Jun 9, 2009

Yes, my tablet is stolen

Using my old one for the time being. Startup time is really slow and it takes a billion years to load MSN and Safari. But I like the keyboard :D

K, went to Vivo (again, where I lost my tablet. Went to Superdog somemore. Made me emo for a while) with Sumay, Chuen Wee, Long Yin, my dad and brother and 8 of my brother's friends. My brother's birthday party lah! Went to watch Monsters vs Aliens LOL WTH Yeah it's damn lame but also brainlessly funny, something my mum would call it "mindless entertainment".

Expo VS performance on Saturday, it turns out Laoshi asked Carmen to perform too! :O So I'm not the only non-OB performer haha.

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