Jun 3, 2011

the comfort of an empty house

when you've got tears to burn

like a plant. Like I'm a dying plant, all withering and shrivelled up and yearning for water, the life-giving water we all need a good dose of from time to time. I desperately need it. It's been years and I'm shrivelling up and dying. I need water.

And I see all the other little plants around me getting their good dose of water and growing, thriving, growing, all so full of life and beauty and a future

then there's me

like I know God's got a great plan in store for me that will come at the end of this tunnel, but I just hope I make it to the end with His strength. His strength; that's key. I think God wants me to learn to lean on His strength because I'm too weak to make it on my own. Once I'm strong enough in Him, beautiful things can happen.

Lord take me deeper in love with You

And thank God for great friends. Great friends I can always rely on, great friends I can randomly cry to, who won't shrug me away because they know I need them. Reu & WL and how they can make me smile again.

Thank God for Council and the love in the friends I've found there.

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