Jan 26, 2014

Jake Evans wasn't mentally ill, just a curious normal person

"When I look at people, especially teenagers, I see them as being very cruel to one another emotionally. It seems that their favourite hobby is picking on someone else. The people who are racists, bullies, and who are full of themselves are the really evil ones. And it amazes me because those three qualities are extremely common today. I was very sad because I felt like my own family was becoming the people I hate. I know now though that I'm done with killing. It's the most dreadful and terrifying thing I will ever experience. And what happened last night will haunt me forever." 

(this post is a response to the comments on this article about the murder)

Don't blame it on his medication or a mental condition. You don't need to be mentally unsound to kill somebody. Stop putting him in a category so distant from yourself. He isn't a different person. Any one of us could be him. Read his confession.

I can't comment on the article but I thought it was obvious that this was simply the curiosity of a teenager that had gone way too far. But no. No one seems to have brought up that possibility. Everyone's talking about how he was mentally unstable, or how he could do such a revolting thing. Well look, he had watched a morbid movie thrice in a week. He has strong aversions towards emotionally insensitive people. He sees a sad, ugly side of the world; no doubt the movie was a big factor; he was simply drowning in the emotions of the time, overcome by fascination, curiosity, and a dread at the state of society. With the influences around - the mass media, popular songs, the fact that a gun lies in an unlocked drawer in your house - why do we try to blame his actions on a mental illness?

Stop it. Any one of us could've been overwhelmed by curiosity the way he was then. We have all stopped at one point in time and wondered, "what's stopping me from doing this?" whether it's letting go of the glass you're holding or putting the knife to your wrist or letting your foot get stuck in the gap between the train and the platform. We just know that time will continue regardless, and there will be pain, so you restrain yourself as you always have.

My point is that it could be any one of us. We all have the potential for good and evil - or to do things that society deems good, or evil. He was fascinated by the emotionless way the boy in the movie killed. I mean, is it that hard? What's stopping him from taking a gun and killing a person? Curiosity can kill eh, and when something tragic happens as a result of damn curiosity people say they must have been brought up wrongly, what kind of values, what mental problems, what went wrong, what went wrong? Maybe he isn't as different as a person from you.

I thought this was the clearest point that stood out from the article, but it seems not. I want to make this known to the world. These people that do these things could be any one of us.

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