Jan 26, 2014

Our War Stories

I want to create a pool of memories - memories of torturer and tortured, of sufferer and soldier alike. The generation of war is disappearing fast, and soon, these memories will disappear with it. So I've created a new website that attempts to preserve the stories we have left.

Look at the treasure-troves of experiences all around you - the old man sitting on a stool at the market smoking a cigarette; the white-haired couple who still holds hands; your own grandparents. Ask them about the things we will hopefully never see.

This website hopes to collect retellings of the war. Do contribute by asking your grandparents about their memories, or other people who have been through it, and tell their stories here. It can be a short anecdote, little things you recall them saying, or any response you got when you asked. Your story might not be entirely factually accurate, but it’s okay - stories, as with memories, are imperfect. Hopefully the website will begin to spread, and we'll have a collection of memories from people all over the world who share a common terror, a common tragedy.

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