Nov 29, 2013

mrrrp mrrrrp procrastination

i finished half your box of merci chocolates yesterday and according to the nutritional info at the back that means i’ve taken in more than 20g of saturated fat, and about 40g of fat altogether


and i mean, this won’t make me stop, it’ll just make me feel more guilty LOL

but i still refuse to share them with anyone because you gave them to me as a token of your gratitude and i will ingest every gram and my body will absorb every calorie and i will be fat on the gratitude of my older brother

remember the time we were sitting on your bed reading the odyssey, and you made mention of that really pessimistic worldview that you have, and it just made me really so sad that that was how you fundamentally saw the world. i mean, it made a lot of sense and i most likely would have adopted it too if i hadn’t been touched by God five years ago. but it just made me so sad. and i was like, no, kevin, no!! don’t think like that. and i was obviously very upset. and you didn’t understand why. you were laughing, “what? why?” and i just didn’t want to say anything and i could feel tears coming to my eyes so i lay down curled up facing away from you. and you were laughing, puzzled, “eh! what’s this?!” and i just didn’t speak. and then you continued reading the odyssey for like two seconds and then you started laughing and shoved the book into my face to show me a passage that was supposedly funny. and i was like, mmh. and two seconds later you did the same thing again, shove the book into my face and show me some other not-really-funny passage. and the sadness went away by the time you did it the second time, only because it was so adorable how you were trying to cheer me up this way

(i'm not sure why i decide to repost some of my tumblr posts here. it's like that's my word vomit space and this is the filtered bowl. since starting that tumblr i've had, in 3.5 weeks, 133 posts, and the number of reblogged stuff from elsewhere can probably be counted on one hand. i think with a space to word vomit so comfortably i just totally can't be bothered with poetically phrasing things and spending time making posts sound nice and being creative anymore. mm that's not very good.)

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