Nov 20, 2013

many denominations one faith

Denise came to my room and told me about stuff, and I decided that it was time for a prayer of power. Now, I come from a charismatic church and we believe in the charisma gifts of tongues, prophecy, etc., and not all Christians do. But I felt that this was the time for a prayer of power. One that would call upon Heaven's armies in the name of the Lord. If He was willing to give me words of knowledge, prophecy, visions or anything right now, I wanted them for the sake of the situation. Prayer is useless if all it does is make you feel better. Prayer activates, especially when you have reached the end of your own efforts. And this was time for something tangible to take place. I told her I was prepared for something to take place. I asked her if she minded if I started the prayer by praying in Tongues, and she was cool with it. So she made the Catholic sign of the cross and I prayed in Tongues.

I just like how our CF is interdenominational. Catholic or Christian, we all come together to worship. We bring elements of our own churches and their practices, but the same God works through it all.

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