Nov 24, 2013

as i spend 12 hours working on 1 essay (9pm-5am, 12.30pm-4.30pm)

can you take a look at my essay to see if it works?
Yeah, now?
eyyy don't come to my room now lol
i just woke up
If you say unglam I will punch you in the face
so i haven't brushed my teeth or bathed and my mind's not functioning that well la
Yeeeeah close enough

*walks into my room* "How's your essay going"
*puts a kitkat on my table* 
"My essay's going well! Oh thanks! Actually I have the same kitkat too. Except mine is red, not orange."
*picks it up for a closer look*
"yes, it's orange la."
"oh yeah."
"well i can give you one back, except it won't be orange." *takes out my red one*
"In that case can you pretend I gave you the red one so that I can keep my orange one?"

and despite all the frustration of working on this bloody essay i am in a good mood

(also, thank you so much for coming to my room at 4.30am to take a look at my essay and magically fix everything just like that; i am grateful like you cannot imagine. thank you also for being colour-blind so that you probably didn't notice my eyes were red from my tears of frustration and exhaustion, because i really didn't want you to)

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