May 24, 2009

I had 221 unique page loads in 5 days, howcome only one person tagged D:

I need opinions people! Opinions! Mass Comm or SAJC?

Short updates:
Phototaking was VERY VERY FUN and we have so got the nicest class photo ever. Balloons, bubbles, party spray, and A4 signs "4S2A Class of 2009". Will upload and get photos when I can.

Cell group:
Jason paired us up and told us to write something we wanted on the song sheet, but we weren't allowed to show it to the other person. Then we would pray and ask God what the other person wanted us to pray for, and then we would pray for the other person, and at the end of it we'd show each other what we wrote.

I was paired up with Carmen, which I think was a pretty good pairing, because we didn't really know each other well but had quite a bit in common.
Carmen wrote "A1 for Chinese O's", I wrote "A2 for Chinese O's" HAHAHA. But somehow we didn't pray much about results for each other. I prayed for it a bit but not for Chinese O's.

She kept praying about something "materialistic" that I really wanted. I was quite puzzled, I didn't really want anything materialistic now, and I'm not really that kind of person. But after thinking for it a bit, I realised she must've been talking about that thing I wanted to get somebody. Yes, it's God related (I'll reveal what and who after I've gotten it for her). I really want her to have it and I do want to save up money to buy it for her. I've been thinking about that for quite some time; unfortunately I do not have any money at all right now and I'm $14 in debt. Mmmhmm. 

I prayed a bit for her Choir and O's, but later something else came into my mind, and I prayed for her to be able to feel God with her whenever she felt lonely or down. I understood why I prayed that, I'd known about that thing that happened for quite some time, but I didn't reveal anything about it as I prayed. I just prayed that God would be with her whenever she felt lonely or down, and to be there to comfort her, because we knew He would always be there.

Later on Carmen told me that although she didn't write that down, she was thinking about that and it so happened that that was a crucial prayer for her because this was an especially dry and "lonely" period for her, and she'd kept telling herself that God was there for her but wasn't sure of it, and I helped her confirm it today.
(Hey Carmen, if you happen to see this, if you don't really want me to put this up, just tell me and I'll take it down k (: )

So I realised something. There were other things we wanted to pray for, especially for our O's, but the things God wanted us to pray for were related to Him. In my case, I needed enough money to clear my debts and buy that thing for that person to strengthen her relationship with God; in her case, she needed strength and love from Him to get over this emotionally tough period.

Because as long as we're strong in Christ, we can conquer everything else, yes?

(I guess this isn't a "short" update eh)

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