Nov 24, 2013


I was looking through my blog posts searching for something that might be good enough to share with my schoolmates and realised how lousy all my writings are. It makes me want to laugh at myself for how writing's all I like to do and all of it has amounted to talent the size of a molehill, but then it makes me scared, because I don't know what I want. I know I like to write and I seek to brings hearts together through my writing - to find a broken person and help her realise I know how she feels, too. But I don't really work at developing it. It's only cathartic. I don't like looking at my writing as a piece of work to be scrutinised and stuff because it feels too personal and I try to create a very specific voice and feel. I don't know. And I don't like knowing that everything I love to do is just...just so not up to any standard at all. Maybe I'm also not that keen on sharing it, especially when there are people so extremely freaking talented around and I am tiny, but then am I veering away from my goal, then?

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