Jun 17, 2009

*heart shatters*


The first line of Shi Lian De Zi Wei sounds EXACTLY like the first line to this song (at around 1:27):

AHHHHHHH! Frustrated. Tunes "I" "come up with" always sound like some other song's tune. This ain't the first time.

Anw, was crying over Baby a few days back when I decided to try and use the emotions to WRITE A SONG! O: I mean, even an idiot would know I can't write lyrics for nuts. Here's the only poem I've ever written:

(when i was about 10)
Hush little baby, don't say a word,
Momma's gonna buy you an old dead bird.
And if the old dead bird becomes rotten,
Momma's gonna buy you a ball of cotton.
And if the cotton turns to fluff,
Momma's gonna buy you a curry puff.
And if the puff has no curry,
Momma's gonna buy you a McFlurry.
And if the McFlurry tastes even worse,
Momma's gonna buy you a pink coin purse.
And if the purse has one big hole,
Momma's gonna buy you a nice glass bowl.
And if the bowl has one big crack,
Momma's gonna buy you a duck called Quack.
And if the duck is too moisy,
Sorry Momma has no more money.


Oh no wait there was another one! I rewrote the lyrics to Campus Superstar's "By Now" once in Sec 1 or 2. It's aboout someone taking Extrim-X and becoming very slim and chio! VEH COOL OKAY! CLICK CLICK TO SEE GAHAHAHA. GO SEE GO SEE! Zoom in a little on the picture to see it better. I TELL YOU I ROCK KAY! IT'S HALF IN CHINESE SOMEMORE!

Okay but aaaaaanyway, so I wrote a song! O: Lyrics quite bullshit PLUS I was thinking of the song Bleeding Love when I wrote it, so the tune sounds a little like it. To make things worse, the version of Bleeding Love it sounds like.. is the JESSE MCCARTNEY version. HAHA. But I think the tune sucks too.

Eh but whatever, first attempt at writing both at the same time kay! O:

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