Aug 11, 2009

That's it, I'm changing my blogskin.

This is to a certain someone, because I know she won't read it. I really don't mean to be mean, but..

HAHAHA you make me laugh. I remember how you used to be so immature and mean to your friends, just like that someone I knew in kindergarten (and was stupid enough to befriend. Maybe I'll talk about her some other time, too)
I find it stupid now, really, how people are still getting into relationships now. You're just asking to be hurt, seriously. And that guy is really ah beng. GAAHAHAHA

And I don't deny the fact that you really are pretty, but you've become so ah lian I .. buay tahan, seriously. The worst thing is that you actually could look like a rather smart, pretty girl. Why why why did you become ah lian? ): Thank goodness we were never good friends. Thank goodness I was always on the other side. I wouldn't say you're revolting, but you're ah lian enough. I don't despise you; I actually pity you a little, 'cos you don't see it. Good luck with being your ah lian self and I hope you don't get too hurt when you finally face up to reality one day, girl.

I don't dislike you, really. I'm just a little.. wth-ed.

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