Jul 4, 2009



Just watch the first bit. The rest aren't important.

LIKE WHAT THE ASS HE'S SIXTEEN! SIXTEEN! And I don't even swim properly! He's super good! Got a lot of 9.5 scores from the judges! Obviously a gold medallist all the way, in the first competition (he won the first AYG gold medal! :O) he beat the 2nd guy (a Kuwaiti) by 151.65 points! THAT'S A LOT OKAY. 

And there's another great one called Zhang Yanquan, I have a video of him doing SYNCHRONISED DIVING with another Chinese:
This is really mega good. I mean diving is one thing, diving and making sure you're completely in sync with someone else is another. AND THEY DID IT SO PERFECTLY! AND THEY'RE FOURTEEN!!!!!!! *faints*

I mean if I ever were to dive into any swimmning pool / sea, all I'd be able to think about would be death. How can you fall from a height of 3/5/10 metres and still think about doing somersaults and pikes and and LANDING STRAIGHT SO YOU WON'T MAKE A SPLASH?! That's crazy lah. I wouldn't even be able to tell which way I'm falling. Their splash is practically non-existent as compared to other divers okay! THIS IS MADNESS LAH!

Then again, that's why they're world champions. -.-

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