Jun 5, 2009

Not for the pure-hearted, please

Don't kill me, but I think at this age homo sex is far better than hetero.

It's true what. If you're having sex with someone of the same gender, the chance of pregnancy is zero hahaha, and what the other person has is what you have too anyway. With BG couples, they all want to "explore" and whatever, but they ain't much to explore with a homo couple. With a GG couple, it's nothing more than a finger up your toot, which is really nothing compared to a BG couple, where it's a cock up it, yknow?

Sorry if this topic is a little touchy (HAHAHAHA pun not intended), but it was something I was thinking about. Hearing about girls having sex/oral with their boyfriends (or exes) one too many times have caused me to do some thinking, as I always do when something begins to nag at my mind (? Does that make sense?), and then I start looking at how corrupted the world's become and somehow I get quite bothered by it.


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