Nov 29, 2013

attempted rhyme and run-on-line

(hastily scribbled a day ago, and therefore hopefully irrelevant now)

december '12: a reflection, a repetition

oh how we all go down the same damn road
all tried with its lies and its traps and its holes
and we know where they go; we’ve all been down below
but the road commands that we trod again slow
so breathe every minute of ache and despair
and seconds of sparks that make cigarette burn marks
and set fire to your hands and your lips and your hair
as you give yourself away until you are bare
and left only with deeper scratch marks and a stone
in your stomach that tells you again you’re alone
(this is the road of further regrets and you know
it will never work out this way but there’s no
stopping yourself and the aches will never let go
so i won’t hold you back and i’ll let it all flow)

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