Nov 25, 2013

neither death nor life

so recently carissa had talked about how she had given people a particular something and happened to get back the same thing in return, and it reminded her of how God provides; as we give, we receive His favour, too, and we have no need to worry.

after the Haiyan donation drive i wrote carmen a letter. and i had very little space on my note and i didn't write down the full verse, but i quoted romans 8:38-39.

on 21 nov, after that minor but distressing episode, carissa wrote me a note.

today, janel wrote me a note.

i can't really remember when else i have been quoted this verse before - perhaps people have given it to me, but it never really left an impact, although i do quote this verse to people sometimes. i don't know. i've never really understood God's love. it's something i went to bible school to find out. and i remember the last day i was there, sneaking out of yale-nus's orientation program to attend the last day of mike connell's session, still trying to find God's love. wanting things done my way. i left crying, confused, angry. but i guess i forgot about it after things got running in school.

guess it's time to start thinking about it again, time to spend time with Him again, the promise i keep making and breaking.

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