Jun 26, 2007

the guy at the salon was damn cool.. all i told him was that i wanted a side fringe and he knew exactly the thickness and length i wanted! XD OH AND HIS HAIR DAMN LOOKS LIKE JJ! but slightly messier. but STILL! haha. but jj's like ten thousand time shuaier la
my fringe ah, can look very nice de lor, but it goes damn ugly after like 15 mins. =.=
i shall make a diary in my computer (yeah, a different one) where everyday i type a letter to JJ.
:D like example: "dear jj, i've been thinking about you the whole day, trying to figure out what you were trying to say in your blog.. i've realised.. blahblah.." (some may be too personal to post here.. heh XD) good idea right!
but WHEN SHOULD I START!!! i must give a nice day..
possible options: 24 june, 18 may (not very nice option though), 27 march (the best option).
but the problem is, if i use either one of these dates i'll have to start NEXT YEAR!! HOWHOW!!!
i guess i'll start next year lor.. 27 march 2008 :D if i remember!! :P
and.. it'd be nice if i can compile it and give it to jj.. but 1 year = 365 days, and i'll probably write for a few years.. he'd die reading it lol..
I KNOW WHAT I WILL DO! in like 5 years time (lol), i make a scrapbook and write out small parts of the best entries, like a bit here and there, and add a few pictures, then it'll be damn nice to read! yea! and if jjfc has a birthday gathering with jj (if other country fanclubs dont "snatch" him first) I CAN GIVE IT TO HIM ON HIS BIRTHDAY! then it can be like, 5 (or more) FULL YEARS! and it will make MUCH MORE MEANING dont you think?
OH MY GOSH IM SUCH A GENIUS wahahahahahaha
IWANNALEARNHOWTOMAKEBLOGSKIN!!! start saving for photoshop? LOL. current savings = 5 cents, die le la! T^T

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