Jun 9, 2009

I realised I've been sounding very emo on my blog recently.

So here's something positive:

While at Vivo today, I bought something cool from Diva!
'Cos, like, I pierced my ears in Sec 3 but the ear holes closed up when Jt took my stud out (and anyway it was pierced like crap, slanted really badly so it was really hard to reach the hole at the back, AND it wasn't even pierced in a straight line so I couldn't put it back, almost pierced another new hole right through the flesh when I was trying to find the other hole) and I doubt I'll ever pierce my ears again. (LOL, and some people have, what, 6 holes per ear. I have zero.)

So like, I managed to get clip-on earring converters! :D I can wear earrings now! :D

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