Jun 10, 2009

Control your poison, babe

First practice for Saturday's Expo performance (Fei Chang Ge Shou graduation thingy).
Carmen came to help us by replacing Janice for the time being (she'll be in Indonesia for the time being).

I LOVE what we're going to do and I take most of what I say back because the songs we're going to do WILL ROCK! (Hopefully. If nothing goes wrong. Janice is only coming back on the day itself so we only have a couple of hours to really practice with her, if nobody arrives late.)

Instead of doing a thousand-song medley like we always do, this time we're only doing two: Four Minutes and Just Dance. I really hope we won't screw up for Four Minutes because the verses (Jan's and Mad's part) aren't very easy. I'm doing the pathetic boom-ba-dooms in the background, but I really want to do harmony for some parts! ): Maddie, do boombadooms with me too? Pweeeease?

I like Just Dance. Not the song itself but when we sing it. 'Cos it's kinda cool. HEH. I'm singing the "I had a little bit too much" verse and the "Wish I could stop my playboy tongue" verse. Jan & Mad, I sort of think the verses are kinda plain though. Do oohing? :D *pleading eyes* I'll try to do a little bit of harmony for the bridge the both of you are doing, if not I'd just be standing there like an idiot. I can't do oohing on my own, I'd sound like a bored extra!

When Chloe and Wewe saw Carmen, they were quite shocked when they realised she was Nicole Lai's daughter HAHA. Or rather, Wewe pretended to be shocked. Carmen has a superb voice, probably because of her mum too. The first time she sang today, I couldn't do the backup properly because I was too focused on her great voice & couldn't concentrate LOL!

Yay then Maddie and I and my mum went to Vivo to look for my performance clothes. Colour code's pink white and black. I got a satin black short (not cropped, not the ah ma kind, just short) jacket that looks quite performance-ish (The tag says "casual". Casual my ass! It's anything but casual.) and a hot pink tank top, will be going shopping again on Friday to look for black skinnies (my black skinnies are no longer black thanks to frequent washing. Actually, can I wear my leggings? The tank's rather long, if I wear my leggings I think it will cover my ass) and probably white shoes and a thin white belt ('Cos I need white) and probably accessories, and earrings (!!!) :D

Thanks Maddie for accompanying me and Carmen for being a great help and Jt for coming despite your high fever and body aches! Hope Friday's practice will be productive and very successful (: (although Jt won't be coming D:)

I'd like to upload pictures, but my tablet's stolen and I'm not using my own computer.

When I go for Chem revision lessons, I usually only learn a very little bit. For example, today I learnt that non-metals form acidic oxides. And I'm only learning it because it's in my textbook and was taught before but I forgot/didn't look through my textbook. No, it's not because I'm a Chem pro. It's because I can't follow what's going on, the teacher goes very fast and I don't even understand her explanations 'cos my brain sucks.

I'm damn dead for my L1R5 if I don't get an A for Chinese. I only take 8 subjects and I definitely can't rely on my A math for an A, and looking at the state of my Chem, I probably won't be able to get a good score for it either. My Lit is not good, not A standard. NOW HOW?! MYEs are very near and I have extremely few free days and... I'm online and I've a ton of holiday homework and haven't started revising anything at all and I need to make my Sec 3 and 4 geog notes and I don't even have Chem/Math notes, and a lot of my Bio and Lit and E math notes (ahh, I spent so long on Lit/E math notes) are gone with my Tablet because the last time I backed up my tablet was last year.

I really hope I have the A math mindmap Charlie Choy helped us with in my backup, because that's crucial and I really don't want to get another F9 for my A math.


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