Nov 29, 2013

keeping track

the past few weeks have been a little more introspective and difficult in ways, and this week has been a hell of a strange emotional kaboom. like a baby kicking me in all directions in the womb. but in my heart. or whatever. but right now i am reminded of a couple of people i haven't caught up with in some time like i should have. so, a few shoutouts here:

SUMAY HOW IS LIFE must update me before i go to nepal or kl please (i mean, i might not even make it back from nepal alive)

DENISE heard you're sick :(((( ackkk please get better soon and when we're better we'll talk love you loads i'm sorry for neglecting you :(

CHARLOTTE i am sorry i didn't get to praise+worship with you that time. muacks muacks we shall find time to chat

YIXUAN+BAOYUN we shall convene in all love and trust and faith and beauty soon, lots of love

personal note:
- Kei wants to meet up and chat (yayz i really do want to get to know her better)
- Tara has a story for me
- Weiliang & Derrick when y'all are back from the US and I'm back in SG
- Rachel and Teressa - possible to meet before I go to Nepal?? If not, New year's for sure!! 

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