Sep 21, 2009


Just skip to 0:57

Oh my goodness I should just go hide under a cave my whole life and never sing again.

Crescentians, check out the email sent quite some time ago regarding Blessings In A Bag. The first one, not the latest one about some ambassador programme. Donate stuff! :D I'm bringing so many clothes I think they'll have too many. I've got a lot of clothes I don't want anymore / have never wanted. Either never worn before or in good condition. Lol lol lol.

By the way people I've got $8 in my phone that I've got to finish using by midnight, so if you want to chat with me, PLEASE DO SO! From tomorrow onwards I will be smsing much, much less. For now I'm spending the money in my phone like mad but I've got few people to spend it on so come on people sms me! I won't be able to chat from tomorrow onwards!

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