Jun 4, 2009

I'm fighting for something that has died long ago

guin says:
i secretly loved morning practices.
i loved telling the whole class i have dance in the morning.
i loved telling all the teachers i was late cos I HAD DANCE.
i kind of liked the teachers scolding me for not handing in work then go DANCE AGAIN?
and when my clique wants to hang out after school, i go I can't go, I have dance (:
and proud of it, you know?

guin says (4:36 PM):
i still think the sec 2s and the sec 1s dont know whats going on and what's that dance passion. they don't seem to understand the dance we had last time. but i can't blame them also.

guin says (4:37 PM):
dance's becoming a very..............................................
not- emotional place.
where's all the fun and joy we had last time?
crying, laughing, sweating, training together just doesnt fit anymore.

guin says (3:24 PM):
shit, suddenly feelings of 2006-2007 come whirling back and i miss it so much
i cant even say i miss crescent dance cos crescent dance is not the same anymore
its like you realise that the crescent dance you had will change, and you kind of will never find it again
and you only realise it after you leave.
and you start regretting.

I couldn't agree more.

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