Jun 27, 2007

celeste!!!!!!! :D :D
somehow i've been having this feeling that you were hinting to me all along.. hmmm haha
so now, i have 4 MEIS!
thank goodness jt was born 28 hours after me man.. if not i won't be her jie le XD
when i was walking home, i passed boon lay sec and there was this malay guy (looked abt sec 3) putting his head out of the school chicken-wire-fence thingy (the green colour wire fence schs usually have) and a few guys near him. then i walked past him and he went "hey girl, can help us pick up that ball" then i took out my earpiece and he went "ball" and i was like ohhhh so i went to pick it up and another malay guy went "XIEXIE!!" and i was like ?!?!?! haha. and they said sorry and thankyou. :)

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