him. Now i've got to brush up on my chinese. Try and pay attention is zhang lao shi's class. XD
Is it just me or is the chinese standard in crescent girls' very low? i used to be last in class for chinese in primary school, now i was fourth in one of the tests. And i have yet to fail one. Hmm.
Amelia and nadine and i want to join this dance class at dover cc. my mum says ok but only during the june holidays. so sad. haiz.
ooh later su may's coming to my house for dinner. :D
Just read Nadine's blog and found that I have to do this:
1. The tagged victims have to come up with 8 different points of his/her perfect lover.

2. Mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there's no need to do this AGAIN.
5. The most impt rule: HAVE FUN DOING IT.
1.At least moderately cute (ok lah i know i myself look like shit so i cant say anything but anyway)
2.Can make one feel comfortable around him
3.Won't feel shy to say that he lkes me (like zhiliang.. NONO! dun get the wrong idea i dun like him)
4.Likes dogs (esp. golden retrievers n labradors, like me)
5.Won't force me to like football (i only like the water-bottle one XD)
6.Likes me for my personality (cos there's nothing else to like about me XD)
7.Know how to make me happy
8.Not overly sensitive (cos i offend these kind of people a lot)
Male lah, duh.
the people tagged are:
1. sarah siaw (YES!YES!YES!)
2. loh yi mei (give her something to type about in her blog haha)
3. tiffany tan (hope she reads this)

4.chow jia hui
5. chen min
6. marilyn lee
7. amelia cheng
8. yuki suzuki

May 9, 2006

changed my blogskin! it looks sooo nice!!! yayayay
omigosh thank you jessie ang! she's this girl from jjfc forum. she's going to give me the jj concert poster next wed (17 may- clara's and leehom's bdayand 1 day before mine!)!!! anticipating...
gosh so long haven type in here. finally get to use com! exams finally over!
jj party was damn fun. watching vids of it ppl posted up now. (youtube lah, if you want to watch it go youtube search for "jj party jj lin jun jie")
surprisingly i don't know what to type. it's been a month; i would have expected to type much more than this. -_-