Jun 9, 2009

I'm using my old tablet.

The charger suddenly made a scary crackling sound and there were yellow sparks of fire coming out of the transformer. AHH.


Laziness = Complacency. The lack of willingness to change. Maybe we're too comfortable with familiarity.

Lack of time too, sorry, I know it's 99.9% my fault.

I did bring it up, subtly. I didn't want you guys to start getting angry and bitching behind my back, etc. After all I'm the one who meets up with you guys the least; the physical distance is already too much, you guys are my best friends; I can't let an emotional distance form between us too.

Somehow, I don't feel we've improved much since our first performance.

We all need to be very vocally strong individually; then only can our performance be good overall. Acapella ain't easy, in fact it's harder than going solo, because we don't have music; we are the music.

You've improved a lot, we all can see that. Or I do even more because I don't hear you sing much anymore. That's why I have faith that you're able to hold a part on your own. So don't bring yourself down, believe in yourself and what you can do.

On the other hand, my standard has gone way too low. I sing so much worse than I used to. Can't even do harmony well anymore. Probably the lack of practice. LACK OF TIME (!!!). Maybe I've even sort of lost my passion for this. I know that when I join OB again, I'll "find my love" again, but I guess I've forgotten how it feels like to perform with you guys, or to sing, any more. 

My vocal teacher once told me in a Christmas card that I had "potential" in my voice.

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