Jul 8, 2007

havent watched yet.. prob will watch tmr.. those crescentians that wanna watch, go look for me during lunchtime!
and im gonna make AMELIA and DOU watch :)
yesterday JJ was on wan quan yu le!
JR went to look for him, and JJ was taking some pics for his album i think.. it was in the hot sun.. then later halfway JR disappeared and JJ asked where he was, one gong zuo ren yuan said “他跑去车子吹冷气” and JJ was talking about how he so poor thing must sit in the sun so long, and JR’s probably sleeping.. and JJ went “好不敬业哦!太旧没发片了是不是” LOL SO MEAN!!!
then the both of them “battled’ to see who could make better food.. JJ was doing some bread thing, JR was struggling over his bubble tea.. haha.. JJ kept saying JR was confirm going to lose, but this episode was only part 1, there’s supposed to be a part 2.. but today don’t have the part 2 leh!! so i still dunno the result la!! T.T
sending in an entry about JJ’s Xi Jie to straits times’ Playbox.. just like what chelsea did.. doubt mine will get published though.. maximum 200 words, i wrote 272, HOW TO SHORTEN 72 WORDS ABT JJ?!?!?! it’s jj leh! aiya.. he too pro le la.. XD
oh and jt, XIA RI DE QING TIAN ROCKS!!! even if it’s just the chorus.. the song is really nice, obviously a slow but peaceful, happy song.. just like sarang heyo.. and dun worry, he wun avoid u without a gd reason!! ^-^
oh and yesterday this 40-something woman asked me how old i was, and i said "sec 2" and she said "你穿这样很美" and i was like UHH ok.. i was wearing a green BodyGlove tee and jeans.. so i decided to look at myself in the mirror, and i realised that MY JEANS WERE MAKING MY LEGS LOOK SHORTER AND FATTER THAN THEY ALREADY ARE!! AHHHHHH T.T

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