Jun 4, 2009


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Farewell video I made:


Okay now.

2nd June: Practice was very tiring, which is a good thing. We had practice till around 4 plus? The finale dance is SUPERBLY FUN! Videoed us dancing it but it was pretty horrible.
Farewell was really sweet, THANK YOU JUNIORS! I didn't do a Farewell speech because I knew everyone was getting really sian, but here it is:

Actually, regarding what Xiuxian said about me scolding people very "fluently" and fast, I actually don't know what I'm saying half the time. Sometimes I do believe God's the one speaking through me. (I know non-Christians would find this weird, but.) It's like, whatever I say does come from my heart, and it's what's troubling me with regards to Dance, but I really don't even plan on saying it and I don't even know what I'm saying. After the scolding, I usually can't remember a thing I've said, except for the main points, because the main points are the ones I actually think about before saying. Weird or what? When I'm scolding, and I'm not thinking about what I say, whatever I say is true and comes from my heart, and I can scold really "fluently" without stopping much. Once I think "What am I saying?" and try to think about it, I stop and my mind blanks out. So yes, I believe it's God helping me through.

Thank you, all of you, for being patient with me, and giving me the chance to grow into my role. I know nobody expected me to be the Discipline head. Even Jayden was like "KAREN, YOU DISCIPLINE AH? HAHAHAHA" but whatever, I hope I've proven myself worthy of this role. I hope whatever I said has helped you guys, and has gotten into your heads, because only then would I have done my duty as a discipline mistress. I used to be super nice to the juinors, but now I realise I don't mind if the juniors hate me, as long as they listen to me and learn from their mistakes. I wonder if they do.

I love Dance, and being the Discipline head and having all the responsibilities strengthened me. Thank you for cooperating with me, and although I know a lot of people were upset with it in the beginning, you guys helped me through and came together in the end, because in the end, the reason for our tears and hard work is the same: our love for Dance.

I hope I haven't let Dance and the seniors down too much, and that Yiqing will push the juniors further so that perhaps we could bring the standard of Dance back up again. I love Dance too much to let it crumble, and I pray the standard will be brought back up, and all of the juniors will get to understand what the passion of Dance really is one day.

K enough for now. Anyway, nightline preparations was FUN HAHAHAH.
For nightline, I was the singing ghost behind the wooden bars in the beginning (I only sang for the first two groups I think. I sang "Over the rainbow" in a high high voice I never expected myself to be capable of achieving). We leaned the red mat against the wooden bars to make a little tunnel, but the first few groups kept screaming and making the mat fall so in the end we gave up putting it back up. I was in charge of taking photos so I think a lot of people recognised me thanks to the light from the camera and the camera flash.

I remember I was crawling in a limping way to a few juniors and someone went "Eh! I think that's Karen leh!" and the rest of them started screaming like mad ._. HAHAHA. Another one said "That crawling person very freaky!"
Dilys (I think) kept saying it was me really loudly. ): Spoiler! HAHA. Then there was this time I was singing Over the Rainbow in that stupid voice under the row of tables they were supposed to crawl under, then one of the people edged as far away from me as possible and went "Oh my gosh why you sing here one!" XD


Yay the Sec 4s got to sleep on the red mat at night! Unfortunately the aircon wasn't on. I brought my windbreaker AND pullover can! Used the SYF '07 song as our alarm, apparently a few people found it freaky :O

3rd June: Tiring diaoing plus I had stomach aches, Idk why. Games were stupidly fun plus forfeit was the best haha. Joan had to put lipstick on and kiss someone on the cheek, she nearly kissed Letty but kissed Geraldine instead then Geraldine was angry at Letty so Geraldine and Joan chased Letty until they ended up climbing the wooden bars to the gallery area XD

K Dance camp was fun and I don't feel like talking anymore because today is one of the only "rest" days I have for the holidays. I think I have less than 5 rest days. SHIT. MYEs are in Week 3, how?! And there's that OB singers' course performance on June 13.

Plus I lost the A4 exercise book that contains all the Sec 3 Geog notes I made.

am dead shit.

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