Oct 2, 2009

Because Chinese songs make me emo

Has anyone stopped and noticed how beautiful the school really is?
The much-hated but beautiful Routunda.
I've got lots of pictures of the school. The pictures are really nice - I'm complimenting the school, not my photo-taking skills - but it's people that make a picture truly beautiful. These pictures don't have people in them, and as pretty as they are, they're... dead. People make a picture come alive.
Is anyone willing to be my model? (:
Janeen: Are you looking forward to leaving?
Me: No, not at all. You?
Janeen: Actually I am. It feels like it's been so long already.
I'm not ready to make friends with people who aren't Crescentians. I'll miss that strange, silent warm bond we share. Me and the strangers. I just don't seem to be able to click as much with non-Crescentians. And Crescentians are the only ones whose pictures/smses can make me laugh just by looking at them even when I'm emo.
Your life is so mysterious it intrigues me, I wish I could be your friend. I wish you could see who I really am, and not judge me by my very innocent face like how everyone does. There's more to me than that. I want you to see that. And I want to know about you too. I know I never will.
Shit. I think I'm turning bi. Maybe even les. Hoohoo. At least I'm leaving soon. But I've an aversion to guys. They're usually either too horny or too egoistical. Or shallow. Wait no. With the exception of a handful, all guys are.
I received two flattering comments from two friends this week.
"You've got an attractive personality"
"Actually you're quite pretty, I don't know why you don't believe me"
It's been a relatively good week. (:

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