Jan 24, 2014

Yale-NUS without walls

I love how at Yale-NUS we have no boundaries. We see something we want to try for, we plan it, propose it, get on a plane and do it. The MUN team went to Taiwan and Mumbai over the holidays, and some of them were first-time MUNers (I've never done MUN before either, but I've always wanted to, so hopefully someday I'll have the courage to tag along). The debate team got their awards at the Hong Kong Debate Open, and then there was this WUDC. Not all on our school's debate team were involved in debates previously, either; as Dean Kim told me, the only criterion they have for clubs is that they are not exclusive - anyone who wants to try it out should be able to join. 

No professional trainers or coaches, but we chart our own paths. We get as much as we want out of this school, really. Even in academics - a few of my friends are doing a self-initiated research module with a professor about gender studies, because they went up to her and asked if they could. Summer programs - want to plan your own learning adventure? Go ahead and propose it! There is such a sense of freedom and ownership; you take your college experience into your own hands; you write your own story.


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