Jun 4, 2011

the dehydrated plant

I hadn't thought of my plant analogy from that angle.

And reuwlsmurf, they get me grinning insanely again. Individually, separately, one after another. Grinning, keeping myself from laughing at the computer.
I'm not dehydrated. Thirsty, yes, kinda, lacking, but life's still bright. Found a rope to cling on to.

these three have seen me in all my vulnerability. My nonsense that makes sense only to me. They're probably the only three that I've shown the full crazy fragile insanely dependent maddeningly vulnerable side to. It's not a pretty side. (then why're they all boys? I'm killing myself really, hahaha)
What would I do without them, without Council. It's amazing sometimes, the love of friends. Emme, Chloe, Pauline and all the rest...all forty-one of the rest. it's quite amazing to see how much they've brightened my life. If not for Council and the amazing friends I've made there, I'd be a very emo loner.

My life's been coloured. Bright crayons and beautiful rainbow sashes and glitter.

With friends like these who needs lovers?

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