Aug 14, 2009

Farewell, Singlish

I MUST start speaking in proper English, even if it kills me. It'll be really tough but I'll try my best to take note of what I say - I say almost everything without thinking, and then I forget what I've said almost immediately after. Friends, if I speak in Singlish, slap me.

I'm trying to compile a list of words that are commonly mispronounced, to help myself and my friends. Here's what I've got so far: (the words in the brackets are how they're supposed to be pronounced)

1. Subtle (suttle - silent B, short and accented "su")
2. Placid ("a" pronounced as it is in "at", not "place")
3. Southern (not pronounced in the same way South is pronounced, the "ou" is pronounced like the "u" in "suttle", and the first syllable is also short and accented)
4. Acutely ("a" as in "around" and not "act". aCUTEly)
5. Humanity (I don't know why I put this here, but)
6. Inhumane
7. Said ("sed")
8. Often (Silent T - offen)
9. Doubt (Silent B - dout)
10. Athlete (NOT athelete)
11. Insanity (Not insane-ity. "a" as in "sand")
12. Incomparable (HAHA the mistake I made. It's inCOMparable, not INcomparable, and the first "a" in "parable" is pronounced as in "around", not "act")
13. Prevalent (PREvalant, the first "e" as in "ella" and not "pre", the first "a" as in "around" and not "act", and not pronounced "prevailant")
14. "The" before a word starting with a vowel is pronounced as "thee"
15. Undoubtedly (Silent B - dout)
16. Crescent (HAHA. When you say it, it's supposed to sound really cool, not just "cre-sent". "Cre" is short and accented)
17. Several (The first "e" is pronounced as in "seven", and not "severe")
18. Psychology = PsyCHOlogy, NOT PSYchology
19. Psychological = PsychoLOgical, NOT PsyCHOlogical)

My own mistakes = #12, #19, and sometimes #18.

(If I've made any mistakes, PLEASE inform me)

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