Jul 9, 2009


There's some cheap girl in my close friend's school who charges guys $5 per finger fuck.
Is she that desperate for money? Or sex?

Another girl takes ecstasy.

That close friend of mine, almost everyone in her clique smokes.

It'd be a wonder if she were still very upright and everything, right? She says that in her class, it's normal to be rebellious/bad, whereas the "good" ones are usually the outcasts, and usually the ones who get shouted at by the teachers (obviously because the teachers want to push them because they see hope in them. I just wish they'd take time to understand how students' minds work). In a place like that, it'd be so hard to remain strong in your beliefs. It'd be even harder to, say, decide to become a "better" person.

It'd be hard to grow spiritually in an environment like this.

You, I really hope that your hard work will pay off and you'll get to a good tertiary institution where you'll hang around people of good influence and it'll be easier for you to grow in Christ.

After all, as the very famous saying goes, 近朱者赤近墨者黑.

ライミ Raven! *w* says (5:05 PM):
-hug- cheer up and have faith in her judgment as well as your own.

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