Jul 6, 2007

from jacey’s blog:
"dun be sad!!!dun go care those fucking assholistic ppl la,they're juz being lame ==i noe u guys cudnt avoid being angry wif them,but juz pretend tt u nv hear them lor,if nt,last resort is to bash them up,LOL,but i suggest u dun do tt,later teacher had a bad record in ur report card jiu cham liao.....juz tell urself this,JJ ROX FOREVER!!!!!"
from celeste’s blog:
"u noe that JJ is now part of us JMs le mahh?? JMs share and feels how JJ feels.. he is already stress le.. and we dun wan him to be depressed.. it will hurt us more.. insulting JJ..”“cant u just imagine how stressful it is.. when u are trying your best to show others that u are great.. and people are insulting u all the way?? come on.. just stop it.. JJ has feelings too.. he is not like he is really 89757.."
woah omg i just realised that the initials of Jie Meis = JM (杰迷) OMG SO COOL HAHA
and shermin, good luck with your poor ankle!!!
yesterday ling and i were walking towards the classroom and marilyn and 3 other sec1 juniors were at the playground thingy, and marilyn flung her arms in the air and shouted “HIIII!!!!!!” and ling and i just stared at her, tyring to make out who she was, and she thought we didn’t recognise her so she covered her mouth and bent down in embarrassment, then when ling and i realised they were from dance we waved back, and then all 4 of them waved like mad!! so cute haha
and i just realised this morning that i may be able to take O LEVEL MUSIC even though i don’t have the grade 4 qualifications!!! AND THE FORM MUST BE HANDED IN BY THIS AFTERNOON WTH!!! wrote a note to mdm chua asking her to let me hand in by monday.. hope she allows :P I SO WANNA TAKE O LEVEL MUSIC!!! the theory at least. don’t think i can manage the practical =.=

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