May 24, 2009

I've changed my blog song

The Click Five - Empty.
Unfortunately it's not Auto play, I'll try my best to find one that's Auto muahaha. I don't want to use Imeem.

I put this song because it reminded me of us. Not now, but everything that was going on before we "broke up".

Maybe we're trying
Trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing 
Is beating our hearts
We're empty.

That was exactly how I felt about us. I didn't know why we were still keeping on with this and I didn't really feel anything between us anymore. I guess we needed that short break.

Jessie almost bet me $50 we wouldn't last two days without each other.
Thank goodness she didn't, because our "breakup" only lasted less than a day hahaha what the maggot.

Well now I feel so much more dependent on you and I can be sure that I still love you. 

Now I can put this up and not cry with confusion everytime I listen to it. I like this song (:

I guess putting this song up would bring back those memories of our "painful times" - times we argued, cried like crazy, wondered why on earth we were still doing this, wishing we could just break away.
It would also remind us to treasure what we have now, with each other.

I love you (:

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