Jul 5, 2009

Be God's Glow

A certain person now knows enough about me to be able to ruin my reputation forever if she wants to. (I think you know who you are. I don't need to give clues) GAHAHA. Now must maintain good relations with her already!

No lah I'm kidding. KIDDING. Because I know our friendship is genuine, more genuine than I'd ever imagine possible. I don't think there are many friends who are as true as this. When there's something we feel isn't right, when we don't agree about what the other person says/does, we can speak our mind, and to an outsider it'd sound like a fight but we know that even as we debate our feelings out, it's only because we love each other as friends and want the best for us. No hard feelings, not like what others would see, but a debate that helps the both of us become stronger in this friendship because we know what the other person really thinks. No superficiality, only genuine love.

I think we all go searching for friends like that, yes? It's a pity I don't get to talk to you / see you much, but anyway you still hold a very very special place in my heart and without you, I wouldn't have anyone to confide my deepest emotional problems in. Thank you for helping me through everything, and sharing your feelings with me too.

I've realised that I trust you enough to not have to say "Don't tell anyone" anymore, because I know you would know not to, even without me having to say anything. (Right?)

And don't worry, I think I know what I should keep private too (:

Thanks, yeah.

Actually, I think it took a lot of self-confidence in me to be able to type that out, and even more self-confidence not to delete this post. If we ever quarrel, which are sometimes inevitable in a strong friendship, I'm afraid I wouldn't have the self-confidence to try and be your friend again. Or with any other friend, really. I'd think "Who do you think you are, do you think that person needs you that badly, misses you that much? Maybe her life is better off without a friend like you. She's got so many other friends anyway. You're just a pathetic unsociable desperate extra. She wouldn't need you."

I need to know where I stand in my friends' hearts.

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