Nov 27, 2013

day 3

I am getting my typhoid and flu jabs today. After this I will rush back for my lit presentation exam. I will be speaking about how the themes of marital and spiritual union in Yusuf and Zulaikha shed light on the temporality and imperfection of the physical world as opposed to the realm of heaven.

At the clinic they ask me three times “are you well?” and I say yes without hesitating. I am made to sign a declaration that I am well. Well actually my heart is in a state of small panicky anxiety and I feel like throwing up but it has nothing to do with the jabs and it is entirely emotional.

It does not hurt. But feel the volume of things they are putting into you. They are foreign, external, but they are supposed to protect me better than my own body can.

Look at the tiny holes they have punctured into my skin. I can be strong too. Later I shall go up to your room and see if you are awake and ask if you’re really sure about giving things a miss, and maybe give you a hug because I need one, because of you.

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